ecoTrain Question Of The Week Tie-Up: Name one small change you have made or could make to your life that would be of great benefit to the world if everyone did the same?

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Welcome to the Question Of the Week Folks! This week's question prompted some excitement and many posts from our amazing @ecotrain passengers. If you didn't see the QOTW before, a question is asked each week, and the @ecotrain answer from our own feelings and perspective. It is such a valuable way to learn and engage with each other and with you. This post is what I call a tie-up post where I bring all our answers together so that you find them all and see what we have to say on the matter. We also really love to hear from you and would be very happy to read a post from you on this question. If you do want to write please use the tag #ecotrain. I will be sending generous up-votes via the @ecotrain bid bots to all good answers as part of my minnow support project.

If you want to get inspired please do check out our posts first! This week we have a great diverisity of answers that are most definately a part of the ecotrain themeName one small change you have made or could make to your life that would be of great benefit to the world if everyone did the same? of "SUPPORTING PEOPLE AND THINGS THAT MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE"


"Each one of us can make a Difference;
Together we can make a Change."

Barbara Mikulski

This human birth that we have come into each one of us, is with a purpose that is what we believe and to an extent it is true also. When this QOTW came up from EcoTrain, I did not have to think much cause very clearly I know what change I made to my life which really matters not only to me but can make a difference to many lives. So if this change everyone could bring into their own life it will definitely be very beneficial. I am sure a lot of people who know me by now have already guessed it

But before I say what change I made, I will need to tell you all Why I made this change.




One small change what leads to bigger changes If you read my blog often you noticed that a theory of “small steps that can make a change” is constantly present in my articles. I think it is partly because it echoes my own story - that was serious of relatively small steps that lead me to the life I live now. If I look back I see how sometimes barely seen steps would change my life dramatically with a period of time and I guess this is the reason I do believe in that all is possible IF and ONLY you make a small step at a time.

I wouldn’t say I always lived consciously, I would rather say that most of my life I was ignorant as many as other people are. For a long time, my life was bustling around high-class events organizing and marketing activities that would waste a lot of resources with doubtful benefits to its participants.


Name one small change you have made or could make to your life that would be of great benefit to the world if everyone did the same? My answer to this question was immediately # If children would learn how to meditate, the world would be a peaceful place to live on within one generation. when I read it. Meditation. If children would learn how to meditate, the world would be a peaceful place to live in within one generation.

I love this statement by Dalai Lama, and I really believe in this. But I don't think we need to wait until our kids are 8 years old to teach them, we can teach them from birth, us being a role model. I know many parents are not able to find that peace it takes, so I would suggest kindergarten and schools have meditation as a daily routine.


You have the power to change the world! It's so simple, here's how.......

Most of us grow up believing we can't make a difference or change in the world but it's not true. And honestly it can be as simple as changing your diet! Seriously!!!! Not only do you actively make a difference in the world but you change yourself too you can even turn back the clock, you may look and feel younger I'm 31 and people still mistake me for being 24!!! You will even feel happier and more focused, more in control of your life and your dreams

All this from going Vegan, really? I know some of you are thinking, like I once did, that it's not a small change, in fact it can be quite a daunting prospect at first.


"Go home, kill Mom and Dad and then hang yourself." Stokely Carmichael, answering the question of a white middle class youth, how they, the white middle class youths, could help the blacks. I just love black humor! Now this was in the good old days, before PC gave racism a bad name and before white lives did matter. But that idea of self-termination is still a pretty valid idea if you think it through. The fucking planet would be much better off if we would all make this small change to our life.


I read a book The book, to be precise, is a book I've meant to read for a long time. I had heard about it from others many times and always said I needed to pick it up somewhere. I never did. So years went by and I still hadn't read it. Until a few months ago, I found it in pristine condition at a charity shop for 1 Euro. I can tell ya, it is probably one of the best Euros I've spent for a book in years. The book I am talking about is 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho.

It's short. Something that is great when you have a full agenda all the time. I hardly ever find the time to read lately, so when I do, I like it short so I don't have to put it down too often. I read this one a few hours. And then I read it again. It's brilliant. Predictable in a way and not surpassing my all time favourite Catcher in the Rye. But still brilliant. The point I am trying to make with this? It made me realize what small change I've made in my life that would definitely be a life changer to the world if everyone did it. I think I needed to read this book when I did. It was exactly the right thing to read in the right time because of the events that were (and are) going on in my and my family's life at that time.


Support keeps things moving. It allows them to continue their place in whatever walk of life they exist. Negative things get support as much as those considered positive do. But, as we all know, those words, positive and negative, are defined in the eye of the beholder. So, how can we figure out and agree on what is negative or positive? If we ever do, how then can we change and maintain our newly found ways to help others live a healthy and satisfying life?

Scientific study after study can and often do get varying results. Many times the scientific "evidence" is so contradictory to another study, it becomes laughable and completely unbelievable. Take for instance the idea of the human diet. Eat meat.... good, some will say. Others have difficulty just seeing or thinking about consuming a dead animal. So, who is right? Or, what is right?


The one thing that we should all remember that would be of great benefit to the world and our very existence in it is...

Remember that Life is Short!

Life is fleeting. We are not here to worry, but make the most of our lives. We cannot waste it. There will be a point in your life that it will dawn on you and you will think where the hell did my life go? Make sure you act on that and have no regrets. When we are children we believe that life goes on forever and we have new and exciting dreams ever yday, the world is exciting and vibrant and full of opportunity. But when you are an adult a time will hit you that you will wonder what on earth happened to your time here on earth… Have you made the best of it? Or have you treated your life like someone blowing bubbles through a bubble wand and drifting aimlessly through life...


