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When Is The Best Time to Upvote a Post?

What a great question... and one I get often. Many Most people come to the Steemit platform as a way to earn a secondary income while sharing their content and curating other people's posts. So it's no surprise that people want to know the best time to upvote a post in order to earn the highest curation rewards possible. And that's exactly what we'll dive into today!

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's important to note that in order to earn any curation rewards you have to hold Steem Power. So I recommend to power up your Steem as much (and as often) as possible. The more Steem Power in your account, the higher weight your vote has, which in turn allows you to earn a higher percentage of the curation rewards. Thanks to @mightypanda for bringing this up in the comments below.

Links Mentioned in Today's Video:

One question you may be asking is...

What happens if say.. a post only gets upvotes after the 30 minute mark? Will all of the rewards still go to curators?

While I don't have the most concrete answer to give, I suspect that 75% of the rewards would still go to the author of the post. So, if you create a post and get only one upvote (worth $10), and that upvote came 30 minutes after publishing, my assumption is that you would earn $7.50 of the rewards while the rest is paid out to the curator. If anyone knows the exact answer to this, please let me know!


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From your post I understand the best time is to upvote after 15 min since the post was created.

Thank you @brandonfrye !

Thanks for sharing

Hi @Brandonfrye,

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Thanks, I will definitely check it out. Appreciate you sharing!

Of course!

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One thing that you didn't mentioned in your video is: your vote power and strength also plays a role in curation rewards. Like for my account, even if i am the first voter after 30 and them post makes lot of money, i barely get .001SP

That's correct. I was only talking about the best timing to upvote in this video, but you're absolutely right. If somebody has the minimum 15 SP in their account then it's unlikely they'll earn any curation rewards. So it's very important to power up Steem as much and as often as possible to maximize your curation rewards. Thanks for sharing!

Do you know much SP i need before curation etc becomes meaningful?

I don't have an exact calculation for that unfortunately. But I know it's relative to the other people who have voted on the same post. The people with the highest SP who have voted on a post will earn the most curation rewards. So the only recommendation I can make is to keep powering up whenever you can.

I'll try and see if I can't find a tool (or information) that helps you determine your curation rewards.. but I'm not if it exists.

Woah, I stand corrected! @yabapmatt has created a tool where you can input your username and the link to a post and estimate your curation rewards from the post assuming you gave it a 100% upvote. Pretty cool. Check it out here:

Thanks for ur reply

10% before 30 minutes and 0% after 30 minutes goes to the author. Works like an inverted log chart.

Looks something like this:

(This is just an example, not the actually chart though).

Awesome, thanks for sharing @nightgrounds!

No problem.

Boom! Loved this video. I commented on the Youtube as well. I upvoted at 23 minutes! lol hahaha, like I mentioned on YouTube I don't think I will keep track, and to be honest I usually don't get in here on Steemit in the evening, and just go through my feed and look through it and upvote on stuff I like. :)

Thanks @mrchef111, much appreciated. At 23 minutes that means we split it 50/50!! :)

And I'm like you. I do things pretty organically, upvoting as soon as I've read (or watched) something that I like. At the end of the day we really need to reward the authors as well.

You are very welcome gotta support a fellow Arizonan! Looks like my upvote was worth 1 cent right now! lol Although I notice at other times when I upvote peoples content it is higher. My voting power is pretty low right now only around 50SP. Getting there! haha

Good day @brandonfrye.
First of all,

thank you for getting me off the blacklist.

Thanks for this information.
Then i have a question;
What happens or how will the curation be calculated if 100 steamians or so, should vote at exactly the same time, say 15mins with the use of, I wonder?

Good video @brandonfry. But upvoting profitability is still more confusing.
Some points to figure out:

  1. UpVoting others post:
    When someone UpVote others post to get curation. It does not only depend on the time but more on his/her SP or voting power. The power he/she has the curation rewards an upvoter can get. In this case, I'll repeat your words "just do it organically". If you like anyone's post no matter when it published just give it an upvote. And if you like to get UpVotes from others make relation with them. Help others. Read and comments. That's the main key.

