The Contest List: Ending Today

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If Your not In It, You cant Win It!

Due to the volume of Contests i found making The Contest List thought it would be a good idea to provide contests that are ending soon separately to give every contest a chance to be seen.

I will be donating 50% of this posts SBD payout to the most undervalued Contest if it doesnt meet its goal if not go towards other.

List of Contest finishing within the next 2 days.

1 day

@andreanoronha%Reward Share#bottleartchallenge
@ats-davidSports League Prize pool#overtons400
@cathi-xxHaiku Guess the CharacterPreacher
@deveereiOnboarding Beyondbits Facebook Onboarding#steemgig
Steemgig Hero Whaleshares BeyondbitsLink
@ideageneratorGuess The CellLink
@jphendersonWhaleshares Minnow Support ContestLink
@digitalkingSoccer Predication Reward ShareLink
@jamtaylorSBD Prize Pool#steemitphotochallenge
@jumowa"Who wants a Vote" WeeklyLink
@lordoftruthGuess Non Farm Payroll FigureLink
@maarnioGuess Non Farm Payroll FigureLink

2 days

@azaanPlay a GameLink
@brendanwenzelFantasy Baseball Prize Pool 1st-5th#steemsports
@bambam808Steemits Got Talent Prize Pool 1st-3rd#sgt
@cosmo.cratorMeme Design#spacememe
@evermoreSilhouette Being of Light#monomad
@jasonrussellMusic Portrait#portraitcontest
Whaleshares Minnow Support ContestLink
@lobbylux75% Reward Share#steemitfire
@polaleye50Selfie SBD Prize Pool#steemitmycountry
@schubesDiscussion Reward Share#wwyd
@stefenMovie Guess Weekly Sunday Reward Share 1st-3rd#movieguesschallenge
@verbal-dPending Story Contest#horror
@vocalists-trail20SBD + 10% Reward Share#centerstage

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a very good sir

What contest is this?

its a list of contests i made that are ending soon following up from The Contest List a big list i made of ongoing Contests.
Im giving 50% of posts payouts to contests that are good and fails to meet goal.

well the cathi xx :D I'll join the next one not that one if she's still making a contest

haha is too hard :)
i think she made last 2 days ago still has 4 active

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Sorry what is happened with your post? your reputation is zero.

In the before time when i was new, i posted lots on user who linked a pump and dump group i know wasnt the best idea been at least a month and still invisible

@isacoin got you a $1.88 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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