Question Of the Week Almanac: July 2017 - October 2018

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We sure have been asking a lot of questions since July 2017! So far I make it 33, and what better number to create my very first Question Of The Week Almanac! This series is one of our favourites, and we have sure dug deep every week and brought some amazing insights and answers to some very interesting questions. It would probably take you about a year to read every post in every tie up post, but its fun to even just scroll this page and peek at the the list of thumbnails and questions we have asked!

I'd Love to hear which question was your favourite from this list, please do let me know!

1. What is Freedom? Am I Free?

2. What is the greatest gift you have ever given or could give'.

3. 'What was one of the most profound spiritual moments or experiences of your life?'

4.What one thing do you think individual people can do to make a positive impact on humanity?

5. What is the one negative experience in your life from which you extracted a positive lesson and used it to shape your life and self for the better?

6.What is the one mass produced and used product that you wish to change or eliminate for good to make our environment greener and safer?

7.What is the most important thing a parent needs to teach their child so s/he will live a happy life

8.Today we look back on things like slavery, racism, sexism and child labour in disbelief. In 50 years time, what things do you think people will come to look back on in the same way?

9.What does it mean to 'Be Spiritual' and do you have to act a certain way to be a spiritual person?

10.The removal of children from their families by social services and government agencies. How can you help?!

11.What changes have you seen in the world in the last 20 years, and in which direction do you think we are headed?

12.What is Patriarchy: a society led by men or a society led by fear and a feeling of scarcity which happens to be an environment in which the masculine takes charge?

13.What Is Matriarchy? What do you think a matriarchal society would look like?

14.What is the ideal Societal Structure? Read some incredible answers

15.If 50% of the defence budgets of the 10 biggest nations was given to philanthropic causes, would we see more or less war and violence in the world?

16.If We Were all Telepathic, How Would the World be Different?

17.Does the saying 'You should respect your elders' still hold true today?

18.Why do we see so much depression in the world, and to what extent is the negative media responsible for it?

19.Should parents set a minimum age or some restrictions for their children to own a smartphone, and if so what would they be?

20.Name one small change you have made or could make to your life that would be of great benefit to the world if everyone did the same?

21.What Does It Mean To Own Your Emotions?

22.How Open Are You About Your Emotions?

23.Do you appreciate others to be open with their emotions?

24.What Do You Need to Be Happy?

25.If there is a God, why do so many bad things happen?

26.Are women who dress provocatively responsible for unwanted attention, or should men learn to control themselves?

27.Bearing in mind the health and state of our western culture and society today, do you think we have too much freedom?

28.Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

29.What was one of the happiest times in your life and what made is special?

30.Why and how did Donald Trump rise to power and do you think his tenure can help the world if you ignore the obvious negatives?

31.Who are the best people to lead or guide our world ...Politicians, Parents, Academics, Philosophers, High Tech.. Or someone else?

32.What lessons will you take with you for your potential next life if you die tomorrow?

33.What rituals do you have, and why are they important to you?


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Beautiful my friend. Great to look back eh! <3 One thought about your post. You call yourself a 'driver'. Trains are operated by engineers, loco pilots or motorman! ;) Congratulations on such a successful project. Peace to you.


thank you! yes i used to have a conductor.. but now its just me.. much love to you, thanks for you support!

Wow that's amazing. Ithink Icame onto the train around question 15 so it's fantastic to get links to see some of those earlier quesetions and answers. I've got my reading cut out for me, that's for sure! I love the thought you put into those questions - the only one I didn't like is the Trump one, but we don't talk about that now do we? Ha ha... !!! I missed the last one and I'm not sue I have time for this new one - Ibetter create space in my life just to do that, huh, as they are such fun to answer and teach you alot during the writing process.

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yep that sounds about right! WE did have a few good ones at the start for sure! wow it feels like YEARS ago not 12 months~!xx

wow that is some collection, I will have to read some of the earlier ones, well done on all these awesome questions, really getting us all to reflect, think, learn and grow xxxx


yep.. im SURE there are a few in there from way back.. but you have been with us SO long now!! i think you have witness most of the QOTWs! I have learned so much doing this.. wow..

Great stuff!
Happy to see that you applied my almanac idea to the Question of the Week.

With the magazine idea we could have the number of the issue and the year added to it like @ecoTrain Magazine 4/18 logically leading to @ecoTrain Magazine Almanac 2018.


ahhh! yes THATS where this idea hatched.. now i remeber.. nice idea! was a blast looking back at all these!!!

Wow 33!!! Great number by the way...

I just haven't been ablento write even one, and I feel terrible about it. But time will come soon enough when I will get into it.

Thanks everyone