The Deadpost Initiative - Week 31 - Finding payout and readers for expired posts (All fluid rewards go to participants)

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What is the Deadpost Intitiative?

The Deadpost Initiative is an attempt to give love to some posts that were overlooked during their short 7 day life span, a chance to bring your old posts back to life and maybe make some friends in the process. The goal is not only to share some love with SBD but also by engagement to generate discussion.

Last week

We’ve got lots of artistic submissions this week, painting, singing, sculpting, photography and writing, as well as some nice essays. The winners this week were predominately artistic in nature with one essay. The engagement was great again this week. I love weeks like this one where everyone reads each other’s posts!

Last Week's Winners


@liverussian - $2.5 SBD prize

@liverussian leave some us with words, pictures and sounds that inspire. She shares not only a Sweet lullaby from her culture but also a drawing to accompany it. This is really really nice.

Lullabies - invisible doors to the past


@patschwork - $2.5 SBD prize

@patschwork sculpts an interesting little creature. I always love to see the artistic process documented by friends t steemit and thins is no exception!



@cheekah - $1.5 SBD prize

Regret....and time travel! @cheekah gives us a short story which seems like more of an introduction to a long narrative. Exciting stuff.

Hope springs eternal


@artisticscreech - $1.5 SBD prize

This is a topic that says already produced some deadpost winners and one worth talking about. The media will give us one limited perspective when it comes to the “war on drugs” so it’s always nice to get a balanced perspective. This is one perspective unfairly ignored by many.

Drug War Stupidity: Drug Abuse or Word Abuse?


Week 31

dead posts

Share your best Deadpost in the comments!

The best posts will be rewarded with the fluid payout from this post (split between winners) and will be featured in a future post.


•Please only submit 1 post.
•Posts must have a payout of less than $5.
•Posts must be at least one month old.
•I recommend you don't enter the same post twice in the same month if you didn't win the first time.
•Vote for 1-3 post by others. Please share WHY you liked their posts. If you don't vote for someone else's post by commenting you will not be eligible to win.
•Winners will be chosen based on how original, creative, informative and well written their posts are, as well as how well received they are in the comments. I will use the quality of comments as the main factor in judging who wins.
•There will be a slight bias towards smaller accounts but large accounts are welcome to join and compete or join just for fun and to share their old work.
•There may also be prizes for stellar comments and engagement.
•There will be 2 or more winners depending on how big the payout for this post is and depending on how many quality posts are entered into the contest.

Please upvote generously on your favorite post in the comments below, we'd like to generate a sense much support as possible for all participants and the prize pool is still growing.

Upvote and resteem to help us raise our reward pool! And remember to comment and upvote on comments in this post please to show support for deadposts! :-)
The prize pool will be the fluid rewards from the post plus any donation to the initiative.
I'm still looking for more SP delegation to offer larger upvotes on all submissions. Thanks to @krnel for his delegation and @tribesteemup for their trail support.

This is not merely a contest, this is an opportunity to have your material read and an opportunity for us to really discuss each other's posts.

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Confessions of the Damaged - a collection of short stories


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by @skyleap


a like this to. the child hood is so inporten most of how u are as a person is getting inprinted in the ur child hood year. it can be changed but very difficult

very interesting and insightful. Its lessons I have and continue to learn the hard way, which I refer to banging my head against reality. But it was cocktail of psychedelic and Robert Anton Wilson when I was 23 during the Dog days of summer, where I got hip to "Unconscious Tape Loops"

It was something like "Unlearning is the process of letting go of old conditioning, faulty thoughts and hindering emotions to land on one’s authentic abilities, qualities and traits." Looking at the source code of Imprints and Reality Tunnels, I am deleting all Old World programming, I am getting in tune with my true self

And now its a mix of meditation, dreaming(actual dreaming not wishful thinking) and the creative process(creating art and writing poetry), that usually does the trick for how I learn, unlearn and relearn, along with a nice cup of tea and some choice tunes.

Great to learn that. Thank you for insightful contribution. :)

Agreed with Satorid.

