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RE: The Deadpost Initiative - Week 31 - Finding payout and readers for expired posts (All fluid rewards go to participants)

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hello @whatamidoing, i would love to submit this post of mine for this week.


I agree with much of your post. However, our purpose in life is not necessarily a source to wealth and fame. In fact, if you make your purpose in life about finding a way to wealth and fame, then you’re more likely to lose your way. People are so often lost in the pursuit of ways to make money or attain accolades. A purpose in life should fulfill something necessary in your soul or psyche, something that makes you happy regardless of monetary returns or accolades. If it’s something that happens to give you a great living, that’s a boon, but not the point. For example, people who find their purpose in life is to teach do not choose that path because it will bring them wealth and fame – in fact, they enter the profession knowing they will be underpaid and undervalued all their careers. Even doctors, who make a great living, do not choose to be doctors for the money, but because their purpose in life is to heal.

This is a great comment, @momzillanc. I think you should make it into a whole post.

Thank you. I’m honored you value the comment. However, I reserve my Steemit account strictly for creative blogs. I have a separate social media account for my writer-activism blogging.

@antigenx after reading your post I learn how to redefine my purpose in life. Your are really out to educate people. This was lovely.

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