Join the Peaceful Revolution: A Massive, Global Transfer of Wealth

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Can you feel it? Are you participating in the massive transfer of wealth going on right now? I'm surprised by it every day, even though I've been talking about it since the beginning of 2013.

Centralized currencies controlled by violent, immoral authoritarians can't survive against open-source, decentralized, cryptographically-secure ledgers with provable and auditable characteristics. Programmable money leads to distributed, autonomous corporations where every participant is a customer, employee, and owner. The potential for human well-being exponentially increases. Automation, general artificial intelligence, gene editing, and so much more change how we value "work."

Cryptocurrency changes how we value "stores of value."

Blockchains and directed acyclic graph technology bring about non-violent, global consensus. Cooperation through networks instead of powerfully-controlled hierarchies give everyone equal access to participate, contribute, and prosper.

Money flows from the banksters, international crooks, and violent thieves to the technologists, early-adopters, and visionaries who imagine a better world and put in the work to create it.

The powerful, peaceful revolution has begun.

I hope you join us.

Learn some stuff with or this great introduction to cryptocurrencies by Kevin Wong.

Have your own answer for when to buy bitcoin. Come up with your own bitcoin pizza challenge answer.

Create a BitShares wallet: and learn about it:

Learn about other interesting projects like SmartCash:

Find a project you love and write about it. Help us all learn with you.

And, of course, learn about STEEM which makes this whole platform possible:

Education often requires direct participation and emotional engagement. Until you know what it feels like to get margin called or waste 100 bitcoin on a bitcoin miner you melt or get scammed out of your air-dropped Ripple or any number of other silly (and amazing) things I've been able to do in this space, you may not fully understand. My encouragement to you is to get out there and try some things. Start with small risks, learn, and do some research.

Tell us about your journey. Your unique story will help educate us all and give us new paths for exploration.

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, business owner, programmer, STEEM witness, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Visit

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Ohh oh yesssss! I can feel it :)

I can even smell it 🤩🐒😉

Exactly !

Mad skillz.

the meek are taking back the money... FOR ALL !! peace

I mean with BTC prices skyrocketing I think it makes more sense to try cloud mining because of higher returns. 10% OFF voucher: 7487B9DC-10OFF

Trixy Hobbitses! Sneakiest spam I've seen. Even relates to the post...

Not even gonna say more.

This means “spammmming” not nice at all!

Hello @lukestokes

This is succinct!

The potential for human well-being exponentially increases.

Even as little as I am in terms of wallet balance and general ranking of this program, my life has not been this better in the recent time.

More importantly, I found the titles of all other articles you linked here very appealing to read. And I am going to really copy this link and make out time to really go through all of its contain links.

@eurogee for @euronation

I hope you not only find them useful, but they lead you on your own journey which you can then share back with the rest of us.

I feel you. It feels good to have hope for a decentralized future

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies.

Sign me up, man, I'm so joining @lukestokes!
The revolution is surely in progress, and would take over for sure in just a short while, everyone has realised or is realising the evils of centralization and the good sides of decentralized currencies are becoming clearer and clearer. Even some members of the authorities are getting pissed off with the old ways and keying into the future.

What could be better than this:

every participant is
a customer, employee, and owner


I got that from the great talk I linked to by Brock Pierce. I've been talking about DAO and DAC's since 2013, but he clarified it so well in that talk around minute 20. So good.

Great post

So much information I'll have to come back to this because I still have some things I need to learn to do in the crypto world

Ultimately I'm immensely happy to be a part of the replacement for the shit system we have right now. I'm glad to be supporting the future and not the past.


I am so glad to be a part of this peaceful revolution!

Keep spreading the word Luke. Good to have "met" you here on Steemit back in June. Hope to meet you in person someday.

Thanks Matthew! There are very many amazing, incredible people here, and I'm thankful daily for how much I enjoy building relationships in this environment. If you're ever heading through Nashville, let's grab a bite to eat.

Would love to! I don't expect to be in your area of the country anytime soon... but thank you. I appreciate the invitation.

I love you @lukestokes! this is great! We finally have a chance to level the playing field, and it's such a blessing for all of us to be a part of it! Steem On!

