Our Visit To The World Forestry Center!

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Forests are the cradle of the human species and as such hold a very special place in our history.

That being said, I highly recommend anyone who would be interested in visiting the World Forestry Center no to go.

One has to wonder how much of these yelp reviews are real. I can't wait for Steemyelp, Steemipedia, and the likes.

After 2-3 minutes of walking around The World Forestry Center an overwhelming feeling we wouldn't learn much if anything at all, engulfed me.

This is where the real World Forestry journey begins, a journey of discovery, not of how awesome forests are like it should have been, but how ridiculous the World Forestry Center really is.

The World Forestry Center should be considered a serious threat to forests worldwide. If it's not stopped, it might soon be the number one cause of deforestation.

I think I would rather be lost in a desert than having to go back for a second visit.

@karensuestudios, @muffintuesday and I had an awesome time there nonetheless!

I'm sure the World Forestry Center does a lot of good for forests and I'm sure they hold nice events from time to time.

"All the world's problems can be solved in a garden/food forest." ― Geoff Lawton

One Of The Very Most Interesting Thing I've Ever Heard

I can't talk highly enough of this 3 minutes from Sailesh Rao's. Begins at (6m33s).

Fun Forest Facts!

Deforestation Causes!

Subsistence farming is responsible for 48% of deforestation; commercial agriculture is responsible for 32%; logging is responsible for 14%, and fuel wood removals make up 5%. [wikipedia]

Drones For Planting 1 Billion Trees A Year

At around 15% of the cost of traditional methods.

Reforestation With Planes

How To Grow A Tiny Forest Anywhere

"The forest, compared to conventional forests grow 10 times faster, are 30 times denser, 100 times more biodiverse."

Where Do Trees Get Their Mass From? (Veritasium)

The Most Amazing Thing About Trees (Veritasium)

30-Year-Old Food Forest

Indian Man Plants 550 hectares Of Forest Over 30 years

Greening the Desert

The African Great Green Wall

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Hello @teamsteem

I think I would rather be lost in a desert than having to go back for a second visit.

Hahahahaha it looks like you ain't impressed with what you saw in your forest visitation outing. Some days are like that, sir. Cheer up!

@eurogee of @euronation community

Hello @teamsteem

One has to wonder how much of these yelp reviews are real. I can't wait for Steemyelp, Steemipedia, and the likes.

Yelp has issues with reviews, companies pay people to leave fake reviews, you can get more Info on spotting fake reviews Here

When it comes to deforestation there is a lot of work that needs to be done and I also believe that different governments are not giving it to attention it requires.

They are mostly kicking the Can down the Road and this will pose huge problems for the next generation

It is somehow funny that Logging which seems to be the most popular culprit only consumes 14%

Farming has a huge percentage because most government does not pay much attention to right agricultural practices especially in Oil producing states like Nigeria.

Farmers are not given adequate supply of things like Fertilizer and pesticides so they use up Land and shift once its yield reduces.

If countries like Israel could farm in the Desert due to their Mastery of Irrigation, I don't see why other countries with better lands can't work out practices that will reduce deforestation.

I just hope that with time more attention will be given to Tree planting and other Forest preservation activities.


First time you face Reaction.


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Beautiful .. work great from you
I try to be easy with everything in my life
Thanks for sharing..

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

The human race can only survive with agriculture, great documentary you got there @teamsteem

Wow sir @teamsteem. I see the photos you share here are very cheerful and fun. this photo of the museum discovery is very inspiring to my feelings.

Your visit to The World Forestry Center is really very useful for us all. I totally agree that forests are a source of human life.

Forests are the lungs of the world meaning in the polluted ocean then life in the world will also be translations with various kinds of air pollution and other problems.

We hope that the 1 billion trees planting program will be successful in order to make reforestation and forest rehabilitation a success in order to improve the quality of human life in the future.

1 more sir .. i was very impressed to see a tree planting video using drone. That's great

Thank you very much sir @teamsteem ..you have provided a very interesting and useful post for us

May you succeed always.

Warm regards from me @rijalaronaceh .

I love nature, it's a source of inspiration, food and greatness for me, I'm her advocate, I don't know that you don't exactly like that place but I'm sure I'll take it into account, I hope you visit incredible sites, greetings, and I hope you enjoy it.

Wow after much deforestation this is a great hope that forest would survive in coming years. I like this! Lovely job @teamsteem

Ooooh very cool, where's the WFC?


This is about the contest for your other post...I posted that image there.....About deforestation, I assume I don't know much about it specifically, but in general I believe we need to make a better world in all aspects....All the best and I you are having a wonderful contribution to the Steem blockchain...Cheers

olala olala funny ha ha ha ............ha ....ha.......

Wow after much deforestation this is a great hope that forest would survive in coming years. I like

I'd rather choose to lost in forest than to lose in love :D

Asian people are so handsome!

