Diver [a 100-word-micro-fiction]

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She swam in that deep dark blue abyss similar to the jaws of a monster. Quietly until suddenly felt something pull her to the bottom. Something huge and powerful. Fought against it but couldn't win.

Time passed, the oxygen ran out, Veronica felt she was going to die.

Remembered the smiles of two daughters. Would not see them again. Tears came out blurring the viewfinder.


Everything was becoming cloudy; the fighting lost meaning…everything was darkness.

I'm… drowning…

But suddenly, that monstrous force that sucked her disappeared.

Felt the light body, and how she could, swam to the surface crying.


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Y yo esperando que se la comiera jajaj. Me encantó. Impecable <3


Jajaja. No soy tan cruel. Gracias por leerlo, bella :3

Seguro fue la misma ballena que se comió a Jonás jajaja. Un abrazo :)


Jajajaja, ya sabes que soy muy bíblico (?)

Gracias por pasarte.

You did a nice job of building the suspense, @siefiro. I'm glad the monster helped her back to the surface before she ran out of oxygen!


Thank you. I did my best with the suspense.