3 Ways to Add Video to Your Steemit Posts

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Let's Talk About Video Content on the Steem Blockchain...

When it comes to uploading video content to Steem, you really have three choices to consider. First let's list the three choices and then consider the pros and cons of each option...

1. YouTube Embedded Videos - Embed your YT videos into your Steemit posts. This doesn't really add your video to the Steem blockchain but it does add it to your Steemit posts.

2. Dtube - D.Tube was the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network.

3. Dlive - Dlive describes themselves as the Next Generation Live Streaming and Video Community on the Steem Blockchain.

Pros and Cons

First it's important to mention that when people are looking for a way to add video to their Steemit posts.. well.. that's exactly what they're trying to do. They've built their following on Steemit and simply want a way to add video to their posts. But this isn't always the case; often times we have YouTube vloggers come directly to Dtube or Dlive because they're looking for an actual video platform to replace YouTube.

But, for the purposes of this article, we'll be focusing on the majority of people who just want a way to share video content with their Steemit following.

Video OptionProsCons
YouTube EmbedVideo playback directly in posts, reach a larger audience through the Google network, completely free to use, ability to earn from your YT videosVideos don't really get added to the blockchain, videos still subject to Google censorship, may see ads
@dtubeVideos are added to the Dtube platform where you may reach more people, although rare you could get upvoted from the Dtube account, resistant to censorship, ability to earn rewards, they recently started sharing curation rewards with their communityDtube takes 25% of your rewards, website often fails to upload videos
@dliveVideos are added to the Dlive platform where you may reach more people, ability to do live or pre-recorded videos, ability to earn even after payout through tips, free to use, resistant to censorship, ability to earn rewards, may get upvoted from the Dlive account, incredible team behind Dlive that is VERY supportive of their communityDlive is still fairly new but catching on quickly among both content creators and live streamers

So Which Do You Choose?

This will really depend on several factors. Are you fed up with YouTube and want to abandon your YT channel altogether? If so, then it's likely that you'll want to find a totally new platform like Dtube or Dlive. If you're just wanting to add video to your posts then you may find that embedding YT videos is the best option as it allows playback right in your Steemit post. But maybe you want to meet more people on the Steem blockchain and you focus solely on live video streaming. Well, in that case, Dlive is probably your best option. So it really depends on what type of video content you shoot and what you're trying to accomplish.

What Have I Chosen To Do?

I've personally struggled with this for a while. For a short period of time I switched over to Dtube as I really wanted to support our first video platform on the Steem blockchain. This was until I found out that they were taking 25% of my rewards for using their platform. So I switched back to YouTube as it's completely free to use, allows video playback in my posts, and allows me to reach a larger audience and drive more people to the Steem blockchain.

But now that we've got another option, and they take 0% of your rewards, it looks like I might be gravitating more towards @dlive. Although I haven't uploaded videos to their platform yet, I have watched many videos hosted by them and participated in numerous live streams. The experience was great and what's really amazed me is how interactive they are with their community. They've also been hard at work adding new features like integrated chat into their streams and the ability to earn rewards after the 7 day payout via tips. This kind of forward-thinking development is what gets me excited. And the fact that it's free to use is just icing on the cake!

What Are You Using for Videos on the Blockchain?

Now I'd love to hear from you guys. What's your opinion of the current choices for video content here on Steemit? Are you using any of the above options and are there any other pros or cons you would add to any of them? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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hi @brandonfrye
just now i start to watching your youtube video, the video name " how steemit curation rewards work and how to earn more!" ok i will back finishing watch.

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

wow! it's unbelievable!!
i am really glad to you sir, today iam very happy.
thank you so much @brandonfrye sir.

I would probably suggest both Dlive and Youtube. Youtube seems to always work better than Dlive and Dtube. You can include a Youtube video in your Dlive posts.
I think it would be super awesome if someone like you went live on Dlive so you could answer questions live as the come in. You could even possibly do a call in or Discord program as well if you went live.

Thanks, I'm really considering starting a series or occasional live stream like that to answer questions. :)

That would be awesome! I don't know why only gamers go live.

If I go back to uploading vids, I think I would go with Dlive. They take 25 percent and I assume curators take 25 percent too. That is a little steep as far as off the top as it goes.

I'm really thinking about using @dlive, at least for some of my videos. I still want to post to YT just to bring on new people to Steemit.. but I love their community and what they're doing. Plus they don't take any beneficiary rewards like Dtube. And actually that 25% comes from both authors and curators from what I understand.

I’m still too shy and have time constraints to use videos for the platform but if I did I would support the decentralized alternatives but that is probably easier said than done given my lack of experience with it. However, as a consumer of content, it seems that YT is much easier too consume than the others until the other expand their base.

This is true. YouTube is the most functional of the three when it comes to searchable video content on a platform. But I'm like you, and I really do want to support the decentralized movement. So I'll likely be using @dlive here and there. Plus, who knows, I might just run into some new friends! :)

wow! it's really good man ,i was confused about rewards before few minutes now i am clear about it. and i want cheak it out from your upvote.

thank you sir for shearing the video

hi @brandonfrye
just now i start to watching your youtube video, the video name " how steemit curation rewards work and how to earn more!" ok i will back finishing watch.