I love you too, man! :)

I agree, it's amazing time to be alive and be aware of what's happening.

I am new to all this but oh so excited and I can not stop reading, reading and reading more blogs and ideas. I do not know how I found your post but something drew me towards it and I am so glad ....I love your post and the way you write @lukestokes. I vote for you..

Thank you! I really hope you find these posts useful to you.

Now this is the real news!

Thanks man. :)

I have rarely read a piece of writing, anywhere, that has delivered such optimism.

Were I a devout follower of Warren Buffet, I'd sell every scrap of crypto I could get my hands on LOL.

I happen to think you're absolutely correct, and that, in this case, the optimism isn't irrational exuberance. Unlike the equities markets, the rise in value of the cryptocurrencies is based on potential that isn't being raped by Fedophiles.

Fiat currencies are doomed. Particularly the dollar. Inflation is theft, and BTC, like metals (were they unmanipulated in price) retain their full value - except as intended to inflate for growth purposes (like Steem).

The myriad savings in time (which is not only money, but life itself), and treasure potential to cryptocurrencies is enormously valuable, at multiples that make equities look like buying fake portraits by old masters.

There are Muni's being sold now at 2% for one hundred years. Fiat based markets are simply uncompetitive.


Thanks so much for your encouragement. I know I can be considered overly optimistic or idealistic by some, but I try to stay real as well. If I have rational reasons for my perspectives, then maybe I'm just peaking into the future a little sooner than others. I hope for a great future.

Yes its happening ,,,,,,and bye bye to the PTB

I'm ready for lift-off, Luke!

I love that we are seeing this hit mainstream public consciousness finally. I enjoy seeing people's face light up when they take the time to listen and understand how these networks operate and will radically change society over the coming years. I'm glad you've been so involved Luke and I hope to keep learning from your experience in the space as I've not been nearly as involved the past couple years.

Thanks Alex! Nice to see you commenting here. :)

@lukestokes its great to read posts like yours. In this case I found what I was looking for a long time. A series of posts about Bitshares that would explain a lot of experience. Just what you have done.

We are living the crypto revolution, and as @stan mentioned and you just pointed out again, the biggest transfer of wealth is taking place.

Thanks for sharing this very important important information to the steemit community. I am sure minnows, new members, visitors to the platform will learn a lot about Bitshares, which is the great decentralized exchange. I will take the needed time to read each of the posts.

By the way, I just upvoted you as a witness. I do not know why it does not appear on . Does it take some time? I went to the link you provided above, and upvoted, however, not sure if I did it correct.

Upvoted and Resteemed!

Regards, @gold84

actually it's NOT transfer.
it's new wealth being created and we're all getting some
there's no way that we can't.

That was my first thought too.

However, as, and if, crypto continues to grow and replace the fiat system, wealth transfer will become more a feature, as crypto is used to purchase goods, the value of fiat will decrease.

While not being directly transferred to crypto, the value it stores will be indirectly transferred to crypto, as goods are denominated and preferentially bought and sold with it.

So there is some indirect transfer ongoing, in addition to new wealth being created, and as the crypto market grows, this indirect transfer will grow as well.

Thank you so much for your witness vote, but you're right, I don't see it either. You have to use your active key. You vote here: and if it's done correctly, you should see it here:

Thanks for spreading the word!

Cryptos are the ultimate freedom, the financial freedom.

Let's just say this will be the best Xmas in my life so far

@dandesign86 incredible and crazy times for crypto are going on, and will be even more crazy on 2018 I believe.

Regards, @gold84

I think you are right on the money !

@dandesign86 Sorry, I did not get your point. Could you explain it a bit more?

I just mean I agree with you. But the saying I used is a bit funny that's all. Sorry if it was confusing

I don't think I've ever seen that phrase misunderstood. Funny how many assumptions we naturally make with language. :)

That may actually be the most appropriate use of that phrase I've witnessed =)


Haha thanks :)

I think you're right. It's not a bull market, it's a wealth transfer; Bitcoin isn't a bubble about to burst, it's the pin that does the bursting.

You the man Luke!

