Introducing Our 100-Word Micro-Fiction Contest!

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By: @jayna

Welcome to the 100-word short story contest, hosted by The Writers’ Block. We are a community of writers and editors devoted to supporting high quality fiction and poetry, and we have many exciting plans in the works to raise the visibility of quality content here on Steemit. To read more about our upcoming plans, see this post: The Triangle Theory.

This contest is about writing tight fiction. It’s about helping you to hone your craft by writing within a strict word limit. Writing micro-fiction is an excellent vehicle for sharpening your skills because it forces you to write a complete story in which every single word counts.

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How to participate in the contest:

  1. Review the prompt words.
  2. Write a short story in exactly 100 words, incorporating the prompts.

How to be a contender:

Make sure your story includes these elements:
  1. One or more characters
  2. Conflict. This can be anything that creates a challenge for the character(s), including a disagreement, a threat, a loss or a longing.
  3. A story arc. Build the tension. Make us feel wary, excited, fearful, etc.
  4. A resolution. Bring it all to a close in a satisfying way.

Contest rules:

  1. Write a story, following the guidelines above.
  2. Incorporate both of the following prompts in your story: fighting, rays.
  3. Use the following tags: #twbwritingcontest, #100words
  4. Post your story to your own blog, and provide the link in the comments of this post.
  5. Submit your story by the contest deadline of Saturday, September 1st, 2018, by 23:59 EST.


This contest will have one winner, who'll receive 10 Steem.

While it is not a requirement, we will appreciate it very much if you upvote this post and re-share.

If we have excellent participation, we will make this a regular thing. We look forward to reading your entries!

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Here is my entry to this great contest. Though, I don't expect to win, I'd love if a few of you got a chance to read it :o)

The Light1.jpg

Oh man. I'm so used to fitting things into 50 words...what will I do with all those extra words? I bet the 100 word stories will feel completely different from the 50 word tales.


I can't wait to see you swimming in all of those words... ;)

We feel sure they will, too.

Oh yes. It's a whole different ballgame!

IMHO the 100-word stories are more challenging. It's an opportunity to develop a story and characters. Using the right word and cutting 3 or 4, as a result, is the benefit I enjoy.
I look forward to the prompt.
Got it: Fighting, rays.

I think I made the deadline! Such a nice contest, looking forward to now be able to read all the other contestants. I'm sure you'll have a nice time judging this.

Hello, sci-fi fans.

I'm throwing my space helmet into the ring with this 100-word entry:

"Outracing Light"

Thanks, @thewritersblock, for the stimulus.



I just saw this thans to @jayna now how can I double my 50 words , 2 prompts make fifty words for both then combine???hahah Got to start thinking

Interesting, as I have only heard of 55-word "nanofiction" events! I might have to give this one a try!🙂

Oh I hope you do!

I wanted to comment but I can't find the comment hahah diff app used but it was a sad story but nice

Here is my entry, guys! Enjoy :)

The Kitten

I'm amazed at how hard it is to put together something that actually makes sense to a reader when you are limited to a certain number of words, yet it is a welcome challenge.

Wow! Just exactly 100 words.. sounds like fun thou.. Maybe I should try.. :)

Writing micro-fiction is a wonderful way to develop writing skills, as it forces you to think about every word carefully. I run a weekly #fiftywords challenge with tips for writing micro-fiction. Here's the most recent post.

Thank you so much. I have read your entry and the others too. It's quite challenging for me as a newbie. Thou sounds like fun yet so challenging in selecting words.

Drums fingers.... We are all about results here, @kimberlane! Ha ha ha. :-)

Should be fun! Looking forward to it thanks @jayna and @thewritersblock for such a fun challenge :)

Have fun with it!

Oh great. We get 50 more words to work with.

Yes! Double the fun!

This is heresy with the 100-word taskers! Long live the 50-word taskers!
[edit: I almost forgot to put this in]:

You didly darn screwed up..gif

Ha ha! Well it's just a 50-word story times two!

(Got a nice one lined for tomorrow. Does give a lot of liberty to write more while making each word count.)

Oh! Exactly 100 words... a drabble! That's so nice! Looking forward to the gems this will bring!

I'm looking for a story from you, @nobyeni! Not that the clock is ticking, or anything...!

Still working on it...

Today is the day, @nobyeni! Nudge nudge.

Dear 100-word contest participants,

I wanted to reach out and let you know that judging for the contest is in progress, but is slightly delayed due to the Steem Creators Conference. Thank you for your entry, and your patience @ablaze, @preparedwombat, @nobyeni, @fromage, @theironfelix, @dollarsandsense, @felixgarciap, @nuvie, @tanglebranch, @skiponline, @pyemoney, @luces, @foragingquietude, @purpledaisy57, @henry-gant, @creatr, @seifiro and @papacrusher.

No worries, thanks for the update!

Sounds good :)