Steemit Blog Spotlight Newsletter, Issue 3

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Featuring and Rewarding Steemit’s Original Content

Blog Spotlight, Issue 3
Featuring and Rewarding Steemit’s Original Content

Curated by @donkeypong, who pledges to use Steem Dollars from my #blog-spotlight upvotes to continue promoting Steemit to blog authors, journalists, writers, photographers, videographers, studio artists, music artists, and other original content creators.

Other submissions and comments are always welcome from the community. For submission guidelines, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Links to previous issues of the newsletter appear at the bottom of this post.


It’s Working! Outside Bloggers are Coming to Steemit!

As you know, we have a $300 contest running for the most popular guest post by a blogger with an established blog outside of Steemit. Steemians, you also can make $200 for referring an outside blogger who wins this contest.

To date, we have at least five GREAT submissions. These bloggers also are sending us some of their followers and friends to upvote their posts, and that is a great way to bring in more people to try out Steemit. These blog posts from outside bloggers will be the subject of a separate feature as we get closer to the contest, so they will not be included in this newsletter issue. Here is the link to the contest announcement:

Featured Original Blog Posts, Worthy of Being Read and Upvoted

  1. You Came, You Saw, Such Wow – Original Song by @proggr in # music

Such Wow, an original song on Steemit! This one has barely been noticed by voters and I almost missed it myself. People have dumped so many YouTube links in # music and # videos that this man’s original submission fell through the cracks. Thanks to @markopaasila for nominating @proggr’s song for mention here in our newsletter.

Not only did he post a video of himself singing, but also the written lyrics. Dude, what a voice! Future frontman there. Come on, this guy recorded a heartfelt song and posted it. Give him some upvotes for both the effort and results!

  1. Water Rose by @dorit-israeli in # science-education

Let’s thank @steempty’s mother, @dorit-israeli, for posting several great DIY science experiments on Steemit this week. I especially liked “Water Rose”, which contains clear instructions for making a really cool paper flower that opens in water. The pictures and video illustrate this well. For those who like fire, check out her other experiments, too!

  1. *The #1 Reason Why You Need to Make a Markdown Syntax Guide by @tuck-fheman in # guides

Maybe Tuck should have tagged this one in # humor or # funny instead. It was a well-designed satirical post. At least much of it is satirical until you get to this part where he makes his intent rather clear: “The code's no different from the last 49 guides, but this time the title says, "ELI5", "For Dummies" or "The Easiest" ... so you click it. What not one of the guides will tell you is that you're an idiot. Why are you an idiot? Because you and many others continue clicking the upvote button on each one of these copypasta guides, wasting the funds that were to be donated to new user adoption when a Markdown syntax guide is linked to on the page where you post!”

Now that’s a manifesto to remind us we are supposed to be upvoting original content! And some of us still don’t use much markdown (sometimes, I kind of like to see the bare links like this):

  1. Make an Expert’s Side Smoker from a $200 Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro by @lovelace in # barbecue

Just in time for summer. This “how to” blog post deservedly received lots of upvotes already. Though I normally like to highlight posts that haven’t received as much notice, @lovelace’s article deserves everyone’s attention. Why? Because it’s a near-perfect example of a lengthy “how to” article, providing clear and methodical instructions for this BBQ hack. This post is a textbook example of how to write a great, informative blog post and illustrate the advice nicely with photos. Well done.

  1. My Crypto Journey by @bleepcoin in # cryptocurrency

This is a nice blog post documenting how @bleepcoin came to Bitcoin, alt coins, and finally Steemit. It probably looks a lot like many of our similar journeys, yet his post is fun and has some good pictures included. Love it.

