UbeX - Worth investing OR not and also claim the free airdrop

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Hello steemains ,

Today i am going to tell you about an ICO i.e.,UbeX. UbeX Advertising Exchange is a global decentralized advertising exchange .
Ubex solves the problem of the industry through the use of neural networks and blockchain technology.Instead of annoying ads we now only receive information that is relevant useful and timely.


How it works

Within the split seconds of the user access into the publishers website "Neural networks" collects maximum information about both the website and the user ,analyse their current interest and need ,gather a list of ads that would appeal the user to be most than it alternatively select the one which is best for user.


Based on the strategy of maximizing the results users now much more equally respond to the ads which leads to increase the number of purchases not only for the users of the internet but also for the advertiser and publisher.


Advertiser do not longer have to spend money on hiring marketing experts and on the different ad channels which proves to be ineffective. Neural networks automatically read the best and select the most optimum distribution of ad content among suitable website . Hence publishers do not worry about filling ad slots for low ad returns this will be overcome by the artificial intelligence every slot will be filled by the relevant ads content at any given moment and time this result in higher earnings for publishers..


Ubex operates in a distributed decentralized environment based on blockchain technology this creates a transparency of operations for all participant . Blockchain store all the necessary Important data for artificial intelligence learning as well as information on the publisher site ads content offer history of the participation and his reputation .


As the participant reputation grows their earning also grows . Advertiser with good reputation will have their ads display more often and on more chance plus their is trusted to use the performance based compensation and only pay for example for actual request .


If a publisher has good reputation their ad slot will be filled with much more profitable ads .On the top of that they will be able to product-able tokenize on our website by receiving the ubex token in advance for few ones . smart contacts and ubex internal tokens will keep the middle man and their fee out of the equation ultimately advertisers reduce expanses associated with selling goods and services and as a result gain an opportunity to lower their prices.


Ubex ecosystem ad will be relevant for user and effective for advertiser and profitable for publishers.


SO according to this this project seems to save a lot of money of the advertiser and help the publisher to earn more in the same way users will not have to waste their time in searching because they will find the appropriate content in any time.
FOR me its worth INVESTING but You must do your own research before investing in this project

Free airdrop of UbeX

To get 500 UBEX you need to Register yourself with them and subscribe yourself to their subscription and join their Telegram group:

  1. First register on their program.
    Register yourself---
    Fill your email and set your password there and HIT register.

  2. Login your account "Their you will find the option {GET TOKENS}" click on that than an airdrop form will open up.

  3. After that join their Telegram bot

  4. Their you will get a code ,enter that code in the airdrop form and fill you facebook profile link and twitter profile link their



Go to the website and their you will see big banner of 2000 free UbeX tokens


Just fill your email their and claim them too..



Must tell in comment section what you think about this ICO


Nice ico, I up voted u hope do same

Thanks for visiting my blog
keep visiting

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I think great project
If team works good in this project then it will huge demand in public

we are mgsc community

Yeah bro
According to me the progress of an ICO only based on the hardwork that they do to promote it to the big players and big exchanges.
Keep visiting and steeming

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@zayushz I'm not saying you're wrong. Maybe, You are talking about a great thing. We are seeing a lot of ICOs nowadays. But most of us don't know, Which one should believe? Everyone bringing with a good offer.........
what do you say?

Great project.

Thank you for sharing the information. I will try quickly. Keep going friend.

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