The Latest Thing - The Meater: Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

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A company called Apption Labs has decided to redesign the typical BBQ meat thermometer and bring it into the current age of connected things with style. Take a look at the ultimate evolution of the BBQ temperature probe:

They took the typical BBQ thermometer and and turned it into a futuristic masterpiece. Incorporating internal and external temperature gauges, a rechargeable battery, and a wireless Bluetooth connection, all protected by stainless steel. It has been designed to withstand up to 212°F\100°C internal and 527°F\275°C external temperatures. Perfect for normal grilling, just be careful on the searing burners.

The temperature probe of the future only has to do 4 things, measure internal and external temperature, transfer the information to the cook, and look good enough to be twittered about while doing it.

The Meater probes are delivered in a butcher block base station that also doubles as a charger. The probe is rumored to be very efficient due to the use of the new Bluetooth LE (low energy) component, and they are hoping it will get up to 48 hours of use and 100 charges from the battery powered base station. (All from 1 AAA battery...)
Half of that will be just fine.

This fantastic device also connects to their app on your phone or tablet, and provides you with up to the second stats on your dinner. The Meater appears to have it all covered, and the app even includes timers for the all important resting of the meat after cooking. It will also make use of a second nearby phone or base station wifi, so it can text you when your steak reaches the perfect eating temperature, even if you are out of range!

But wait, there's more! It looks good enough to keep instagramming after cooking with too!

There is of course a master chef bundle available. It includes a butcherblock charger with 4 probes, a wireless receiver\repeater, an OLED display, speakers for alerts, and it will connect to your phone\tablet over wifi for notifications.

The promo video walks you through the worst case scenarios that will make you realize you truly need, The Meater...

I usually don't fund kickstarters or indegogo's after reading about The Coolest Cooler, but this one may just siphon a few dollars out of my wallet anyway. The Meater is currently funded at over 1250% of their goal, so I think it might be worth the risk.

The Meater is "estimated" to be released in July, right when the fabled Steem Dollars are preparing to stampede!

You can check their full promo page here if you dare, but it may cost you between 59 and 169 dollars.

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I'd really like one ......very cool!

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