My First Dlive Video!!

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I'm Finally On Dlive!!

I've been wanting to test out Dlive for a long time now. And many of my followers have pointed out that it would be a good idea to host a Q&A chat for beginners using the @dlive platform. So I've decided it's time to make the move! From here on out I'll mostly be using Dlive for my video content with the occasional upload to YouTube so that I can continue spreading the word about Steem and Steemit.

If you're new to my channel, please watch today's video to learn more about me and what I offer to the Steem Community!


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Are you on Discord? You might be able to do a Dlive Discord show.

You're today's comment upvote winner, @mysearchisover! The upvote will be added to this bidding round. Thanks for always leaving valuable comments and feedback on my channel. 😊

Thank you! :)

@brandonfrye, on behalf of the DLive Team, Welcome!

Thank you @jimmylin. This is exactly the type of community support and communication that I've been raving about. You guys at @dlive have really set the bar high. Thanks for the awesome platform and the welcome. I look forward to using Dlive and meeting more of the Dlive community!!

Great intro post on Dlive, Brandon:) Keep 'em coming:)

Thank you @prydefoltz!! I'm pretty excited about going live here soon. I think this will be an awesome way to help even more people!! :)


Yes!!!! Awesome to see you on @dlive man!

Best community on the blockchain and I think you'll really enjoy your experience with it.

Now you just need to do a live stream or two and you'll be officially hooked LOL

I think you're right about that! I'm looking forward to the live streaming. It'll be weird not having to edit video LOL. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the upload process on @dlive. MUCH easier than "other" video platforms hehehe ;)

Oh it's flawless. And as a live streamer, it's just as easy. Their one click 'go live' button is great if you use their streaming servers.

I'm a fan boy lol

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Awesome! I'll be testing it out before the end of the week I'm sure :)


Awesome I won the upvote! I continue to put it to work to add to my Steem Power! Thanks!

Nice, that's what I love to hear!!! Congrats and thank you so much for continuing to share in the conversation here. Means a lot! 😁

Not sure why but cannot open it on my mobile device. I will try from my PC. Great initiative!

Thanks for letting me know @gamercrypto. I tested it on iOS and it worked perfectly. I’ll also test on Android to see if it works there.

I got in after a couple of attempts on my mobile! Thanks!

can you please explain with information what Dlive am finding it hard on my side to understand it

Hey @redhearted, I'm not sure that I understand your question. Dlive is a decentralized video sharing platform built on the Steem blockchain.

Enjoy Dlive journey :)

My Dlive and I like post you in dlive steemit

I'm also new here,check me out!

Hello. I hit your blog some time ago and I realy hope your advice can help me grow on Steem

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Actually, no you didn't resteem this post. And you've left this same comment on multiple posts that you did not resteem. Flagged for spam.

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