The light - The Writers Block 100 Word Contest

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She felt utterly helpless.

The room was cold and lifeless like her captor.

Footsteps overhead. He was back.

She shivered on the floor fighting back the tears.

Then she saw it, a rope, a way out. Death would be better than this. She was spent.

She made her noose; her mind was made up.

Just then, rays of light cut through the heavy air and with them came a message.

You are light

Of course, she thought, he far outweighed her.

She used the rope to create a trap and pulley system.

It somehow worked.

Air filled her lungs.


This is my entry into The Writers’ Block 100-Word Micro-Fiction Contest. Why not give it a go yourself - the following link is where you can find all of the details.

Peace Out


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Wow, @ablaze, this is haunting. What a clever girl, to figure out how to rig something up to free herself. Does she trap him in the process? (Needless to say, I got involved in this story!)


Yes she devises a system that incorporates the rope, her weight, his weight and the trapdoor, the idea being that he loses his footing when he comes down the steps, and falls from a height knocking him unconscious, giving herself enough time to make her escape.. Dark subject matter, but a positive outcome in the end, at least she got out..

Nicely executed.


Thanks a mil

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