What "Human Certified Original Works" means to me - a totally unofficial mission statement from just one person in a decentralized movement

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(and Badge of Originality original art roundup - see bottom of post for all personalized badges created to date for participants in the Human Certified Original Works Initiative)

This is not an "official" mission statement for the @humanbot Human Certified Original Works Initiative. This is an explanation of what this movement means to me, personally, and what sort of posts and posters I am likely to reward with a Badge of Originality. I encourage all other members of this movement to write a similar post, but it is not a requirement. Going forward, I will be linking to this post when I award a Badge of Originality.

Badge of Originality.jpg

@humanbot Human Certified Original Works Initiative Links:

@carlgnash's totally unofficial Human Certified Original Works mission statement

This is not an official mission statement because I am not in charge of the "Human Certified Original Works" initiative. I started this initiative, but I started it as a decentralized endeavor. I do not want to force other people who join this initiative to do things the exact same way I do them; nor am I going to police the way that other people use their Badges of Originality once I have made them. It is not completely decentralized because I am still vetting people personally when they express interest in this initiative, and only making a badge if I feel confident in the person's ability to actually detect plagiarism. If this takes off, at some point I would love to make even this stage of the process decentralized, perhaps through a chat channel for participants in the initiative and a simple majority vote required for all prospective new members, but I am open to suggestions for other methods as well.

"Original Works" - Going beyond just "Not Plagiarized"

To me personally, "Human Certified Original Works" means more than just "Not Plagiarized". "Not Plagiarized" is really a pretty low bar to get over, a baseline, but I am looking for something more... I am looking for creative posting, truly original posting, posting that adds something valuable to Steemit. When I give out this badge I am not just saying that I have checked the work manually to make sure it is the original work of the author (although that is part of the process - I do manually check for plagiarism before handing out a badge), but I am going farther and saying I think this post is original. I think it is creative. If you see my familiar alien eyeball poking out of a badge in the comments of a post you are looking at, this post and this author have the @carlgnash seal of approval.

I want to take a moment to thank Steemit user @aurumv for this comment in response to the genesis post:

Very nice and probably very useful idea. I see the way how to inform about plagiarism, bur maybe there is some way to inform directly about originality ? And this way to have confirmation or decline about that. ... I think many authors often are thinking that they are very unique ... but might be they are not :)

@aurumv's comment helped me come to the realization that "original works" means more to me than just "not plagiarized", and I thank you for that @aurumv! Great comment! I will note that I am not posting anything when I do not feel content is original in the broader sense that goes beyond just not plagiarized. If content is plagiarized and I have clear evidence I typically leave a polite request to stop posting plagiarized content, and repeat offenders I report to @steemcleaners.

Examples of "Not Plagiarized" but also "Not Original" work

I think it may help explain what I mean above to give some examples of posts that are not plagiarized, but also are not original enough (in my opinion) to warrant a Badge of Originality.

  • A post that is properly cited but only summarizes the information found in a single short article and does not add any original analysis or commentary might not be plagiarized, but it is not original and I would not award a badge in this case.
  • A recurring contest post that is indeed the original work of the poster (the poster runs the contest) would not be considered to be original in the sense I am looking for when I award badges.
  • A collection of links to resources would not be considered original in the sense I am looking for when I award badges unless there is some creative writing associated with the links.
  • A repost of the author's own original content that had been posted elsewhere online more than a month ago (without any significant changes or additions made to the content when posted here) would usually not be considered original in the "adds value to Steemit" sense that I mention above. Cross-posting new content here and elsewhere is absolutely fine, particularly if there are links to Steemit in the content posted elsewhere, but if Steemit is just being used to dump content once it has grown stale on other websites which are higher priority to the author, I am not going to reward this.
  • Some original art and photography may be (subjectively) judged by me to be pretty bland and ordinary even if it is the original work of the post author. In particular, unexceptional cell phone photography without any significant original accompanying text to add value and context is unlikely to receive a Badge of Originality from me.

Why individualized badges?

Precisely because I do not want to write an official mission statement nor attempt to police other members of this initiative, I think it is important that anyone else handing out a Badge of Originality is handing out one that is easily recognizable as associated with that person's account. Human Certified Original Works will mean different things to different people. Just like the alien eyeball in the badge above means "@carlgnash approved", the awesome Steem-logo wearing @geekgirl flying out of the badge below means "@geekgirl approved", and the same goes for each of the other unique badges I have created and which you can find below. I want anyone who already is familiar with @geekgirl to instantly recognize her in the badges that she hands out, so that they can take what they know about @geekgirl and the kinds of things she likes to support, and translate that into their understanding ofher Badge of Originality.
Badge of Originality GEEK GIRL gray.jpg

Why can't I call Human Certified Original Works / request the certification for my post or any other post?

Because I have a higher bar than just "Not Plagiarized", I do not want any hurt feelings that would inevitably arise if I had some channel that allowed other users to request my certification, only for me to determine that the content did not meet the bar of truly original, creative work that I want to reward. Other individuals participating in this movement may feel differently. If anyone else who is participating in the Human Certified Original Works initiative wants to create a channel that other users can request the certification through, that is fine - it is just not something I personally want to do.

Badge of Originality original art roundup

Here are all the personalized Badges of Originality that I have made for other users who have joined the Human Certified Original Works initiative. See the The Badge of Originality - Human Certified Original Works GENESIS POST and ART TUTORIAL for a step-by-step tutorial on how I created the badge in the first place. If you are interested in signing up for this initiative and getting your very own personalized badge, let me know in the comments here.

