Curie Author Showcase (May 8th, 2018)

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When I began compiling today's Author Showcase I didn't intend to have two Open Mic posts and two food posts. After some non-responses to my invites, that is how it wound up though. So tonight we will take you on a great night out on the town. We will begin with some music, follow it with a great dinner, head off for a hot-air balloon excursion that will take you to our next concert venue, some dessert, and then wrap up the night with some micro-theater. So strap in for a fun-filled adventure.

Featured Author: @breakoutthecrazy
Steemit OpenMic Week 83
Break Out The Crazy - Pause Rewind (Original Song)

Image used with the permissions of @breakoutthecrazy

Our first stop for the night, a great headlining musical act @breakoutthecrazy.

Some of you will remember Chris & Katya from a few weeks ago when they were first featured here in the Author Showcase. Since then they have solidified @breakoutthecrazy 's place atop the Open Mic weekly rankings. They have won both first and second place prizes in the competition since their first appearance.

This time around they bring us this catchy little tune, Pause Rewind which will also the title of their next EP due out soon.

Thank you very much! We are honored to have @curie show us love once again. It is a very pleasant surprise! We are excited to share this song since it will be the title track of our upcoming EP release. We will continue to share our original songs especially now that they continue to be received so warmly! - Chris & Katya - Break Out The Crazy

Featured Author: @straightupeats
Japan's BEST BURGERS - Osaka J.S. Burger Cafe

Image used with the permissions of @straightupeats

Next up we head over to J.S. Burger Cafe in Osaka, Japan to try out a couple unique local versions of a classic burger.

On his trip to J.S. Burger Cafe, Ken tries out the exclusive Westside Dip Burger and the Sukiyaki Bacon Cheeseburger. In his videos Ken will take you all over Japan to try out some of the local cuisine, and much more. I loved watching his reactions to the Sukiyaki Burger, they were priceless, and made me really want to try this burger.

The production vale of not only the video, but the photos and post itself are above and beyond most here on the blockchain. This show could easily be featured on TV or in its own official web series somewhere. Stay tuned to @straightupeats blog page for more great excursions around Japan.

Japan really does step up the burger game in a lot of ways. Part of the reason why I love living here! The furniture portion of the store didn't have much and was super tiny, to be honest. The standout was definitely the Frenchie speaker though. That thing was massive, about 3 feet tall! - @straightupeats

Featured Author: @jessbear
Exploring the Incredible Capadoccia;
Hot Air Balloons, Hiking, and Church Ruins!!

Image used with the permissions of @jessbear

After dinner we head out to a gem of central Turkey - Capadoccia home to sunrise hot-air balloon rides and some extremely unique rock formations. Many of the rock formations were born from volcanic eruptions. They have since been hollowed out in areas to create things like housing, and churches.

Even after seeing so many photos of Capadoccia, arriving here left me with my mouth hanging wide open! It's stunning and the landscape is just unique, even in the evenings, when many caves in town are lit up from the inside and it's just out of this world! - @jessbear

Some of the views that @jessbear manages to capture while visiting Capadoccia are simply breathtaking while others are just so unique due to the rock formations. Follow @jessbear to see where they will be traveling to next. Will it be Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, or somewhere even more exotic?

Featured Author: @yidneth
An original song about the contradictions of love + Photo shoot

Image used with the permissions of @yidneth

Breaking News: I just learned while writing this Author Showcase that @yidneth has actually taken first place in this week's Open Mic! Help us in wishing her a big congratulations. Also, our previous Open Mic from @breakoutthecrazy took second place this week, congratulations to them as well.

Priscilla Hernandez (aka. yidneth) Ethereal fantasy composer, singer-songwriter and fantasy illustrator from Spain. Half way spectral and fantasy my work is inspired by my early love for fairy and ghost tales, fantasy and my experiences with sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. I weave my magic in the realms of twilight. Official site:

For those of you who do not already know @yidneth let me tell you she is a most amazingly and talented woman. She excels in music, as well as her photography, and art. To make it easier to express how incredible she is allowe me to share a post that she calls one of her favorites, and I am certain many of her fans/followers would agree - Music Video and Making-of "In the Mist" with my animated illustrations: Original Music, behind the scenes, from art to video

Since I was a little girl I loved reading fantasy literature and illustrated fairy and ghost tales, so I went on creating fantasy "stories" as metaphors of my own feelings. Sometimes I would write a story or a poem, then draw to illustrate them, eventually music and songs as a "soundtrack" to an imaginary movie. I loved these things as a child and my adult self remained faithful to it. I like to think I became a "storyteller" and as a grown up I have the excuse that I'm conveying it all into my art.