I love hearing that pin analogy more and more. :)


Some great resources there, thanks Luke! One to refer back to and pass on to interested parties ;)


I totally agree to all you said in your current post and I am goimg to follow on them. Bitshare wallet? I have to register on Bitshare at once by your refferal. Thank you very much for your positive ideas my friend, @lukestokes.

Regards from Indonesia.

Really great resources here, good job!

I ineresno to read such information from you friends,we look forward with pleasure every hour)))

Hey Luke, do you remember that a few weeks ago I have asked you about ADA, after it had a growth of 160%? Now it has another growth of 140%. Should I consider buying?

Sounds to me like you have considered buying, and while you were considering the price has gone up 300%.

What do you think about that?

I don't know, I feel scared :))

If emotions are regulating your investment decisions, I recommend you not proceed. Investments are by definition calculated risks, not something you should do because you feel an emotion.

Give investing a lot of thought, and consider why you are interested in it. Unless you decide that you can plunk down your hard-earned money for good reasons, not because you're afraid of missing the boat, or of losing money, then it's probably wise to listen to your gut, and invest elsewhere, or spend your money on something else, that makes actual sense.

I'm not trying to tell you to invest in a given vehicle or not (I don't even know what ADA is. The American Dental Association?), rather I'm suggesting you know why you do invest in anything, and that includes particularly knowing yourself, and why you want to invest at all.

I hope that, whatever you do, you achieve your goals with great success!

Thank you so much! I have researched about it and written a short article about it and I know it has chances to become one of the most used coins, but I am not sure what is it going to do on the short time. Again, I am happy you gave me your thoughts, I felt the need to share with somebody who can understand what I am feeling and who can give a valid opinion. Wish you the best!

I have been alive 57 years. I am sure nothing like the crypto revolution has happened before in those past 57 years, and I have a feeling nothing like it will happen again in the next 57 years.

We are indeed living in unique times ... Carpe Diem

Unless Transhumanism comes around. That'll be pretty disruptive as well. :)

Yeah, I'd kinda like skin that was immune to tasers, microwaves, ticks, and insults =p A bit thicker hide might help.

Dunno if I'll see it, but ain't sure I want to either.

It will be disruptive, that's for sure.

this is revolution to the powers that be of which their only aim is to control and enslave us and continuously ripping us off of our hard earned money.

Well said.

One thing bothers me, suppose everyone gets to have access to crypto currency and manages to make a good income off of it, who will do the every day work that is needed to keep everyone alive you know, farming, retail sales, truckers well everyone who makes the economy work. Will we have to wait for AI to do this?

We are socias beings and want to work AND to have fun. If we wouldn't have to struggle so hartd to survive (most of us) I think we should turn to a more simple, more natural way of life. We could enjoy helpng each other, gardening, making musik, being creative...

Truckers: automated via AI and robotics.
Farming: same thing with vertical hydroponic farms.
Retail Sales: Is that still a thing? If so... why? We'll buy more things via augmented reality and virtual reality, probably delivered right to our doorstep via drones. Turn those waste-of-space malls and retail centers into parks for kids or solar panel energy stations or something better than alters to consumerism.

"...makes the economy work"

Much of the economy, I think, is completely wasteful. People go to work for 8 hours a day but don't actually do much productive work. This move to actual stores of value that work will accelerate the adoption of AI and robotics because the people will have enough money to pay for the advancements in science and technology research to make it happen.

Ready to venture into the unknown. It definitely opens the door to a new world of fresh opportunities. Full of ambiguities but exciting!

Enjoy the journey and let us know what you discover!

Another great post to add to my arsenal of crypto-currency bookmarks. Thanks!

upvoted by @edward.maesen

I hope you prosper greatly from the knowledge you gain from it. :)

I hope so too :)

I love the optimism here. I truly hope this is enduring and not quickly gamed by the power hungry.

Everything will be gamed.


The key is staying educated and one step ahead to continue to build and promote tools for freedom.

Hi . i am new to this concept but i like the staying one step ahead. Could you give me links to the other articles so that i can understand it better

This is more informative and educative content about Cryptocurrency.I have learned more and more from your this content.I am waiting for your next content.Thanks for sharing my dear friend @lukestokes

You are very welcome! I hope you benefit greatly from it.

