Home Studio Complete! Plus, Some MinnowFund Updates!!

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Ready for a Little Green Screen Magic?

It's really amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. As I mentioned in my last video I was finally putting together a home studio. This means a brand new mic, desk, webcam, recording software, and even a green screen. To my amazement the whole process of setting this up was, not only cheap, but easy to do. See today's video to learn all about my setup and my review of each piece of equipment.

MinnowFund Updates

I'm happy to announce that @minnowfund will now be making an even bigger impact moving forward. Instead of offering 50 SP delegation, we'll be delegating 100 SP every single week to a new Steemit user. I share my plans for MinnowFund (and what I hope to accomplish in the near future) in today's video. Learn more about @minnowfund here.

Important Note: Unfortunately we had a candidate for this week's @minnowfund delegation who was disqualified. Therefore, we ask that each of you go and make sure that you have voted for one of the two remaining candidates. Submit Your Vote Here.


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Wow such a cool studio setup Brandon! I'm new to Steemit and you were actually one of the first users I found on here while looking up helpful info to understand how all this works. I'm familiar with Cryptocurrencies and am coming from a fairly large and still growing Instagram following I built over some time the hard way, through working on quality content and engagement with my followers. Although as of late I've been really unhappy with insta and their mega control mechanisms... I can't tell you how excited and refreshed I was to find this platform and just wanna say thank you so much for all the helpful video's/post's you've put together for the community!!! You have a gained a follower here and I'm addicted to your content :D Going down you Steemit playlist on the tube 1 by 1! Much Love, Namaste 🙏💗

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

Wow so cool!! Thanks, @brandonfrye!!! I am checking out @minnowfund now, super cool concept and I'm sure will be helpful for the community :D

Hi @elfeatheryoga, I'm so glad that you found me and Steemit! After I saw that you were into yoga I decided to checkout your page and I have to say you have some great video talent. as well as excellent shapeshifting skills. My girlfriend (@k10yoga) is a RYT500 and Yoga Teacher Trainer in Arizona and North Carolina, but like you, we also travel quite a bit. I would've (probably) never gone to a yoga class if it wasn't for her but I can say that I'm glad that yoga is a part of my life... on and off the mat.

Anyways, I'm really glad you stopped by and shared your story and passion with us. This is an incredible platform and it's awesome to see more people like yourself coming here to share content. If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask. Glad to help any way that I can!

Thanks so much @brandonfrye! I have some help from my partner/husband on the video/photography front who thankfully is pretty skilled in that area 😉. I do however do all of my own edits and have really enjoyed my progress in learning some new tools/skills on that front during this yoga/sharing journey.

Thanks for sharing @k10yoga! I'm on her page now and am getting inspired! Will be following along with her as well. What a wonderful synchronicity that your partner is an RYT as well! So cool :)

I can totally relate to your experience with your partner sharing Yoga. My husband often says he would of probably never gotten on that mat if it wasn't for my persistence in the practice. He like you is very grateful to have it as a part of his life today. I wasn't until we found Ashtanga that he really started to dive in.

Anyways, I'm glad we were able to connect on this awesoem platform! Thanks for your support and I will stay in touch/let you know if I have any questions!

Urgh and it looks like the guy I voted for too....

Anyways, huge news for MinnowFund and an awesome update! 100 SP is a great reward! Hope people use that and put it to work for them if they win.

BTW great studio set up man....The mic sounds great too..Never go wrong with a BLUE mic.

But that screen cap glitch.....No idea man. Sorry dude.

Thanks Jon, and I was hoping you would be like, "Oh yeah Brandon, that glitch is something we all face. See the way you fix it is.... " LOL

No worries, I notice that it only appears when I'm looking at the OBS interface. If I'm scrolling around on screen then it doesn't appear. I have a lot to learn and play with. I'm sure I'll get it sorted out. I also need to figure out how to get a live stream going. I think I have that pretty much figured out but when OBS asks for the optional "Use Authentication" what do we put there? Or do we even use that?

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 5.24.39 PM.png

We might be able to just bypass that but I wasn't sure. Anyways, I look forward to doing my first stream!

Only time I ever use authentication is when I'm streaming live using OBS and Dlive for example. Never used that for just 'pressing record'. If you start a live stream on @dlive they give step by step instructions and I would recommend using their Dlive servers when you go live instead of the Wowsa legacy servers they used first. Easier to set up and get going live once you input the info.

Okay gotcha. I'll be giving that a try in the next few days. Thanks man!

For sure. Sorry I couldn't be more help. As much as I use OBS I'm still a noob LOL


I checked my steem.chat but you have not sent any questions. You just said you wanted to talk. I'm there on steem.chat so let me know what questions you have or what you would like to discuss.

Great Studio!! Dude!!

Thanks @viterbo, appreciate it!!

Nice set up it looks good. I also left you message on your video. Thanks for helping us who are new here on Steemit figure this all out. You helped me tremendously. Thanks again.

Hey @mentalmetal314, that's great to hear man! I appreciate the support and I'll continue to try and produce helpful content for everyone here on the platform. Steem on!!

Cheaters, cheaters. Unbelievable. I will go and check and make sure I did not pick the charlatan. The new set up looks great. Love the Buddha in the corner ... says the girl:)

Lol, can't miss the buddha! It keeps me grounded during my recording process ☺️. My girlfriend hasn't seen what I've done to her yoga room yet... can't wait to get her reaction lol. Good thing is this stuff can all be moved around pretty easily.

Haha ... may I suggest a little buttering-up first. Mind you; she can use the green screen too:)

Looks awesome. Someday i will upgrade.

Thanks @umphreymcgee! I put this off for a pretty good while before deciding to take the leap. Now I can see that it was much easier than I had imagined. When you do decide to upgrade, there are a TON of videos out there to help you get setup. I can also help if you have any questions.

Hi Brandon, congrats on the new studio. Speaking of Minnow support, I had an idea to change Steemit to give minnows better curation rewards. If you get a minute would you mind taking a look at it? Thanks. https://steemit.com/steemideas/@giddyupngo/if-i-could-change-one-thing-about-steem-better-curation-rewards-for-plankton

Livestream would be great to see! Maybe a type of Steemit workshop for beginners or the such. Look forward to more content!

Great to see your little studio set up! Nice job! :) Yes 3 point lighting will help out. Key, Fill, and Back light (Rim or Hair light). And that was a surprise to see that I won yesterday's drawing! :) By the way Arizona is awesome! haha

The green screen is awesome! Good work.