  1. Harry Potter London – A Quotation Journey by @ash in # harrypotter

In this age of video, the photo essay is underappreciated. Here is one in which @ash brought together photos and quotes from people involved with the production of Harry Potter. Yes, I know the quotes are not original text, but they lead us through a journey of creating this production from screenwriting to sculpting to costume design and creature shop. There’s an art to combining and presenting things also, especially when a story emerges.
If you have an idea for a good blog post, give it a try. As the author J.K. Rowling wrote, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

  1. Bootstrapped: A Startup’s Journey [Why Blog?] by @officialbitcash in # bitcash

If the only posts you upvote are STEEM-related, then Steemit risks becoming a circle jerk. Apart from its financial rewards, Steemit is a great forum to post anything related to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and companies in the crypto space. We are all in this together. Think of what would happen if the Bitcointalk forum moved some of its discussion action over here or if new coins decide to use Steemit to host their forums. They’re crazy not to do so, since they could be earning money right now. And we would get a lot more users and volume.

Here is an honest and descriptive blog post by @officialbitcash; it’s the first stage in documenting the story of this start-up business. I love this logic: “I've decided to begin a journey blog for BitCash, a startup I've been working on the last year. Why write this blog? Well first off we can get paid on this wonderful Steemit platform whether we succeed or not! But seriously, there are many reasons including…” I’ll let you read this post for the rest. And please consider upvoting it; let’s encourage other businesses in the crypto space to use Steemit for their discussion!

Look for a Special Feature Issue on Outside Bloggers, Coming Soon
The newsletter will have a special feature soon to feature guest blog posts from outside bloggers, several of whom have been posting up a storm on Steemit. Don’t forget, guys and gals, we want you to bring your followers/friends/members/subscribers to Steemit, also. They can give you more upvotes!

Submissions and Comments

Submitting Your Blog to the Spotlight: If you have another independent and original blog post to recommend from writers, blog authors, photographers, videographers, journalists, commentators, moviemakers, music artists, visual artists, or other fresh content creators, then please reply to this post and include the link in your posting. Other readers may upvote these also, and all ‘reply submissions’ will be considered for featured spots in upcoming issues of the Blog Spotlight.

Criteria for Evaluation: All featured blog posts are evaluated based on their originality and included here if the curator feels they help make Steemit a better place. The curator does his best to establish that these posts contain unique content, and that work includes cross-checking the content online. This is harder to do with videos and some photos, so as always, the community may decide which posts are most deserving of its upvotes.

Community comments are always welcome. Just reply to the newsletter posting thread here in #blogspotlight.

Link to Issue 1:
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Hey @donkeypong, thanks for the love and kind words! :D

Just finished a big project that's been eating away my time and energy over the last couple months so hopefully I'll have a bit more time to sink into polishing up this song and exploring some new ones pretty soon.

Steemit seems to be filled with people who see through the flawed systems of the world while appreciating the simple, interconnected systems that could save us from it which is very much the headspace I want to explore with my music so I'll definitely keep tossing things up here as I have time to pull more together. I've been needing something to motivate me to finally start writing again so this is actually really appreciated :)

I think she should be highlighted, I could organize an AMA if the community wants it.

We need to move away from steem circlejerking and start using the platform for real world stuff. :D


I had a vision for a meme about Steem circlejerking ... but I'm going to refrain. I'm currently attempting to burn the image from my brain's mempool. ;)


That may be an vision we can do without. :)


Thanks. I'll take a look. Always open to good content to feature next time!

Maybe Tuck should have tagged this one in # humor or # funny instead.

It was tagged in "funny" at the bottom. I tried to make sure people knew I was just having some fun, while making a point. ;)

Thanks for the nod!

Also I recommend @joshua's post (who I know personally) :

If you want to know anything about guns, he's the guy. He's a welcome addition to Steemit that deserves some upvotes IMHO.

Hey @Donkeypong! I'll throw my attempts at bringing BBQ to Steemit into your contest!

I have done an Intro, published an original BBQ Event Calendar, a couple of Product Reviews, a Things To Do guide, DIY Brick Pit BBQ guide, started The Latest Thing area to introduce new products, written a Sauce Article, and reblogged a Smoker Buying guide and Sauce Comparison, posted a few links to useful resources and training videos, and threw in a couple cool and funny BBQ related things.
I'm still brand new at this bbq blogging thing, does that meat the criteria? :)

What happened to #4?


It's on the way. A bit delayed because I am trying to get some other people involved. Thanks for caring! :)