100-Word Micro-Fiction Contest! - First Attempt

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First there was the 50 words challenge. I had a hard time in the beginning. Imagine making a story in 50 words. But then I got the hang of it. Now there is this 100 fiction contest. Maybe it will be easier bcause more words but 2 prompts. So I am making my first attempt and maybe I will join the the next prompts as well. Now I have 2 new contest/challenges to join. The 2 prompts are fighting and rays.




The pain was unbearable. How can she keep on fighting it? She knows there is not much time left. She had to get out. But how can she leave, being chained to the bed.
It happened a couple of months ago. They got caught, Brian and her. They took him away and left her alone in that place surrounded with people in white and masks.
Suddenly she screamed so loud they came running. IT was being born. Bright rays of light came out and a screech not a cry.
How was she to know that Brian was a real alien?


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Good job. Love the twist at the end.

Oh my! Now I really want to know what that baby looks like!


haha suspense need another prompt for that lol

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