Very insightful and I acknowledge the lessons within - being quite timely.

I was going to wait - but this has my vote.

All very true. Successful people are all very confident in what they do, and indeed, they embrace who they are and what they're good at.

An informative essay on the value of unlearning all the stuff that’s holding us back in our personal evolution.

@fjmb86, i wouldnt have stumbled on this beautiful work of yours if not for the opportunity reated by @whatamidoing.

i must say that your post was very insightful , i had never really come to answer the question why i write on steemit it everyday. i felt i was just playing my own part to contribute to the mining of steem.

after reading through your work, i now have a different mind set, i learned four reasons why i should write

  1. acute egoism, the desire to talk about one, to be remembered after death; 2) Aesthetic enthusiasm, the desire to perceive beauty in the external world or in words and their right combination; 3) Historical impulse, the desire to see things as they really are to find the true facts and save them for posterity; and 4) Political purpose, the desire to give the world a certain direction, to change the idea that others have about the society that they should strive to achieve.

im in love with these words of yours 'the desire to give the world a certain direction, to change the idea that others have about the society that they should strive to achieve'

i think i will always have that in mind before i write my next article. it was a lovely read from you.

Great report on Orwell’s essay and how you see it applying to writers today. In my own case, I feel that writing, like all art forms, cannot but be a mirror of ourselves and the of the times in which we create. Even when we aren’t actively making a social or political statement, it is impossible to create truth in our work that cannot be seen as a statement on our times and culture.

This has my vote.

It would have meant a lot more to me had I read it half a year ago - but the problem is me - not your writing.

Oh, my God! That's the first time I won!!!!!!!! Wow! Unbelievable day! Thank you so much for the appreciation of my work! I'm deeply touched @whatamidoing!

If I have the right to enter this week as well, I'd like to share a poem I wrote about my friend and his best friend )) plus an original drawing I made to accompany my words, I'm genuinely touched by their relationships so I couldn't not to express it!


I'm a beginner at writing poetry, so the piece might sound as being written by a five year old )))

OMG, i so much love your poetry skills @liverussian, i doubt if i would have done better. I totally love the poetry about your cute lil dog, it reminds me of my childhood days i was close to my pet dog.

we were so close that we could predict our activities for everyday. she was the best gift my mum gave to me at that tender age. I learned what love was from my cute pet. She was the first dog that i have ever seen that died of old age, ever since then, i was too heart broken to fall in love with another pet of mine.

Thank you for your kind words and sharing so genuinely your childhood souvenirs! You know, I have an eight year old son, we've never had a pet, after reading your comment, I have a desire to make as good gift to my son one day, as you had gotten once from your mom! Your words were very touching for me, thank you once again!!!!

I think he has come of age to finally own a cute lil puppy. He should be grateful if you give him a surprise puppy on his next birthday... Hehe

nice photo a like the way the pencil is in the frame very inporten small detail. and in addition a good drawing

Thank you, yeah, I used just one pencil, which is not how I usually draw, it restricts the colouring ) but I'm glad that the babe needed just a tiny pencil to show all her beauty) that's surely an important detail, as you've mentioned, nice observation!

A lovely poem. The devotion and loyalty in the heart of a dog or any pet is truer than any human’s may all too often fail to be.

hello @whatamidoing, i would love to submit this post of mine for this week.

I agree with much of your post. However, our purpose in life is not necessarily a source to wealth and fame. In fact, if you make your purpose in life about finding a way to wealth and fame, then you’re more likely to lose your way. People are so often lost in the pursuit of ways to make money or attain accolades. A purpose in life should fulfill something necessary in your soul or psyche, something that makes you happy regardless of monetary returns or accolades. If it’s something that happens to give you a great living, that’s a boon, but not the point. For example, people who find their purpose in life is to teach do not choose that path because it will bring them wealth and fame – in fact, they enter the profession knowing they will be underpaid and undervalued all their careers. Even doctors, who make a great living, do not choose to be doctors for the money, but because their purpose in life is to heal.

