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Some Pretty Sexy Rankings for Steem

There's really nothing anybody could say or do to to kill my hopes for Steem. With its 1.6+ million transactions per day, 1 million users, and its incredible use case as a social platform, to say I'm bullish is an understatement. But there are some new rankings coming out that drive my beliefs through the roof!

Let's take a look at them...

Chinese IT Ministry Cryptocurrency Ratings

Just released today 5/17/18 was a new study by the Chinese IT Ministry where they sorted and ranked the top cryptocurrencies on the market. This study was based on three things: 1) Technology, 2) Innovation, and 3) Application. These are also some of the core driving factors I look at when deciding whether I want to invest in a cryptocurrency so this really got me excited.

As you can see from their rankings, the top three coins (in order) are Ethereum, Steem, and Lisk. And among the top three coins, Steem ranked the highest for Technology and was a close second for Innovation.

Blocktivity Rankings

Blocktivity rankings aren't anything new... but I still like to check their rankings from time to time to see how our beloved coin (Steem) is holding up against the competition when it comes to transactions per blockchain data.

At the time of this writing Steem is ranked #1 when it comes to blockchain performance (Capacity Utilization). We're currently using 0.19% of our network capacity and are still handling more transactions than any other blockchain. Heck, we've had 2,259,822 transactions in just the last 24 hours! For comparison, Bitshares has the second highest transactions with 842,896 in the last 24 hour period. Not even close!!

Source: Blocktivity.info

Weiss Coin Ratings

Another important rating system developed by Weiss rates cryptocurrencies based on their investment potential. They literally dish out letter grades for the top coins they feel investors should keep an eye on. Although I'm not a member of Weiss and am not subscribed to their reports, @exyle regularly updates us about their recent scores.

In his latest Weiss update (6 days ago) he mentioned that Steem, Bitcoin, Bitshares, Cardano, Decred, EOS, Ethereum, Iota, NEM, ONTology, NEO, Ripple, Stellar, and Zilliqa all received letter grades of a B. He also went on to explain that no As were awarded to any coins for that week. So once again, Steem is ranked among one of the highest coins... and this time it's for its investment potential!

In Summary

Whether you love it or hate it, Steem is a cryptocurrency that continues to to excel in many categories. Some get involved with Steem for its long-term investment opportunities. Others find that they love the blogging platform and community provided by Steemit.com... which leads them to buying up all the Steem they can. But no matter what got you here.. it's unlikely that you'll be ready to leave any time soon. With SMTs right around the corner, and the many different applications being built on the Steem blockchain, we have MUCH to be excited about!

What brought you to Steem(it)? And is what brought you here the reason you have stayed? Please share in the comments below!


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Honestly after only being on Steemit for 1 week I look at other social media platforms as archaic.

At this point, why would I want to post anything on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter when I can post it here, with no risk of censorship, potential for monetary gain and share with a like minded audience?

Also, love your YouTube videos, I've learned a ton about how the platform works from them.

I'm right there with you! I have posted only once on Facebook in the last month and that was today to share this post LOL. Gotta keep sharing occasionally to these other platforms to show them what they're missing.

And thanks! I appreciate you sharing your feedback and I hope my videos have been helpful. :)

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

Awesome!! Thank you!

Great info, more in-depth then the last one I just read. Have a great day and thx for posting. I sure like your footer. Can you lead me in the right direction to get a footer :) Keep up the good work!
upvote gif meme.gif
And a Resteem :)

Thanks @cliffpower, glad you stopped by!! I actually created that footer image myself in Photoshop but if you don't have PS you could use a program like Gimp which is free. I've also used Fiverr.com in the past to hire graphic designers for different things.

Great thx

So pleased we hit this milestone!

Hopefully we see more momentum picking up on the way to 2 million. Also would want to see increased percentages of active users!

It is the blogging platform that attracted me to steemit and it sure is making me stay. Its amazing to see that steem is growing.

Awesome, thanks for sharing the experience. I found Steem(it) from a fellow YouTuber a few months back and decided to take a look at it. I've been hooked ever since. And I can say that it was the blogging platform that has kept me here.. and made me invest even more into Steem.

That awesome. Well, after joining it kinda sparked my interest in cryptocurrencies too.

STEEm is gathering more attention. Interesting to see application so low given the ecosystem that STEEM has created with still more bandwidth to expand available. Given the crossroad between being in the blockchain evolution and the social media revolution, STEEM should be great in the future!

I have to say that @ned has done an awesome job in recent weeks of both promoting and building Steem, providing insight as to what's going on in the backend with development, and just being a great leader. He's helping us to propel this blockchain into the future.


Big reasons to be bullish! Something that most people seem to not mention when it comes to STEEM ratings is the people and the potential.

What I mean by that, if the hivemind communities ever gets off the ground you will see the potential of people realized. Nothing makes me more excited about this platform and blockchain than thinking about how it can and will change the social media landscape.

That's beyond price or a Weiss rating to me...It's about the relationships and finding like minded individuals on the blockchain! Might sound all warm and fuzzy and naive at times...But I still always put my money where the people congregate and communicate!

