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A Favorite Freewrite

Every Tuesday, you have a chance to win a membership to Steem Basic Income, SBI, at the Freewrite House.

Try to win one, my friends. An everlasting vote on your posts is nothing to sneeze at.

We want to make it super easy for you. Your task is to tell us in the comment section about one - or more- freewrites of others you have read in the last couple of days you really liked. Yup, not your own!!

The comment must be at least 50 words long - no upper limit 🤪

See the rules below for details.

In an ideal world, you also give that person a nice upvote - but we are not going to check on that.

To be entered into the drawing, go to the Daily Prompt post by @mariannewest. We are doing our best to resteem them to the Freewrite house profile.
Read as many Freewrites as you can. Then tell us about a freewrite you really liked and why.
Choose from the last couple of days if possible so others can go, visit, and, inspired by your description, leave a vote.

Win, Win, Win!!!

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The Rules

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  • Leave us a comment as specified above
  • Remember, the comment must have at least 50 words

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Finding a Freewrite

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Hey, @freewritehouse!

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I'm nominating only ONE post this week!!! This is @iamjadeline's joyful ode to sequins.


@iamjadeline had a wonderful teenaged experience with these pretty things for contrast with my story of how fat people cannot be seen in them.

Jade's post is wonderfully written and includes a gif of her boys playing with some sequined pillows in the store. I regret my non-techy ways, but I loved the post!

Three freewrites I like to recommend this time.
My number 1 is:
@mariannewest her freewrite with the prompt lucky
you should read for sure. Some people always seem to be able to manipulate others (partner in this case) with their behaviour. The always plat the "bitten dog", but in reality...
The first part of this story did remind me of my parents. The never ending shouting and fights, the behaviour of the police... but most of all the fact that men are victims too of abuse and violence. Women like these do exist!

My number 2 for this week's freewrite is:
@whatisnew withe a great written freewrite with the promp option and the title: forty-four. This freewrite not only tells about repetive numbers, but about a special repetive number. A number she was first pointed at in a dream about her granddad. Since that first dream the number seems to be "attached" to her or is it her granddad who is ans still is watching and guarding over her? What do you feel or think by 1:11?

and my number 3 is:
@fitinfun. She is a great help (you may call it support too) if it comes to losing weight and being active. Her freewrite with the prompt plan is for sure a help to many people. Even if you do not need to lose some extra pounds. Do read it and ask yourself if planning might help you too and if so what your next step will be (no French fries to start with). See: https://steemit.com/esteem/@fitinfun/freewrite-day-429-plan

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Happy Xmas! I'll nominate one of our Venezuela friends! https://steemit.com/freewrite/@teresah/day-430-5-minute-freewrite-monday-prompt-lucky

She's doing a great job counting her blessings joyously!

She's surrounded by people she loves. She is filled with happiness!

I'm glad our community and our prompts are inspiring folks to put this kind of positivity into the steemiverse!

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I want to recommend: https://staging.busy.org/@ireenchew/5-minute-freewrite-wednesday-prompt-habitat
This is a neat little fantasy story. I enjoyed reading it and was involved with the story from start to finish. I liked how she used the tool of writing out the communications from the grandfather and the sense that the grandfather had sent him on a quest.

I am nominating @mariannewest story on the prompt Lucky


This story comes with the realness of being in an abusive relationship. A lot of people are in this situation and i am saying this in respect to both gender. But, i still remain baffled by how people don't leave this kind of relationship and just like @mariannewest iterated, when they are ask why they didn't leave 'they themselves don't know'. They just couldn't leave.

So, i love this post cause it was able to caption the situation accurately.

Also i really love what @shanedustin does with his prompt. Weaving all prompts into a single story and making it look like a piece of cake..kudos to you!!!


I found this first time #freewriter @juliamulcahy who's going to fit in with us quite nicely. She picked a tough prompt to start with and she did excellent. Bouncing around cyberspace is where her #freewrite is now. Forever etched in the mainframes cloud. ☁️ Please send her some love and read "cyberspace"

So I’m not certain if multiple nominations count but I found @fitinfun’s write up about a creature of absolute convictions to be very... well everything... inspiring while also serious, heart felt but also cynical, triumphant but also dismayed!


She hits nail on the head with people setting themselves up for failure and I totally understand how frustrating it is to watch, people talk but lack action!

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Do we still do favorite poems? I want to recommend this one, for either category, really.


Beautiful poem about the cycle of nature. I love the attention to the visual arc of the poem. To me, the lines were like a field of grass, some poking up taller than others, but not so tall, as if it's new growth, and all the grasses are trying to reach the sun first. Big welcome to @sayee. I see she's been writing with us off and on for a couple weeks now, but this is the first freewrite I've read of hers. Beautiful!

We do and we don't. All the contributors to the freewrite house have been taking a break. We shall see what the new year will bring...

Thank you so much. I am overwhelmed.

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@marvyinnovation (39) · yesterday - placed under last weeks....
"Magic of the season" freewrite by wems is the one i liked very much.

This emotional tale starts with an excellent opening, continues in a very wary way, getting us caught in a gripping manner....

"She closed her eyes and prayed dearly for it to be a stone. She opened them to see the tall man trying to get up."

In the para above these lines, the writer clearly describes the aftermath of this incident, if the accident that occurred would have left the victim dead. The writer also clearly tells us the AND ALSO THE ILL EFFECTS OF DRINKING TOO MUCH LIQUOR.

It is here the writer rises the tempo and gave this tale a happy ending!

As per the title suggests, this is really a Magic done by The God to save her from getting into deep problems . Yes this is a Magic of the Season.