Dlive Weekly Comment Catch-Up 6/01/18

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Time to Answer Your Comments From This Week!

In today’s video I dive deep into your comments from this past week. Special thanks to everyone who shared feedback, video suggestions, and other comments throughout the week. This is what allows me to keep producing helpful content that everyone enjoys.


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Sir,Im a newbie here .I watched your youtube video explaining how curation reward works.It was pretty enlightening for me .Thank you .

Hey @anandhan... You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻 Your vote will be coming shortly.

Thank you very much .Im Really glad that you considered my comment

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I can hear you but not see you .... thanks for addressing my question. Blocktrades answered my question and they said that we could do this ... I may try with maybe 20 bucks and see if it works.

It's weird, but I had to click the thumbnail to go into the live session. Maybe that's what you had to do. I'll be trying to learn more and more about @dlive so I can figure this out though. But the playback is working fine.

And yeah, keep me posted on that. That's the first I've heard that you could do that with Blocktrades. We could save a lot of money like that.

You mean in the feed ... that is weird. I clicked on the image in the blog and I got a stationary image but your voice came in good and strong, a little like listening to the radio

Lol, well I've heard that I have a face for radio. 🤣

Haha ... your face is fine for any medium you choose, but you most definitely have a voice for radio. With that drawl ... it is all exotic-like to my Canadian ears, eh:)

LMBO, yeah can't get rid of that North Carolina accent no matter how far I move away from the East Coast. And thanks! :)

Don't get rid of it ... it is warm and friendly. Makes people trust you ... play it up, man:)

I absolutely agree with you on the 'gifting feature' on Dlive. I thinks its an awesome initiative.

Yeah, that's a game changer.. as long as people use it. Really looking forward to seeing further development from @dlive.

great content man im in the process of watching your videos to help me learn more about this platfrom being a new creator on here
thank you

Welcome to Steemit, @bgjoy! Glad you're here. Let me know if you have any questions along the way. I'm glad to help!

any advice for a small & new creator??

I can hear you off and on but no video... It could be my mobile service though. I will catch up with the video later!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to continue learning more about OBS and live streaming to see if it's something on my end. Luckily the video playback works fine though.

  ·  last year (edited)

I got to it finally. Wanted to refer you to @cryptotax who puts out some great guides on tax impacts of crypto transactions because you mentioned that buying crypto is a taxable event and that is not necessarily the case. If you buy an asset, it is not taxed until you sell it and if you sell it for a gain. However, if you get crypto as a reward or by mining that is taxable as income tax (vs capital gains). Don’t take my word for it as I am not an expert but check out the blog I mentioned for better information.

Dang man....Sorry I missed the live stream. Woulda loved to be there.

Good to see you on @dlive though man....Fantastic platform right?

No worries, and yeah I absolutely love it! No more editing the weekly comment catch-up either lol. That used to take me an hour at least. :)

For sure...And what you mentioned when you read Jimmy's comment too...That's the best thing about Dlive man...Their staff and team practice what they preach, they welcome you with open arms and continue to support their community months after....So important for a live streaming platform.

ami oltime apnar video gulo niya gataghati kori


The video is not loading for me unfortunately.

Do you have the video on another site? This version does not seem to be working. I have refreshed it a couple of times and it does not play.

Unfortunately dtube seems to always have issues. Here's the direct link. Let me know if this works...

Yes, that works. Thanks. :)

I Praise and welcome your work. Such initiatives inspire everyone to make a good comment. I'll make the highest try to join live with you. Your task is very great @brandonfrye.