In no particular order:


Badge of Originality GEEK GIRL.jpg
Badge of Originality GEEK GIRL small.jpg
Badge of Originality GEEK GIRL gray.jpg
Badge of Originality GEEK GIRL gray small.jpg


Badge of Originality AKPAN.jpg
Badge of Originality AKPAN small.jpg


For this one I actually drew the avatar that is being used in the badge, as @doctorcrypto's actual avatar is a still from a game and he did not feel it was appropriate to use this image which he did not own rights to in a badge specifically for awarding original content!

My original art based on @doctorcrypto's steemit.chat avatar:
Pen and ink on post it note - original art by moi

doctorcrypto square.jpg
colored in PhotoShop by moi

Badge of Originality DOCTORCRYPTO.jpg

Badge of Originality DOCTORCRYPTO small.jpg


Badge of Originality BUCKY.jpg

Badge of Originality BUCKY small.jpg


Badge of Originality Ewuoso Blue Yellow.jpg

Badge of Originality Ewuoso Blue Yellow Small.jpg

Badge of Originality Ewuoso.jpg

Badge of Originality Ewuoso small.jpg

Badge of Originality Ewuoso yellow metal.jpg

Badge of Originality Ewuoso yellow metal small.jpg


Badge of Originality TORICO.jpg

Badge of Originality TORICO small.jpg


Badge of Originality SPECTRUMECON.jpg

Badge of Originality SPECTRUMECON small.jpg


Badge of Originality Knowledges.jpg

Badge of Originality Knowledges small.jpg


This is a wonderful concept @carlgnash

I have started a similar initiative with @ultrablackhole still on it's very early stages :)



Cool I will check out @ultrablackhole. Great name :)

Thank you, @calsgnash. It seems to be such a great initiative from you! I am so impressed with your determination to find and support a really valuable content. Going into depths to check if the post was plagiarised in the other languages - I do not know how to do it but I admire you for thinking of it and secure that the work you put a bage will be absolutely original. I think if everyone will act on Steemit as you do it would be completely a different place.
What I also like is that every one of the curators is getting his/her own badge - that means further responsibility from their side and indeed correspondence to their own values.
The last, but not least I always value good art and I love the way you created your badges for different people. I was immediately attracted to some of the people and following them now so you prove that art can be a good source to find likeminded people.
I do something myself for the post and authors I like - I create something special for them. And I really like your initiative and post so I did a small art for it%)) I wish you and this wonderful project to grow and prosper! Much love.
@humanbot_by_sashagenji copy copy copy (2).jpg
PS: I would love to have my own badge and support art and eco movements here on Steemit so please consider if I can do it. I already support good writers at #Ecotrain but I guess there is not such thing as too much support.
PPS: For the artwork, I used some graphics form Pixabay under CCO Creative Commons.

Wow I love it! I have seen your handiwork around in the comments here and there, and always admired. Thanks for stopping by here! I would love to make you a badge, would like to chat with you a bit off-blockchain RE plagiarism detection - shoot me a DM I am @carlgnash on steemit.chat and @gnashster on Discord :) Cheers - Carl

OMG, It seems I missed it%(( That would be an honor for me!! I sent a message to you on Steemitchat. I am indeed a newbie in plagiarism but always like to learn new things.

yeah this is cool! Maybe you should each have a gold, silver and bronze version of your badge to indicate the LEVEL to which you feel a post is original, creative, and value-adding for the platform. That way, you won't feel so on the fence about something that is only just tipping the line, because you can give it a bronze. But when something REALLY stand out it can have a gold.... I don't know, maybe thats commplicating things too much. I think what you're doing is awesome gnashster

Maybe YOU should have this?!? (the three tiers of Mssr. Marples) Let me know if you want to get on board.

Me personally that is too fiddly, I will probably end up with a few different badges over time but they won't signify different levels of awesomeness.

My rule of thumb is if I am on a fence, I jump down on the side of not awarding. I find enough awesome content that I don't need to be sticking my badge on something that I am waffling about.

i upvote your latest post and follow you upvote my post dear

I'll see what I can do. Recording myself talking in an empty room is essentially what my podcast is. Which sounds artsy to me. "Talking in an empty room".

Really like the idea and high bar to shoot for.

The title of the text summarizes perfectly everything was said @carlgnash!

Thanks buddy and good to see you here! I love your posting :)

i would be willing to jump a few human hoops to be part of your initiative. let me know if i cut the mustard...

DM me on steemit.chat - @carlgnash

I think you have a really good idea going here! I like the way you did the badges.

Really great idea and movement, I'm really impressed when people like you go out of there way to promote good original content

Cool initiative! I'm happy that I received badge under my newest post :) This motivate me a lot! Thank you so much and keep going with this idea, as it's truly brilliant!

@humanbot thanks for the support !, in the same way I hope to help you in what is within my reach ...
regards. STEEM ON !.

Really cool initiative!! “Original” is a word that doesn’t show up as much as it should nowadays.
I fully support your idea, and I’m thankfull I’ve been awarded with one in one of my previous posts!
Take care!

I love this initiative Carl, very supportive for the community and beneficial to those who work hard on bringing value to Steemit. It's hard to stand out, to get visibility, and I've encountered many promising newcomers who created beautiful and engaging posts but struggled to get any recognition. And I also saw many such cases even with the more experienced Steemians! I'm thankful to you and everyone from the team for doing this important job of rewarding good content. If it wasn't for generosity and support of several Steemit users, yourself included, it would be very difficult for me to continue with my blog. Thank you, good job and may all goodness come back to you! Love, Klaudia

I've been on Steemit for about 2 days now. And I've been trough an endless stream of original but not original posts.
So seeing an initiative like this! absolutely brilliant, keep up the amazing work!


This is such a cool idea @carlgnash. I really appreciate the efforts here and am honored to have received your badge! Cheers :)

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