  2. Buy UpVote:
    Buying an upvote never give you profit all the time. The bot gives upvotes most likely -10%-10%. If they give you a vote with 10% you are lucky then. And you make up to 110% profit from that purchased upvote. But if you get a vote below 100% you'll gonna lose your money from your wallet.
    But you can also make a profit from the SP you get. The much bigger vpvotes you buy the much bigger SP you'll get. This is the main Gems you'll get. And I like it. One can get SP without losing money from there wallet.

Last word :)
Well, there are many things to explain but can't write here much. So, the last word is. Focus on SP. Boost your SP as much as you can. The much SP you have the much profit you can make from everywhere.

  • You can get big upvotes from your own upvote.
  • You can get much curation rewards when you give upvotes to others.
  • The more SP you have more profit can be make from buying an UpVote.

Thank, againg for your good video friend :)

Good information ty, I am still finding my feet within the steemit ecosystem.

You're welcome. I'm glad this helped! :)

So happy I found your blog. Just what I was looking for as I have just started here. Look forward to catch up on your previous posts as well. Thanks!

Awesome! Hope you find my posts helpful. And if you have a question about anything I'm glad to help. Just let me know. Welcome to Steemit!

Hi @brandonfrye, you are just awesome! You don't know you have solved many steemit users for earning in steemit. Can you mention the right time for creating a post also??? Thanks. . .

Great post man and something all Steemians can learn from.

I love what you said about organic upvotes...I mean I don't sit around and wait but I do try to upvote between 20-30 minutes, I get a chunk but if I loved the post, the author gets a chunk too.

It's confusing though...But regardless...Even if we are getting a penny for a vote or curation, it's still more than I'll get anywhere else lol

@brandonfrye this is one of my favorite post i always wonder how to earn curation awards and with my busy schedule i never got a chance to learn but this video answered all my questions thank you so much .

I have thought of using steem voter but never have done it as I enjoy seeing the content before voting as I like to comment on most of the post I upvote to actively engage with the community. I prefer that way because although I support some authors consistently, there are some times when I do not necessarily support their opinions and would upvote that post.

Very true. I'm the same way. When I was using SteemVoter I found that there were times I didn't want to upvote a post, even though I liked the author. For example, I may love a person's posts about blockchain and crypto, but if they post a video of them playing a video game then I'm not sure I want to upvote that.

One reason many people use sites like SteemVoter is to automatically upvote authors who consistently get high rewards, which in turn gives them big curation rewards. Nothing wrong with that and I can see why many people do it. I'm sure it pays nicely.

Thanks a lot @bradonfrye for this post/blog. Especially, this video is very useful&beneficial for us and thanks again for sharing with us...

You're very welcome. I'm glad to help in any way that I can! :)

So its best to let the post cool off before up voting. This is where i have been getting it wrong.

If you're wanting to maximize your curation rewards, it's best to upvote after 27 minutes (for 90%) or 30 minutes (for 100%). But the earlier you get to the post (and upvote it) the better. Ideally you would want to upvote after 30 minutes but before everybody else.

this is really awesome. its never too late to earn knowledge. it must have taken you time and determination to get this.

You have a way of timing your videos for when I need to know certain things, which is incredibly smart of you. :o)

Note made to look into I'm sure I'll find out when I do so but was just wondering if (say) I could set it to vote for your posts at 27 minutes, but maybe at 15 mins every fifth time or whatever, to reward you more, like you explained. No worries if you can't remember - as I said I'll be looking into it.

Thanks for posting this thoughtful piece of information.

You're welcome, glad you found it helpful! :)

hi @brandonfrye. thank you for the mentorship I get on your channel. I am only 3 days old on steemit and I need to understand more..
please with respect to the curation rewards. I would like to know if I get the rewards on only the posts from the channels I follow or its applicable to post from channels I do not follow. I would be glad to hear from you soon. thank you

Thanks, Brandon:)

You know I was thinking about you when I made this video lol ;)