Taking My Steemit Videos to the Next Level in 2018 🎥

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Setting Up My Home Studio... Finally!

A few days ago @exyle posted about how he was going to begin using a green screen for his vlogs. In his post, he made it sound so simple to get setup. So it got me thinking, why don't I start taking my video production and editing more seriously?

The truth of the matter is that I've been a little intimidated by the whole process of learning something new. And @exyle mentioned this right in his blog - "Don't Be Scared of Trying New Things". So this past weekend I decided to do a little research about the software he was using, plus get myself familiar with the equipment involved. To my surprise, it actually was pretty simple and might not be any harder than what I've been doing.

See today's video to learn all about my new setup!


Software and Equipment I'll Be Using

Note: None of the links below are affiliate links. I DO NOT earn a commission if you purchase anything. And I would wait to see how I like my setup before making a decision to purchase one of these products.


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Way cool! Home studios are awesome! I have a home studio where I film my cooking show. haha. :) Good luck I hope it turns out how you want it too! By the way I found you via YouTube. You How to Exchange Steem Dollars for Steem Power. Thanks so much!! haha

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

oh wow that is awesome! Thank you so much!!! :)

I'm impressed with your iphone mic! I wonder how this would compare?

That sounds like a good solution too!! I actually have two lapel mics around here somewhere. Might dig those out just to test them out. I have an adapter so that I can use them with my Mac... I believe. Just need to test it out.

That would be cool to see how they compare to the iphone one. I'm guessing the iphone one would be better though. You might be able to ghetto rig something if you don't want the earbuds in your ears. lol

thank you @brandonfrye i have been thinking about vloging and making some informative crypto videos since i post a small post about cryptocurrency market every 2 days and been looking into making some cryptocurrency videos for dtube but i always thought its expensive to setup a rig like that but your video defiantly going to help me, ill be looking forward to your feedback and will make purchase based on how it went for you so thanks again man.

Hey @ychaudrys, that's great! And yeah, you really can get setup very inexpensively. Throughout the week I'll be reviewing what I got and let you guys know my thoughts on them. I'm definitely excited to get the green screen setup! :)

this is the reason why i love you man no Homo but you truly a man of your words when it comes to responding to your followers.

LOL, well I certainly try my best. If it weren't for you guys I really would serve little purpose here. And I try to keep that in mind. 😉👍

you delighted me so much by responding i just used your bot for upvote lol

Man lol I figured it out...For all my gaming on @pdggaming

If I can figure it out, TRUST ME man....Anyone can!

Love the review of all the gear you are using. I might need to upgrade my cam too, even though I just shelled out 2700 for my new iMac lol Using the FaceTime cam on the iMac is 'meh' at best...

The Blue Yeti is my go to. That being said, it can be pricey.....The Blue Snowball is decent though. Blue is a great company regardless. Can't go wrong.

Great video man, looking forward to the new videos!

Woah, dude! I just checked out your gaming channel and that looks pretty sweet.

Are you using OBS as well? That seems to be the go-to these days. I've also been using my MacBookPro HD 720p camera but I wasn't sure how well it would do with the chromakey filter. Looks like yours is doing really well though. Guess it never hurts to do a little upgrading here and there.

And I didn't even realize that Blue made Snowall and Yeti.. that's actually really good to know. I'm not sure how this Snowball will do but I'm gonna give it a shot. Knowing me, I'll probably end up with the Yeti one of these days lol.

Yeah man, strictly OBS. Learning it every day and once you get the hang of it it's pretty straight forward.

I still need better lightning and a camera to get the green screen super crisp but I'm learning a ton with it all.

Oh yeah man, my buddy has a snowball and swears by it. Still a solid mic and for what you are doing with video creation, it's a great option.

Awesome I’m glad to hear that. I’ve alreadg watched a ton of videos about OBS and think I’ve got a pretty good hang of it. Now to be patient and wait on all this stuff to get here... 📪👀

Great to see you investing in yourself and brand! Look forward to seeing more content! Would you consider doing some live streaming as well?

Funny you should ask. I meant to mention that in my video but I’m really considering it. Especially with the new features Dlive keeps adding, I really want to try it out.

Hello, @brandonfrye. It's always a great feeling trying out new things. I just want to thank you for giving me a chance to also try something new. I am a candidate for your msp delegation contest this week. Thank you for the opportunity. Its as if its a dream that I could even be accepted, i feel so honoured. Thank you.

Hi @mwanjo, thanks for submitting your application over the weekend for @minnowfund. I was pleased to read through your blog and see what you're doing in your community. Keep up the great work and best of luck with receiving our delegation later this week!

Oh my God,
I must be dreaming.
I love what you are doing and i will like to be as much a part of it as possible.
You have already helped me so much with your teachings.
I can't thank you enough.
A big THANK YOU to you @brandonfrye.

Hello, my being on steemit is a new thing for me too. Everything here is just so full of hope and you @brandonfrye is a breathe of hope. Thank you for doing all you do.

I appreciate that, @cathydear. And welcome to Steemit!! :)

Looking forward to seeing you in frame. You have a great way on screen. I could see you gathering an even bigger following on here.

I returned my Yeti. I couldn't get it to stop sounding tinny. I ended up using my iphone too but in a sound box and then I played with the sound on imovie.

Thanks @prydefoltz, I really appreciate that! And you’re probably right that this will only help to grow my channel and reach. I personally am a big geek at heart and love trying new technology once I get over the learning hump lol.

And that’s interesting to hear about your yeti experience. I’m hoping this mic will do but I also have some lapel mics for backup. I have a ton of stuff coming today from amazon. Gonna be like Christmas!! 😁📪

Only tropical and warm. Can't wait to see the results:)

Good for you sounds like an investment in yourself. That is never a bad thing. Hopefully all your equipment is what you hope and expect.

Thank you soo much. It really is. I think I'm going to be really happy with this setup though. Can't wait to test it all out later this week!!

Been considering making some of the same upgrade eventually. Look forward to hearing how it goes for you over time.

Better technology has been the key to human advancement. I hope I have learned from you not to be afraid to try new technologies and techniques.

Found you on youtube, following on steemit now. I see that you have made alot of progress in less time. This clearly tells that you are doing something different than me. I am following your tips now i.e. youtube videos.