You're 100% right on that. We've got a lot of awesome features in the works that I feel will better empower people and their social communities. I'm so eager to see what Hivemind and the oracle-based SMTs will provide to the platform. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the whole concept so I'll have to wait and experience it hands on once they launch.

And you bring some excellent points when it comes to building relationships using Steemit... which is a natural byproduct of the blockchain.. and which, at the end of the day, grows and improves the overall network. I like how one of the Winklevoss brother's explained it. Basically, the more users a network has brings exponential value to that network.

And I think we're on the heels of another big growth spurt. We're achieving all of the best rankings, Ned is making himself extremely public (and available to users), we have SMTs launching soon, and so much more. Investors should really be taking notice of what's about to happen next. We're ranked only second to ETH by the China Ministry for a reason. 😜

LOL So true....Great point about @ned he's out there almost weekly now it seems giving a talk and being very public. That's huge I think for STEEM and a big win for all of us. Huge things coming I think in the next few months.

Great news and great info. I had no idea that steem was moving up the charts so quickly. All I keep hearing is #25 ranking. This makes me feel a lot better. You should check out my last blog I posted on steem and steemit. I think youll enjoy the other side of the coin. Not gonna post it here cause it makes me feel like I'm spamming.

Oh yeah, by market volume we're around #31 or #32 according to www.coinmarketcap.com. But I still think that Steem has much more utility than Bitcoin or most of the other coins out there. Look at EOS, which has undeniable potential. It's ranked #5 by market cap but hasn't even launched yet. Unlike these coins, Steem has working applications and is far less speculative. Anyways, I'll check out your post. Thanks so much for the comments!

Makes perfect sense. I'm just glad there are other charts out there. My blog really has nothing to do with price. Its just an observation of the future. I have a somewhat strange writing style. I'm used to writing comedy. I just felt that had to be said and I didn't feel right mixing comedy in.

Gotcha! I just checked out your blog and it's definitely interesting.

There are certainly a lot of spammers here, as well as all other social platforms on the web. It's just a matter of finding solutions to getting rid of them, all without becoming "censored" or "centralized" since this is a blockchain. But I believe that's where the new SMTs powered by community oracles come in. I'm not 100% clear on how these new tokens will work, but they (in combination with Communities) should eradicate spammers, plagiarists, cons, etc. Or at a minimum prevent them from being rewarded for such behavior.

I really hope your blog was (at least partly) satirical. But in case it's not, I hope you'll stick around to see what the future holds for the Steem blockchain. Steemit will always be an evolving platform that will require tweaks and new features in order to provide the best experience. And I think we're just getting started.

It was satirical. I will be here till the end. I am just trying to point out the problems and hopefully others will jump in and help out. I am definitely interested in future of steemit. I want to see it succeed. Everyone must help out. Even if its one simple vote for a high quality blog, rather than selling their votes for a profit.

Cant wait for 100 million!

As @ned said the other day, the 1st millionth is the hardest lol. Time to grow!!

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I want to delegate to your bot but I keep getting stuck when asked to log onto steemconnect. What password am I supposed to use? Please help! Upvoted your post btw.

Hey @kywt, thanks for reaching out and I'm glad to hear you would like to delegate. To delegate, SteemConnect will ask for your username which is kywt and your password which is your Private Active Key. You can find your private active key by clicking on Wallet -> Permissions, then you'll need to login to show your Private Active Key. Let me know if you still have trouble!

Thanks!! I finally figured it out. Do you have any more details on timing of payments and % returns?

We're currently seeing between 35-40% APR and your earnings will begin after the next payout. So your payouts will begin on Sunday at noon (12PM) MST or 3pm EST. Unless you got your delegation in in the last hour. We literally just had a payout 1 hour ago.

Daily payout? Thanks for answering all my questions!

Yep I’ll be sending you daily payments of Steem and SBD! 😁

Alright, i guess i have to continue asking dumb questions. I figured out how to delete with the minnowbooster but not directly via steemconnect's busy.org. How do I delegate to you directly without having to use minnowbooster's site?

Oh you shouldn't have to use MinnowBooster. I would use www.steembottracker.com's tool for delegation. It's very simple. Go here: https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html

Then put in your username and click load. It will allow you to remove delegation, edit delegation, or add delegation.

This is awesome! Go Steem Go! haha

Oh those are some great numbers. I think steem will soar when we can go straight from FIAT to steem and cut out the middle crypto. But good news those rankings. Thanks for sharing with us, Brandon:)

I would love to see that. Would be much easier than going through multiple exchanges too. Perhaps we'll get there soon enough. Thanks as always for your comments!

In Canada we pretty much use ATM machines ... supper hassle:)

i am happy to bee a part of steemit

Steem price has anything to do with the users increaseing here on steemit?

Great post, I have only just joined steemit and I was watching a ton of youtube videos to get me up to speed. Your videos were invaluable and really helped! so thank you. keep up the awesome work

What brought me to steemit was the hope of finding an alternative to FB and YouTube.
I noticed that it was getting harder to find and share content on those platforms.
I'm still here because I hope that when I finally start adding content, that I can find a community of like minded people.

Hey @srangel, thanks for sharing your experience. And welcome to Steemit! If you have any questions, or need any help with anything, please let me know. Glad to help!