If you'd like to purchase some of @yidneth's music or art be sure to check out her personal site listed above for more details.

Featured Author: @mrchef111
Triple Berry Pie

Image used with the permissions of @mrchef111

We now move onto our dessert course for the night, some Triple Berry Pie from @mrchef111(Matt) and his friend Kelly.

Hi I am Matt, Foodie, At-Home-Chef, YouTuber, and Video Producer, loving Steemit, hopefully my posts will inspire you to cook and bake more!

I like many of you, got my first taste for cooking when I was a kid. I have many fond memories cooking and baking with my mom. When I got older she would take the cinnamon raisin bread I would make and sell the loaves at her work, earning me some extra money during Christmas time. Thanks mom.

Matt just posted the recipe for his mom's Cinnamon Raisin Bread tonight, you can check it out here - Cinnamon Raisin Bread

They go through step by step and show us all how to make some delicious looking Triple Berry Pie with strawberries, blueberries, and either blackberries or raspberries with a lattice crust top. Somehow they do it all sitting down. I honestly don't think I could do any of those steps while sitting down.

Matt doesn't just produce his own great cooking show either, he recently became a published author. His book, "101 Creative Dates: ideas, tips, and personal experience from the life of a hopeless romantic" by Matt Taylor came out in February and is available on Amazon. He is currently posting each of his creative ideas on his blog page. You check out Creative Date Idea #11 here.

Featured Author: @lazarus-wist
'The Trolley Problem' - a Micro-Play - Freewrite #8

Image used with the permissions of @lazarus-wist

We now cap off our night out on the town with a stop at a theater for a micro-play titled, The Trolley Problem.

I personally do not know a lot about micro theater per se. For me I equivocate it to one of those great old radio shows or an anthology type television series. I could definitely see the micro play as an episode of The Twilight Zone. It has all the elements of one of those great half hour TV shows.

So that’s it? Where’s the choice in that? It’s simple math.

I will leave this great story for you to discover on your own, but I will ask you - Which would you choose? Is there a correct choice?

I started writing these 'one scene' plays after getting the chance to produce for my friend's independent theatre company back in 2014. On a minuscule budget, and with limited space to perform in, the challenge was always to pack as much power and significance as we could into just a few pages of dialogue. I feel these experiences ultimately shaped my writing for the better, whether it be poetry, short fiction, or performable scripts. I'm thrilled that they have all finally found a home here on Steemit! - @lazarus-wist

Be sure to go check out @lazarus-wist page for more great fiction and poetry.

We have decided to add one #mycuriestory post to each Author Showcase.

Featured #mycuriestory Author: @agmoore
My Curie Story: Thank You @curie

This week's #mycuriestory comes to us from @agmoore who talks about two Curie Curators (one was a Prospective Curator at the time) coming together to make a bit of difference in her life here on the blockchain.

Thanks for sharing your story @agmoore.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @randomwanderings (Gene) with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. Author permission was sought and obtained from all authors featured in this showcase. All works are the copyright of their respective authors and used with permission.

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Thank you so much for the honour :) I'm in the middle of writing My curie story as well :) . Thanks very much for the encouragement @curie has provided, every time in perfect time to boost my spirits and engage me more. I will try to keep improving. Thanks also for the mention on my art... as I'm torn between illustration, music, writing and photography and "fantasy" is the gathering thread but I don't love any thing over the others... Fantasy is my consistency if there is such a thing... So what else can I say except that I'm humbled and grateful? Thanks.
Also congratulations to all the featured artists and writers in this author showcase.
Best wishes!

I also want to say thanks to open mic contest... It is so encouraging, I've participated twice and both times have made it... among so much talent I'm just so humbled. The previous song I won it with did not have this feedback and I guess in part it is thanks to curie, thanks


Congratulations once again @yidneth for winning Steemit Open Mic Week 84 and for being featured on the Curie Author Showcase! It's so exciting to see you doing well on Steemit and look forward to hearing more from you soon.


Once more grateful of the welcome. Actually Gene picked the post before we knew I would win, so it is a case of dual synergy and encouragement. I just posted a song with full production some posts ago. I would love your opinion. Still best reward of open mic is to make me feel enough playing solo on a humbler set. Maybe I am finding myself as an acoustic act through open mic and dlive concerts. And it is something I needed. I will confess I had not done my reading properly and first time I participated I was not even aware of the rewards. And it did take me by surprise. Was just giving ago to participate as I had engaged with so many friends there. I will not deny welcome be, hope my third album become real is a possible dream and it will help.
I will continue to join when time allows, and always sweet to be wrapped by so many dreamers.