This is a great comment, @momzillanc. I think you should make it into a whole post.

Thank you. I’m honored you value the comment. However, I reserve my Steemit account strictly for creative blogs. I have a separate social media account for my writer-activism blogging.

@antigenx after reading your post I learn how to redefine my purpose in life. Your are really out to educate people. This was lovely.

Thank you @whatamidoing. Congratulations to the other winners.

Thank you! and congratulations to you too!!!

Cool, thank you. I had forgotten that I entered last time lol.

It's about people in my life who have dived me in the right direction for a long time and how small things can have a massive impact in the end.

It's a pity, I don't know your name... It's just your post is really personal, it gives a desire to know your name. Writing is one of the best ways to figure your life out, you're doing just great!

I'm deeply touched by your post, and I'd want it to WIN with all my heart for nothing can be as precious as a person opening their heart towards you, trusting you. I couldn't stop reading about your journey of getaway from the dark! You've done a lot already by admitting that you were at the edge and by wanting to get out of there. It's very touching how tenderly you're talking about people who had helped you out back then. Those people you met at the right time, it's somewhat miraculous!

I wish you to find your solid way in life, and starting from today I'll follow your journey!

P.S. My son has dyslexia too, so I'm used to reading, your way is even charming )

Gateways to Other Dimensions with Carolina Arevalo

This highlights one of my favorite artists and friend of Imaginarium Show, Carolina Arevalo. Carolina's work resides in the visual embodiment of the “unveiled” in the various journeys throughout her own psyche and its connection to the outer worlds. Inner Paths to Outer Space, as I like to call it.

@satorid, i am not an artist but i am totally in love with the beautiful works of Carolina Arevalofound in your post, especially the World of Seashells. those works really open a gateway to the world of fine-arts in my mind.

beautiful work you have there

Yeah she a really cool person, recently On The Psychedelic Sunday show she talked going back to the jungle, she from peru and taking ayahuasca, and have this very heartfelt vision/story to share, so there is a lot of depth in her work.

I liked "World of Seashells" most. It is so beautiful, Also sun.solis.sol is great. :)

I love her artwork. Thank you for introducing her work to me.

yea she amazing person as well, you'll see and get to know her more, she's friend of the imaginarium =D

Very creative artist, thanks for showcasing her, @satorid.

A Word on "Hate Speech"

Thank you for this initiative. ^_^ And for letting me delve back to a period when I did not entirely suck. :c)

If one should derive happiness from the fortune of another than one has love for that person.
If one should derive happiness from the misfortune of another than one has hatred for that person.

It is really just as simple as that.
You have touched very critical point in your outstanding post. No place in the world doesn't suffer predefined weaponized language such as "hate speech". The more the society is illiterate the easier it can be controlled through certain accusations to some of its members. Hope your message reach as many people as possible.

Last address of a human being.The is no alternative of it.I appreciate your step.It will help the steemers. Thanks.

Hey @whatamidoing! Congrats to all winners and thanks a lot for choosing me too. This is a great idea and this won't be the last time I participated :) Good luck to the guys who participate this week!

i really love this scheme to fish out less rewarding authored post. Beautiful work @whatamidoing

upvoted and resteemed to help in visibility to my small group of followers

Hello @whatamidoing I would love to drop this post of mine for this week.

I enjoyed @alignment's post. I was looking for an old post of mine yesterday when I saw this one that was my worst performer EVER. I think it's good! 🤷‍♀️

Comfort Is for the Walking Dead

“Ships aren’t made for the harbor” and Life is meant to be lived. You cannot protect your heart from Life, we have to get out and be part of life, form relationships, get our hearts broken, pick up the pieces and learn from our broken hearts to build new and better relationships. We have to make mistakes, fall on our faces, pick ourselves up and learn from those mistakes to create our successes.

I've always loved that saying about ships in harbor being safe, but that's not what ships are built for... so get out on the open seas and see what's out there! :-)

I missed it last week and almost missed it this week. My entry is an educational essay entitled, “Color Science”

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