Enjoy Yourself! It's All That Matters!

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@karensuestudios and I reminisce about our very uplifting trip and how Steem ended up playing such a special part in it!

I hadn't been on a vacation for years now as I had been working pretty much non stop for more than 10 years at a chicken slaughterhouse, and then became a full time Steemians in July 2017, and when I wasn't working, I would just hang out at home and try to advance a pretty cool project on which I'm still working on.

There hasn't been a day I haven't posted since @karensuestudios left. Before our trip, I used to browse 20-30 different websites daily, and even though visiting these were quite fun and informative, I feel better now that I that I don't browse those sites as much as I used to.

New friends can help us create new habits, acquire new knowledge and make some more new friends. Friends and the way we relate to each other define who we are. And in that sense, Steem helps a lot, as Steem connect us in a way no other social platform or currency can.

Cryptocurrencies Make The World Go Round!

Cryptocurrencies are giving rise to a radically different and better way of managing our disagreements, a more peaceful and constructive way than what most people are used to today and Steem is only one truly life-changing cryptocurrencies among many others.

I write about health and happiness, and everything in between. I can't quite figure out what this whole reality means but in the end, it's really awe-inspiring, and exhilarating. That being said, I'm not forgetting the less fortunate, and I'm always looking to help where I can.

And even though this world is unfathomably beautiful, let's steemit to make it even better, to make it a world where honest and kind people are the rule not the exception.

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this kind of stories and relationships takes steemit to tangible , real and credible level.
i enjoyed every moment of your trip and i enjoyed your relationship which is a motivation for all of us to see beyond the border .

thank you both of you !


Whether we like it or not, crypro now is part of our daily living esp steem. Most of us before share our memorable travel through fb, instagram, twitter &etc. But now, steem will be the first social media where we post our memorable moments. steemit rocks

Currently, crypto slowly rising and we are now in a 9k mark and hopefully it will rise til 25k mark mid of this year 😊

daww! Meeting you has made me a better person! :) Thanks for the kinds words. :) Totally made me smile.


You look awesome when you smile.

i agree happiness is the most important thing

Life is short! Have fun! Thanks for the great posting! Upvoted!

You are absolutely right. We found a great platform. And in our development country we can earn some money with this crypto. Life has changed some of people in the whole world.

OMG, Amazing story.

Yes! Cryptocurrency makes the world go round. You guys looks great by the way. Hi @karensuesstudious, I just love that smile, so charming!

A very touching story @teamsteem, this can be a very good motivation for me, especially for those who just join in steemit. I am very happy with the existence of steemit, many people who can succeed, although I myself still not successful, because I have no capital, I have to start all this from the bottom. But I'm sure, whatever we do, if we keep trying, and remain optimistic, surely we will succeed. Thanks for sharing... :)

indeed i love steemit combination for working @teamsteem


Yes love you @teamsteem all post

Great post real hero you ...sir your all post best i am your big fan

Do not take life too seriously; you will never leave you alive from it.
Everyone tries to do something big, without realizing that life is made up of small things. If you are not having fun you are not doing well.

Thats great relationship!

i agree with that statement and sentiment, people bring with them new and fresh energies, different ways of looking at things, compassion and alternative solutions. i can totally get on board with that. i'm glad (and i hope) that you keep posting each day because personally i love your stuff, always have since i first started on steem and you were dancing in the videos. all the best.

Very well said! As long as we enjoy the things that we do then life will always be worth it.

Wish you more greater Heights.....

lovely post and @karensuesstudious smile was so effectual. Love you!

The fun steemit lifestyle! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

your story is very interesting.
it's very good you from working a slaughtering employee turning into a steemit, it's very good let alone you become a witness who we are proud of.

continue to work comrades good luck always

you been amazing since her visit @teamsteem, I see a glow about you ... It's been amazing since these last couple of days. We finally got to see the part of you with that great sense of humuour. your doing great sir!

@karensuestudios has an amazing and infectious charisma that can change someone from moody to funny.

Can you describe the scene more on your action at the airport please? 😀

I hadn't been on a vacation for years now as I had been working pretty much non stop for more than 10 years at a chicken slaughterhouse

The above statement got to my marrow. I believe we all have our struggling and hustling life. I wanted to make a post about mine last week but lost it. I will try and make it up this weekend.

You guys were fun in Canada.
Keep Steeming.

Man this is great, you guys have managed to squeeze more into the last couple of weeks than some people do in a lifetime .. plus you've managed to write and video it!! Crypto's are opening new frontiers, bringing people together and indeed changing the world .. have a good one guys!!

Hello @teamsteem you got an upvote for your post.. Nice Post...we should to help each other i hope you can understand. Can visit my profile also can follow me on @ekader ..can upvote and comment




I guess you need to visit her constantly, and she you,
You guys are an amazing duo, I mean those times in Canada, the food, the yoga and all, it's amazing.


Thanks for sharing videos of your wonderful vacation time together. Some of them were really funny, others were really inspiring! Have a safe trip back home @karensuestudios and whenever you come back to Montreal, let us know ;)

Excellent the best combination of steemit I love to see their work together a strong hug from venezuela

Your the Best Example of Unity! (with the simple act of meeting a new friends in different part of this world) Different people, different cultures, strangers but still giving a big smile to each other. I love steemit.^^

Lovely photo
You guys look amazingly great.

Nice! is amazing

You two are cute


Hmm Sweet and cute

So you have done alot of killings.



I wasn't the one slaughtering the animals. Working for someone else is never the ideal and this job wasn't a nice job.

I've been vegan for more than 3 yearsnow and vegetarian for 5 years prior to that. I totally agree with this picture.


Fantastic.. im a born vegetarian. ;) Follower of Jianism

excellent always follow your publications, I know that one was a spa, I hope they are well and I like your job

Thanks for your great post. looking good. you are a real hero. Thanks sir.

I enjoyed that. Thank ou very much. I wanna have fun too..

I talked to my parents today about my trip to Europe and how crypto is paying me to go. They are really interested now. I did also add it took almost a year to be able to even consider blogging

I find that you are quite right in what you say, I think the same. Being better depends on everyone, the world is a very big place and, therefore, there are several things we can do to make it a much better place to live. I firmly believe that we can build a better society by uniting us all regardless of where we are from, the nationality we have, the language we speak, the country we represent, the type of color we wear on our skin, the religion we practice or the church we attend.
And yes, having friends, good friends reinforces self-esteem, helps channel stress, helps us make decisions, provides support and accompanies us in problems. Friendship is based on small gestures of great importance