You truly are amazingly talented in so many ways I wouldn't have felt right if I left any of those talents out! Love being able to shine a light on your music though. Happy to see you win the Open Mic too, so well-deserved.


Thank you so much. Blush. Deeply honoured. Fot me, music, art, writing and photography are just tools for the same thing, storytelling. And when it reaches out and touch someone's heart or you feel your message is understood it is such a thrill. Thank you.
About open mic I cannot be more grateful too. I have only participated twice and have won twice (week 78 and 83). So now I am almost scared what to do next lol. There is so much talent, raw, polished, newbies, veterans... It is a humbling experience and for me the encouragement I needed, as I have felt so small since moving and not having a band to wrap me. But this recognition with such simple set up is like like you, on your own is a also enough 💚 And I am encouraged deeply. Besides all I make here will fund my 3rd album. My life in the real does not allow me to invest in music at the moment so I think of this as a way to crowdfund.
Thanks so much all.

Many thanks @curie for featuring my work. Such an honour to be showcased alongside so many talented Steemians - delicious looking recipes, and both @yidneth and @breakoutthecrazy's songs were stunning!


Thank you very much 🐀💚🎵


Great to have you included, very well-deserved. Loved the story and look forward to more.

So very awesome! Thank you so much for featuring me! It means a lot! :)


You're very welcome Matt! It was great talking to you as well. Look forward to more "Recipes While Sitting Down"! Sorry, I still don't know how you did it sitting down. I have a hard time making a sandwich if I am not standing at the counter.


LOL I laughed so hard when I read that. lol also in the video, even Kelly was having a hard time. lol someone made a post on my channel awhile go that said, "Who cooks sitting down??" lol. Honestly the reason is very simple, my kitchen is small and ugly, so I don't like to use it, my little dining room area is better for the camera work, and I can't stand because my table is too short, and my light fixture would be in the Some day I will buy a new house with an amazing kitchen and I won't be sitting down. I also did get a nice compliment from a disabled person, that thanked me so much for showing that cooking and baking can be done while sitting. So that made me feel pretty good. haha

What should I do with my own posts to get curation from @curie


Write quality & long detailed posts like those they feature. :) Always cite your sources too like photos or words/phrases/paragraphs etc. Create original content on Steemit and network/interact genuinely with people.

Congrats for being show cased to all!


I really like these posts. If something shows up here I know it's good content which can be hard to find sometimes.

I really like the posts featured because @curie feaures only the best.

I must commend you guys for the work you do. I understand this as a writer hence I can imagine the time taken to read through.


great post.

I don't see mine but no matter. I'm sorry if I missed some message or invitation but I didn't see anyone :-). I love you, I thank you. I and love the work of the other selected artists. Respect and thanks.

hy Curie, how are you, see my account yes..

@yidneth is really talented and a good writer. Curie always knows the best


Thank you very much for the compliment


You welcome.

I will soon also write #mycuriestory. Curie has always been a special project for me. I have been at Steemit for almost 2 years and I am very grateful for all the support received by this project. Thank you guys!

I'm ready to follow the @curie command for the upcoming contes

Afs, so good, I'm so jealous. But, I really like these posts.

Hi, @curie... So much great posts. Congrats, because your work and this project are really good and very supportive!

Please, consider to visit my blog. I'm trying to do my best every single day around here.

Thanks (in advance). See ya! ;)

@curie @randomwanderings Thanks so much for including me in this week's Author Showcase! It was such a huge surprise to get the message from you and I was completely blown away and humbled that you all enjoyed my video! Thanks to you, the spark in my belly has been stoked to a blaze and I can't wait to put out more content for you all! Looking forward to doing all I can to make this platform THE best place for great, original content! Thanks again!


Glad we worked it out to get you in while playing "comment tag" lol. It was such a well produced and entertaining video. Look forward to seeing where you head next.

Regards dear Curie! Happy to find something relied to my World...Hope to stay in touch and support each other. You can find out my blogs with the campaign of my Tribe and if you want feel free to sustain it. Thanks. Hope you'll enjoy my music. Regards.

This is great stuff! As a new but enthusiastic Steemit user i will do my best to get noticed.

Will check out the suggested authors right away!
Have a great day everyone!

Hi @curie, I'm a newcomer in steemit, I want to ask, "how does the content characters get upvote and get back from you?"
Thanks for the information.
I have followed you and selected you as a witness.
Thank you very much

Hi sir @curie I just followed you please follow me back too thanks!