Thanks for your great wishes to me.

Absolutely! The power of decentralisation.

wowzers. inspiring post. good morning motivation. and PLENTY to learn. thanks man :D

Interesting! Do you think its too late for people to buy bitcoin now? The prices are soaring high and there's no sign of going down.

Resteemed and Upvoted! Thank you

Great bro i just love you @lukestokes this is great We finally have a chance to level the playing field, and it's such a blessing for all of us to be a part of it keep steeming.

O man..I can feel. and it is the latest news. I like it.

Very nice @lukestokes ...upvoted...blessing as always

Nice post @lukestokes !
I came across another type of crypto currency last week. Wrote a short article about it last night. It's cloud based instead of blockchain. Very interesting setup. Called cloudcoin. Article here:

This seems shady to me. No blockchain? Sounds like you just have to trust their promises. I'm not too interested in that.

I see what you mean, and still I like how they set this up. Trust is always an issue. Remember MtGox? Or the more recent hacks of exchanges? CloudCoin has 25 'nodes' controlled by 25 different people, with none of them having any power to change anything. They're clearly serious about building it out further. I like to give them the benefit of doubt and see how they'll address the issues they will face. Trust is one of them.

We all know that the banks we trusted in the past have betrayed everyone with their power of creating money out of nothing. That's why we see all these crypto currencies now. Let's see where it goes. This peaceful revolution has ever more ways. I think that's great. Let the cryptos compete! :-)

Change is in the air my friend and yes even though the masses are not on board yet the wave has been formed and it's on its way................

Money buys money, so I think while it's true that early adopters are being benefited but it's also true that those who own good value of money, still have greater advantage.

Yes, it does take money to make money, but I also think the gatekeepers to that process are being actively removed in terms of their ability to control things. With a decentralized, open-access, network approach, anyone who can provide value can be directly rewarded. That's powerful.

It is amazing to actually see this unfolding the way so many on this site have predicted for the last 1 1/2 years. This is like being the nerd in junior high and the world, years later realizing you were actually the coolest kid in the class. We Steemit nerds are coming into our own!

Hahah. Yes, well said. We Steemit nerds are going to be the cool kids eventually as more people figure out why DPOS is such a great system.

Wish got back in 2013, but happy that got in early this year and it was one hell of a ride. Many many mistakes,bad decisions, lessons learnt but all in all, it was all worth it.

Great blog to read sir thumbs up for this 👌👌👌👌 @lukestokes
Please if u dont mind have a look on my work on black and whilte photo contest

Great articles with great detail of blockchain revolution and education. I will join soon, I know that it will be much more reliable for us. Thanks for the share this post. Wish you best of luck everyone for future.

This post is very educational. This post received 77.5% of upvotes.

(Upvoting this comment will help street children of Manila, Philippines this Christmas season) Docu here:


I can feel it! I owe you a debt of gratitude for keeping me on the platform, and look forward to shaking you by the hand in person at the next steemfest! You are ahead of your time my friend. Keep up the great work! -Dan

Thanks Dan. I look forward to meeting you in person some day as well.

The way you think is really good. The advantages that cryptocurrency has are many.Its on our end to protect the ideas behind the cryptocurrencies and execute them the way its meant to be.We should really use what we have right now and hopefully make the world even a better place.

Much inspiration! I've just given you a witness vote. I think.
Unfortunately, my upvote doesn't appear to be much :-(

I appreciate any and all support. Thank you. :)

Amazing post.

Thank you, for this really inspiring post and all the links for further exploration. For me all of this is relatively new. Saw a post about steemit on fb by an artist colleague and even before I understood any of it, the whole thing felt so absolutely right, that I started my own steemit and crypro currency journey... its been incredible so far.

I like what you write about the peaceful revolution and the transfer of wealth. Actually I woke up early this morning with similar thoughts in my head and was so excited, that I got up 2 hours early!

At the same time I'm getting worried, that the "establishment" won't just go along. A friend of mine is convinced, "they" will control the major "intersections" of the internet and shut down crypto currencies. God forbid, someone starts a war to keep power and control...

