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a like this to. the child hood is so inporten most of how u are as a person is getting inprinted in the ur child hood year. it can be changed but very difficult

very interesting and insightful. Its lessons I have and continue to learn the hard way, which I refer to banging my head against reality. But it was cocktail of psychedelic and Robert Anton Wilson when I was 23 during the Dog days of summer, where I got hip to "Unconscious Tape Loops"

It was something like "Unlearning is the process of letting go of old conditioning, faulty thoughts and hindering emotions to land on one’s authentic abilities, qualities and traits." Looking at the source code of Imprints and Reality Tunnels, I am deleting all Old World programming, I am getting in tune with my true self

And now its a mix of meditation, dreaming(actual dreaming not wishful thinking) and the creative process(creating art and writing poetry), that usually does the trick for how I learn, unlearn and relearn, along with a nice cup of tea and some choice tunes.

Great to learn that. Thank you for insightful contribution. :)

Agreed with Satorid.

Very insightful and I acknowledge the lessons within - being quite timely.

I was going to wait - but this has my vote.

All very true. Successful people are all very confident in what they do, and indeed, they embrace who they are and what they're good at.

An informative essay on the value of unlearning all the stuff that’s holding us back in our personal evolution.

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