Bitshares (BTS) Update: Ascending Right Triangle Morph

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NOTE: If this blog gets downvoted; @ranchorelaxo has our backs!!

BitShares (BTS) pattern is morphing from a symmetrical triangle to an ascending right triangle. The Elliott Wave labels remain the same and I've adjusted the position of the lines.

If you view the below daily MACD; BTS is a bit overbought. This means that buyers are dwindling and once might want to raise cash to redeploy to buy a dip. Remember, corrections are healthy and BTS is due a healthy one. I'd l ike to see BTS MACD dip lower and have that correction before going to higher highs.

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I agree always instant sms is good option

Yo WTF is up with all the hate comments??? The fact that there are so many haters proves to me that Haejin is doing something great here and evil people like to bring people down that do great things. Stay strong @haejin you have the strength of God behind you.


randowhale is like an STD its the gift that keeeps on giving...


randowhale is showing his true colors. Using Steemians SBD to wage war against Haejin and the people that follow him.

Take a look at, I made a post on my account. Very very big upside potential !

Charting a correlation metric between elliot waves between XRP and BTS is interesting

Good to know

WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!! RandoWhale (BernieSanders) is finally showing his true colors. He could not silence Haejin so he is going after his followers. FUCK OFF RandoWhale and take your bots so we can get back to making this money.



It is a good one

this is a comedy... all the comments are hidden here... as these whales are fighting each other for steem dollars

HI @haejin can you do an analysis on Next (NXT) when you get some time. Thank you!


check this out. This MAY be a possible pathway




anytime Brother. Check out my blog for more!


Nice!!!! CS...nice struggling with Bitshares..and haejins recent analysis confirms's a tough me it looks like an ABCDE triangle, but as he mentions it's extremely overbought...hmmmmm...what are you guys thinking on this one

Bagus sekali saya sangat suka

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This is me when I was a little kid with ice cream all over my face.

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lmao 😂

Could you chart up BTS-STEEM-SBD for us steemians? I just started using bitshares and am unsure if I should just ladder it all into BTS for trading there.

What about RaidEX and how it will beat BTS! I wrote about that in my review of Raiden Network here:

thanks for info!

I a way it is predictable

Thank you haejin for this great analysis. Looking to top up my BTS with a nice dip.

With regards to all the haters, for goodness sakes, please Grow up and stop acting like a bunch of adolescent brats.

In the multitude of advice/advisors wisdom tthrives

Thanks for another update @haejin.

I'm curious why you sold all of your bts on the dex? Just flipping to get a better position? Or more cautious about a bigger correction?


I noticed that as well. I don't think there's been a correction yet.


I see he bought them all

thx man :)

@haejin When do you think we will see the predicted 6 $ on BTS... Thanks !

THANKS HAEJIN, pls can you do a RDD update

I am glad I invested in BitShares. It will pay out one day! Tis was on your review.

Congratulations @haejin!
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Thanks for the update!

I find your analysis about the crypto exchange very helpful and useful for a newbie like me.

@haejin i just belive in your analysis