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RE: The Deadpost Initiative - Week 31 - Finding payout and readers for expired posts (All fluid rewards go to participants)

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Oh, my God! That's the first time I won!!!!!!!! Wow! Unbelievable day! Thank you so much for the appreciation of my work! I'm deeply touched @whatamidoing!

If I have the right to enter this week as well, I'd like to share a poem I wrote about my friend and his best friend )) plus an original drawing I made to accompany my words, I'm genuinely touched by their relationships so I couldn't not to express it!


I'm a beginner at writing poetry, so the piece might sound as being written by a five year old )))


OMG, i so much love your poetry skills @liverussian, i doubt if i would have done better. I totally love the poetry about your cute lil dog, it reminds me of my childhood days i was close to my pet dog.

we were so close that we could predict our activities for everyday. she was the best gift my mum gave to me at that tender age. I learned what love was from my cute pet. She was the first dog that i have ever seen that died of old age, ever since then, i was too heart broken to fall in love with another pet of mine.

Thank you for your kind words and sharing so genuinely your childhood souvenirs! You know, I have an eight year old son, we've never had a pet, after reading your comment, I have a desire to make as good gift to my son one day, as you had gotten once from your mom! Your words were very touching for me, thank you once again!!!!

I think he has come of age to finally own a cute lil puppy. He should be grateful if you give him a surprise puppy on his next birthday... Hehe

nice photo a like the way the pencil is in the frame very inporten small detail. and in addition a good drawing

Thank you, yeah, I used just one pencil, which is not how I usually draw, it restricts the colouring ) but I'm glad that the babe needed just a tiny pencil to show all her beauty) that's surely an important detail, as you've mentioned, nice observation!

A lovely poem. The devotion and loyalty in the heart of a dog or any pet is truer than any human’s may all too often fail to be.

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