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Today I was out in the fields (outside) for some expedition and was able to get some beautiful shots and I am kind of really tired while I do have them in my computer but they do need some retouch and I will be showing them to all of you in the coming posts. I am sure you will like them :)

While as for today this was already in my possession and I do like the color and the posture of this beauty. There were white colored ones as well.I do like the white colored one but I suppose I have posted it already so I am going with this one.


They are indeed one of the beautiful flower out there and they can tolerate relatively harsh conditions and hot climates.They are mostly for home garden and that is the suitable place for them.


My entry for the contest of @petals. A community which is an idea of @adrianobalan and @sardrt .

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Have a pleasant day everyone !

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beautiful flower


Beautiful and mesmerising photography @rehan12!

Btw, How are you?

Beautiful macrophotography!!


Thank you Catie


Your welcome .. see you in your next post .. God bless..

Beautiful and attractive flowers


Thanks mate


yes thanks also friend

super pretty ! I LOVE IT! ❤😊❤
Lovely capture. The flower is starting to look so soft. Nice work!


Glad that you liked it buddy

This is really nice Rehan...Keep up the good work


Thank you Love

I sure will

Its color and beauty is fantastic. Have a nice day.


Thanks for the visit

Lovely pink petunia flawer @rehan12 nice photography 😊