Thank you very much! I'm not Asian though.

The guy on the right of the photo seems to be Asian.

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Oh. Sorry. I am ashamed. I wasn't kidding. I thought the only woman was on the middle. My apologies for all of you.

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That's a quite a blanket statement. What about if hypothetically deleting a comment could save the life of one of your loved one?

Then I would. But in my previous comment I am not saying anything that could put in danger someone's life. I just confused a woman with a man. That's not a big problem. Furthermore, I apologized for my confusion. Let's not convert this platform into the same 'don't hurt my feelings' we ask people to leave, please.

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Haha! It's okay!

half-blooded maybe? Just kidding! (^_^)

Your video is very much like me, you have posted a very important one for a long time, many thanks and good wishes for admission

Hi teamsteem, thanks for all you do for the community. I've started a new blog where I summarize BTC TA Analysts. Would love for you to take a look. Hopeful that you find it meaningful. Cheers


Thanks for the heads up on this @teamsteem. Curious to know why was it such a big disappointment for you guys??

Well the way I see it the world Forest center from the looks of it, shouldn't their aim and goals be to help preserve forest all over the world from unnatural cause of deforestation? Like man made hazard to forest life?
It's seems this isn't the case, well i sure don't want to visit too

Hello, how are you? ... I love this post, your photos look very happy and I love them, the videos are super and your logo is great ... Congratulations

Besides, the content seems very important to me nowadays since almost nobody pays attention to the other beings that inhabit our planet

Hello my dear friend,I really enjoy from your post. so excited post. I recently joined to steem and saw your posts. i like art, science, adventure and photography. I upvoted and follow you, If you like, please see my posts to support each other because i need to your help for being successful. thanks for sharing useful and beautiful post. have good time.

Hi @teamsteem,

Thank you for the chance to think about that topic, living on our green planet we accept it like it must be like it is and despite of the growth of industry and the consume we just think that everything will grow too.

Those kind of Forestry center from one side are educating we have to know what we are doing to our nature, to our home so that tomorrow we do not say that we did not know it.

From another side we still should not forget to learn about the nature in the nature: like the school classes on fresh air, in parks, under trees. To collect mushrooms, flowers, to observe insects and to learn what are they doing and how we can live together helping each other.

Here are two examples from real situation to show how our young generation are and what influence the modern technology done to them:

  1. when one child was in front of huge underwater aquarium where you could see fishes, he tried to enlarge the "image" like on touchscreen with putting fingers on glass and spreading to side. Of course was upset that it did not work.

  2. When my nephew did not like the fish fingers because they tasted fish, as the ones in school had no taste of fish.

It is sad but reality, therefore, it is important to keep educating our your generation as this is our future.

Cheers, @Stef1

have always a safe journey. and be always happy. and thnks for sharing your experience

Many of the new agriculture techniques, such as vertical farming, are not widely spread. People are still using the ancient agriculture technique, killing forest to open a farm. With the increase of population, thus the need to kill more forest area to open a farm.

That's so cool, would like to go there, greetings from Austria!

Hahaha...Reality vs Expectation sitatuation

I think I would rather be lost in a desert than having to go back for a second visit.

By the way @teamsteem, were you expecting some Thai massage out there?

I view any organization with the word "world" in it with extreme suspicion, so I had a good laugh at your reaction. This post piqued my interest because of the forestry connection, as I spend my working life in the forest. Cheers

Awww that sucks that the Foresty Center let you down. At the same time I appreciate your passionate sharing on the types of things that would have been nice to learn there.

You look quite tired in the second picture, or maybe disappointed with the visit.... Deforestation is a really serious issue that is often times overlooked, we often forget (or maybe pay little attention) to the fact that these trees contribute to a healthier life and a better world. @treeplanter is actually doing a great job in a forest in Cameroon.

Especially the old tree! Their body is harder like a rock and you need a saw machine to cut it! It can't be handled by hand saw only... I tried that in old lumber wood and my SAW just bend and I accidentally cut the part of my hand! Bleeding a lot!

success friend

Dear friend @teamsteem, everything you mention is true, it is preferable to live in a desert created directly by God and that is part of our planet, having to see how they destroy the nature of the forests and that when you go to a place of these, those who expect something beautiful and suddenly what you get gives you sadness, if you do not really want to go back there it is considered that you do not do it, we will not see destroy our nature. Greetings dear friend of Venezuela.

"When all the trees are cut down, when all the animals are dead, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is poisoned. Only then will they know you can not eat money."

Thank you Sir for your beautiful post.
Sir Apna's post was about forest. Forests are needed for a country. For the maintenance of a country, 25% forest land is needed. For the betterment of the land, more trees will be in place. One can not be terminated for forest land requirement.
Sir, hope to be with us by posting this kind of post.

nice article!

I often plant bamboo and some local trees in my area to keep forest. I hope one day I can buy landslide to reforest again.

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