There are many possible outcomes. Thankfully, those who are now the new "cryptocurrency rich" will have resources to fight back. Just yesterday I bought some Substratum as a possible solution for Net Neutrality concerns, as an example.

Of course nobody knows, what the future really holds, but I'm glad, that a lot of the younger generation have a great vision and a strong desire to make this world a better place. Hope you are right, with what you say about the resources to fight back...

This could all mean a change of human civilization on a level, never seen before. I just hope ( more for our kids than myself) that these changes will happen without disasters of equal proportion.

I like your positive attitude. Going to check Substratum now :-)

i must say that it has become more than a blessing to me. I have even forgotten about the fact that i am unemployed

I hope you find meaningful work soon.

i hope so too

So much great crypto infos... Thanks man...

Another really great post @lukestokes. I bought my first bitcoin 5 or 6 months ago, when nobody wanted to know. Now the exchanges are totally backed up on opening new accounts. Backlog is sometimes 4 weeks to approve a 24 hour DD passport and proof of address. I know people who missed gains of 100% so far and still waiting to be approved by the exchange.

Nicely done. Yeah, it's crazy how much interest there is right now, and we're just getting started.

It’s great to be a part of this peaceful revolution. Got to read more about smart cash. Thanks for that piece of info. 🐓🐓

These are insightful words, money is finally coming out of the vortex now.
For the first time in many centuries money is being directed at the more spiritually conscious. It is up the them to prove that they can spend it wisely, with presence and attention. We don't want to just change the accents of the rich, we want to create a world were money is not so unhealthily craved because we all trust that more will flow and we can concentrate on more energetic work: fully seeing each other behind the current identites of what our job is and hopefully being able to spend more time inside our quiet minds. Which is a place where violent destruction is almost impossible.
A world where 'career' is a less and less meaningful word every day, because we all know that the world is constantly changing and have come to peace with that.

All the best to you and all of us on this cryptojourney.

2 days ago Mike and I drew a line. Especially when found out that Facebook made almost 5 Billion just in Q3. With what? Other people's content, selling user data, providing a platform for paid propaganda.

We're working an a slow exit from Facebook and this is what I posted to my friends there:

As a content creator, I have lost almost all interest in Facebook. Mike and I have spent years uploading photos and videos, producing mountains of original content... and yet who benefits? Only Facebook. They've repaid all our effort by keeping all the profits. And recently, we can't even depend upon them to show updates to our followers. Instead, they keep bugging us to pay money to boost our posts.

It's the final straw. Why should we pay to show our content to the people who have chosen to follow us? So that Facebook can guarantee a bigger profit for its shareholders?!

That's why discovering the existence of social platforms based on the blockchain has been so exciting. The general idea is that all revenues go to both the people sharing content, and the people doing the sharing. It's actually social, and rewards the people who make the network grow, both actively and passively.

For now, I've signed up for two, which seem to be the main ones:


One of the best social apps I've used in a long time. It's a mix between Twitter, Instagram and Tinder. It's easy to use and you're prevented from oversharing by the concept of Activity Points, of which you only get a set amount per day. It makes you think twice before posting, commenting or liking.


A more established platform. The community is much more strict, so it's not easy to break through. But for starting a blog or start your own community it's a great and powerful platform.

Please check out our new social networking profiles! We haven't been this excited about social networking for years, and really believe this could be the wave of the future. If you have any kind of question, feel free to ask. Hope to see you there!


I've seen some people sign up which is wonderful but many will not and stand on it while the giant ship is slowly sinking.

So glad to be alive in this day and age! 🤘

So much useful information, thanks a lot! Resteemed your article. Follow you and vote for you.

you provide very useful and very important information and I will read all the information you share in your post, and you are very careful in taking a decision that can be helpful for all of us

That gigeh neuh

Aahahah. Bek karu2

I'm not sure what you both are saying and unfortunately google translate can't help me out. I hope it was something good. :)

So much great info in this post, have to make sure I read all the links!

So is crypto-currencies suppose to be the main subject of topic when posting on this platform?

Yes, I can feel abundance too!

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