Thanks for the post man, i actually had some problem with video uploads because i was confused, i see people upload their videos and it plays in their posts however i upload mine at dlive and nothing happens, but now i understand why, i guess i going to have to use both to enjoy maximum audience reachout.

As a gamer, I think YT has the best options of content. I don’t think most famous youtubers even know about the alternatives available.

Not yet.. but they're slowly making their way over here. :)

Oh, Your information is very helpful at all improving my understanding in making short film for my use as a medium of learning.
Postings like this I've been looking for a long time, how to make movies easy, not complicated and get good results. I will try.
Thanks you very much @brandonfrye

Thanks for another insightful writeup @Brandofrye! I hadn't really understood what Dlive was until reading this. Like you I've been a bit discouraged with Dtube, mainly because of uploading errors I seem to always get (which is why I haven't gotten many videos up on here yet! I didn't realize they also took 25%!) I wanted to solely use blockchain but like you I also see the value in youtube here as well. Excited to try out Dlive as well! Love the pros/cons chart. Super helpful!

Glad this helped! And yeah, unfortunately it will cost you quite a bit in rewards to use Dtube. But Dlive is a great alternative with even more features. I'll be uploading their occasionally from here on. :)

Well I'm number one fan boy of @dlive and I love the fact that you can use them for hosting videos. However I tend to use them more for the live streaming and then if people miss my stream, they can watch the recording.

I hate YouTube with a passion LOL Oh hate is a strong word...Let's just say if two companies went away I wouldn't shed a tear....Google and PayPal LOL

I do really appreciate what @dtube has done lately with their rewards. You are right, it's very rare to get an upvote with them, I think I have gotten 4 in 6 months of being here lol But the dtube rewards is pretty slick.

So I do use dtube for my videos. It's not perfect, but I think they are improving. Would love to see them support more creators with upvotes though.

Lol, I know you are! And thanks to you I've been able to experience some of the live sessions hosted on their platform. I really like the format of it and will likely start up my own live series myself. I will also upload pre-recorded videos as well.

And I agree that the rewards that Dtube is doing now is really cool. I have to give them a lot of credit for doing that. Just wish they wouldn't take so much from the authors. Dlive has shown that it's possible to run a video platform on Steem without digging into users pockets. I also love the Dlive team and their interaction with the community. That goes a long way with me.

I think eventually dtube will move off of the Steem blockchain, at least into an SMT. Then they'll hold more stake and won't need to take rewards from users. I think that'll be a much better business model for them. Should allow them to do a lot more as well. But until then.. 25% it is lol.

Yeah man....Love Dlive. It's the best community support bar none.

I think the dtube rewards does help lessen the blow from the 25 %. I enjoy getting those STEEM payments every week for sure.

Nice one, you have given me tips on how to do my video post on steemit , thanks a million

Wow! This is a great nice piece of information. Wow. Love all three methods;-

  1. YouTube Embedded Videos - Embed your YT videos into your Steemit posts. This doesn't really add your video to the Steem blockchain but it does add it to your Steemit posts.
  1. Dtube - D.Tube was the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network.
  1. Dlive - Dlive describes themselves as the Next Generation Live Streaming and Video Community on the Steem Blockchain.

This my dear is a great content, I've learnt a lot from this. Keep steeming. I love you Dear.

I am currently using youtube for now but will try out dlive soon. Thanks again for your wonderful content. I truly appreciate, stay blessed.

Awesome! 👏🏻 This will definitely help me with my posts 🤗. I will have to resteem to share this super useful content (at least for newbies such as myself 😆). Thanks a bunch for sharing 🙏🏼

if one day I create video content, I'm choosing youtube and dlive, youtube has a wider user and it can help us to further develop, but i will try Dlive, because this platform is really interesting.

Thanks for the feedback, @venustory. I'm with you on that; I think it's important to continue sharing Steemit to the masses on other platforms as well!

The more platforms we use, the more bigger we get the benefits! LOL XD!

Best, Regard!

A question, Brandon

Do you know if we can buy BTC/ETH from an ATM and deposit directly into @blocktrades for steem without going through a crypto exchange? I am in Canada. The dominant opinion seems that an exchange is needed but that means that we are doubling up on fees. If you have some insight on this, it would be really helpful.

Wishing you a truly wonderful day:) Pryde

Hi Brandon, I have used several live video feed platforms and I am quiet please with DLive. The performance is consistent and my growth is increasing. There are actually a few things I like more on DLive than any other platform. I can earn rewards from my audience... you can with YouTube but the control by Google can easily kill your channel. Some platforms have come and gone as well. In the past the best platforms you had to pay for to get a decent one. In some of those you could charge a fee for your programming. For example LiveStream is a pretty good service but the fees can add up in the hurry. You can also acquire specific equipment to be used on the service. Ustream is decent as well but the performance can get to you... YouTube is clunky... Periscope is limited... etc. I have started my own weekly show called "The Scene" around the entertainment industry. My viewership is growing each show. Not to monetize it more! :) Thank you for your posts... always something interesting to see.