ColorChallenge - Green Thursday

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As it seems the nature has its own way of saying that it is beautiful.I was just roaming around at a neighbors place the other day I was able to see this beauty on that garden of the owner and there were plenty more flowers while this one kind of struck my eye and yes I immidiately took some shots of it.I took the permission to take the images by the way.

Barberton Daisy

While I have seen various colors of its kind white is sure one of the best indeed. Every flower has its own color code and it suits that way.


There are various natural things out there very beautiful and lovely and when you get to meet them you sure become surprised and amazed as well.

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💙💙This looks really delight and beautiful! 🌼🌼🌼


Sure it is :)

Thanks for being here

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beautiful flowers like sunflowers


Yeah kind of similar :)

This is beautiful white flower.
Awesome photograph..