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Gateways to Other Dimensions with Carolina Arevalo

This highlights one of my favorite artists and friend of Imaginarium Show, Carolina Arevalo. Carolina's work resides in the visual embodiment of the “unveiled” in the various journeys throughout her own psyche and its connection to the outer worlds. Inner Paths to Outer Space, as I like to call it.


@satorid, i am not an artist but i am totally in love with the beautiful works of Carolina Arevalofound in your post, especially the World of Seashells. those works really open a gateway to the world of fine-arts in my mind.

beautiful work you have there

Yeah she a really cool person, recently On The Psychedelic Sunday show she talked going back to the jungle, she from peru and taking ayahuasca, and have this very heartfelt vision/story to share, so there is a lot of depth in her work.

I liked "World of Seashells" most. It is so beautiful, Also sun.solis.sol is great. :)

I love her artwork. Thank you for introducing her work to me.

yea she amazing person as well, you'll see and get to know her more, she's friend of the imaginarium =D

Very creative artist, thanks for showcasing her, @satorid.

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