OOh this is a fun QOTW.. because there are SO many things to choose from. So WHAT to choose!? I think my choice should be the one thing that would be both very easy for anyone to do, and provide a great benefit to the world. As I pondered this question I thought about a few ideas.. but I wasn't really sure.. Then I took a break and did some hoovering as I had promised my wife I would ALL DAY and simply couldn't be prised off Steemit.. Damn! But I did, like a good husband, and whilst hoovering the bedroom floor the answer came to me... Eureka!


Have you ever had someone do something nice for you, either totally randomly or after you kind of hinted at needing something? It is the most wonderful feeling, and can make the whole day seem so joyful. I am the kind of person who really loves to do this kind of thing, and I could write a long list of beautiful, amazing, and also crazy things I've done for people over the years! The funny thing is that we end up feeing just as good being kind to others as they do receiving! The saying that the love you take is equal to the love you make is so true! Why does it feel so good to give and serve? That is a very interesting question, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is SO true. When we give without any concern about receiving back it is a sacred act, one that affirms our unity with all life


I was 13 years old when Severn Cullis-Suzuki addressed the UN with her prolific speech.

The one that implored the leaders of the world to stop destroying the environment. That speech has haunted me for years. Here was this 12 year old girl, a member of my generation. Standing in front of people who could have made a difference. How I admired her for having the gumption to stand up there and call the grown ups out on their utter disrespect for the environment.

Here it is for anyone who hasn't heard it or wants to see it again:

We live in a time where we are on the cusp of evolution. I have friends who are activists for change. They stand up at rallies and fight for any cause in the highest good. I really admire those people. For a long time I wanted to join in and be part of the collective and would berate myself for not taking part. However my innate fear of being thrown in prison or getting in trouble prohibited me. My children were and are my first priority.


So many of us have grown up in a culture where the things you own, define who you are, where your status in this world is defined by the money/wealth that you have. This attitude has been pushed on us since we were little, this idea that it is possessions that will make you happy, that it is money that will carve out your future and make you successful. That if you feel like something is missing in your life well you can just buy something to help you fill that gap.

Of course money plays a huge part in our lives, I need money to but food, to pay for the internet connection I have and I need it so that I can travel and visit my family in Ireland. But as I live in a Truck with my family, I have no rent to pay or no mortgage. Me and my partner own our home and since it is a truck that we live in and not a house, there is only so much that we can fit in. So what we do fit in is what we really need (well mostly).


When we were growing up, Aboriginal history was not taught in schools. There was only the story of the primitive tribe of people looking threatening with spears as Cook landed with black boots at Botany Bay, supposed founder of the new world and the beginning of White Australia.

It was books, at first, that began to turn the focus rings on the understandascope.

Down here in Victoria, we didn't know much about 'them' and nor were we given opportunity to, until Year 12 when we read Sally Morgan's 'My Place', the story of a indigenous woman who didn't even know her true identity until she was 15. The autobiography confronts us to assess the past and whether the true stories of Aboriginal histories have been told in this country. The book was released in 1987 and ended up in school curriculums, opening our eyes to the experiences of the First People in the land we called home.


We like to call Mountain Jewel a Center for Earth Connection. I've delved into this a bit- to describe what it means, but haven't really written a post on its full intention. Let us start with a quote from Arne Naess, the founder of the Deep Ecology movement,

This is pretty simple, humans have a great disconnect with the natural world. To many humans the earth is just a backdrop to human life.

Plants: The Green Backdrop to Human Life

People exploit what they do not care for. It is much easier to disrespect something if we aren't connected to it or if we don't know it. Humans are currently suffering under (and causing all of life on the planet) to suffer under the disease and repercussions of disconnection (also a lot of greed thrown in there too.)


We are Change

Many famous people have spoken about change, for example Winston Churchill said,"Not always change is like improving, but to improve you have to change".It is a term of Latin origin that was born around 1300, when many things, though slowly, began to change in the world. " The only constant in life is change " said Buddha, and thus an initial situation of unease, can become an opportunity for change. Those who detest living in immobility always want it anyway, because it is synonymous with innovation, evolution and creativity . On the contrary, those who make the routine their point of reference, fear it because it is potentially synonymous with worsening, regression, danger. Many distinguished thinkers have talked on the subject “Change”:



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I like some of the answers raised by the passengers but also can't help but laugh at others, to each his own i guess.

One thing that I have been doing a lot more of is riding my bike to work. Even if everyone just commuted to work by bicycle once a month, we would cut down on billions of carbon emissions and all be a little healthier.

Keep up the great initiative bud

I've read through about 5 or 6 suggestions now and what great ideas. Just shows how simple it could be to make big changes. You have certainly got me thinking about this one. I may be back... ;)

this is great investing sir and thanks for sharing this, this is something new to me.

Now this was a question right up my alley!
So much fun to answer.
And I even had the driver slightly worried.
What more could a good yarn ask for? 😎

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lovely initiative.. great work and thanks for the support!


Dang! Again you beat me to it...

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I love all these answers well done everyone xxx

I got late for this, but anyways I have shared my post on this today.


okay! thanks for letting me know.. ive added you to this tie up post now at the top..
ill have a read soon! <3

Wow I'll be participating ,,

nice post it's exciting to know this is a thing. any how I quit smoking, I know not everyone can do that since not everyone smokes. But If I can inspire someone else. It's easy just want to love things and your chemistry changes and you stop having mental blocks. Then feed the body what it needs. It eventually thanks you for making the right choice.