You Do not know the Value until You Earned it

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Life is a very hard place. It changes its directions at any moment by doing so it might put us in situations that we never expected to be but be that it may for good/bad we do get to learn things that were hidden from us in our way of life.

As for now we are going to read a small story that might give you an insight of the title that we are discussing. It might inspire you to value the things that you already have and respect them like it did to me !

Let us Begin


There was once a wealthy man he had all the wealth he need and was very known where he lived for his wealth and his generosity.People liked him very much. He obtained his wealth, his fortune and his reputation by his own hard work. While he had a son and he was old enough but as it seems he was careless for his age and was very lazy as well.

The man was worried about his son and was thinking of a way that how he could make his son realize the true meaning of effort and being a wise man. He did came up with an idea and started to apply as well.

The very next day he called his son and said, " you will only get your food today at the night and that will only be if you show me if you have earned something before the meal". The boy was shocked to hear that but he did not gave it much of a thought.

Later that day he went to his mother and asked for a gold coin and his mother gave him the coin and during the dinner his son gave him the coin and said he had earned it today and the next thing the father did was he took the coin and throw it in their well backyard and the boy had his dinner for that day. The father knew he did not worked for it. He told his wife the whole thing about his idea.

Next day the boy went to his mother and again wanted a golden coin but this time his mother refused so the boy had to and something so that he can have his dinner so the boy went to his grandfather and asked for a golden coin his grandfather gave it to him so like the other day the boy gave the golden coin to his father before dinner the father did the same thing like he did yesterday he took the coin and throw it to the well and the boy had his dinner again for that day so the father explained to the Grand when father what he had planned.

So the next day the boy went to the grandfather and asks for a coin but the grandfather refused so the boy was now very tensed and you wanted equine very badly so that he could have his dinner so the boy went out from the house and started to search for a work and after searching he finally found a man needed someone to pull up his grain bags from the cart to the store and the boy agreed for the work and in return he will give him 10 silver coins while after sometime boy finally did the work and he finally received his 10 coins and went back home you was very tired when you reached home and when is Father realizes that his son has finally did something.

So like the other day he went and gave his coins to his father and his father went to the pool and like the other day he threw them in the pool while by seeing that his son could not accept it and asked his father why did he threw them as because he worked for them and it will hurt him while by the answer of his son, the father smiled and said to his son the very line "YOU DO NOT KNOW THE VALUE OF IT, UNTIL YOU HAVE EARNED IT" and he explained the logic why he did all the things for the last three days and the boy realized his mistakes and knew what he had to do from the day onward.

This is just a simple story that I heard from a friend and I realized that there are many things that we are not giving value to, be that it may be our life, carrear, family, money and many other things. Give value to the things that are around you as they might not be there when you truly realize it but who knows time might not be on your side at that time.
There are endless possibilities waiting for you, if one door closes another will soon emerge.

I do really hope you will get to learn something from today's post.
Have a Pleasant Day Everyone !

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Great lesson. Very true.

I second you dear ,hard work teaches a person how to attain that success but if someone gets without hardwork he can't understand the importance of tjat wealth or success

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Agreed man @hira-bashir

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Tnx man ! @dominion01

yes this is vary true...
once you earn then only you know the value...

Yes this is vary
True... once you earn then only
You know the value...

                 - tussar11

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Thanks for stopping by buddy @tussar11

Great and amazing article @rehan12. I really loved your post. 💙💜💙

Thank you honey @stardivine