Today We Organised Monthly Lunch program for Underprivileged Kids at @SchoolForSDG4

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Dear all,

Today we had a busy day for our children at @SchoolForSDG4. I am not going to make the post long as I need to write for school's monthly fundraising post for @ADSactly Community blog and working on it.


The above image was taken today while we were cooking foods for children. We made chicken biryani for them and eggs. We also had chicken with potatoes.


The picture was taken when the biryani or Akhini was at school.

We are organising the monthly lunch program every month for the slum children. As we have a holiday after the first term exam at school, we had fewer children than our regular kids.


I invite you to watch the live facebook video from my personal facebook profile

LIve Lunch program video

There were around 50 children today at the school participated in the program. We also used our new room and you can see in the live video.


Here is the rest of the children. They are eating in the new room. Stay in touch with @SchoolForSDG4.

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Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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Very noble thing to do. Very well done


Thank you very much for the support @doctalk.

@schoolforsdg4 has been chosen to receive a donation of 15 SBD from the A Dollar A Day project - supported today by @pennsif, @aggroed, @cryptocurator, @danieldyemusic, @goldendawne, @mother2chicks, @vibeof100monkeys, @discordia


Amazing. Thank you very much again for the project.


You are welcome. Great work you are doing.

Good work..I appreciate your life My dear @azizbd.
I follow you every post.
Carry on your life.....@resteemit

You are really doing good @azizibad..