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When is the best time to buy? At the terminal end of a correction. The below chart of Centra (CTR) shows that the Cup & Handle pattern is nearly complete and confirmed. The handle portion is coinciding with Elliott Wave 2 down which will abide by the a,b,c corrective wave requirements. So, the best to buy is at an end of an a,b,c correction. I believe, CTR is at or will be at any moment such a stage. I never buy everything all at once in a single transaction. Often, when one does this, the price assuredly falls below the executed buy price and as it falls even lower; the emotional distress becomes too much and causes panic sell actions. My laddering technique is explained in detail in my tutorial. Viewing it could be time well spent! The CTR target is 83,147 Satoshi or 261% higher than curernt price of 24,000 Satoshi.

It's just beautiful how the CTR/ETH is showing off nearly the exact pattern. The Cup & Handle is quite apparent; except the handle is likely to draw out an a,b,c,d,e pattern and if so, a bit more time might be needed..but not required! Target is 0.001164 ETH.

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Similar patterns across the entire space. Is this just going to keep going?

He is giving us coins which are in dip . Remember one rule , Buy low sell high .

I follow this rule too , but sometimes I buy high sell low ....

The chart looks real bullish though ! Guys don't sell it for 20% profit . This chart is a jem .Look at the Binance chart .


Centra has some big updates regarding partnerships and our #Centra Wallet coming very soon. Follow us on twitter


yeah i understand you, its boring to do just profits, sometimes need to do something different, right ? ;D

I see bull flags everywhere I look right now.......KABOOM!!!
Thx @haejin !!

Could you please do an update on DigiByte (DGB)?

That would also be a good one to do an analysis on as well!

That looks to me like it is forming a cup and perhaps also starting to form the handle, goto tradeview and look it up on the 4 hr time frame it looks allot like this one does jsut not quite as far along as CTR. JMO of course

ok an update here, there is a serious different between the DGB/BTC chart and DGB/ETH chart between exchanges Polonix or bittrex but the charts are the same on the Bittrex exchange.

what does the MCO chart say?

Nice post. I see this one having a huge price drop over the next week with the data you have provided. Centra has went up over 200% in the last 30 days. You will see a sell off / profit taking before the next huge spike in price. Centra is currently at $3.81 and should drop below $3 before the next uptrend.

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thanks @haejin how to setup on @steemit new post notification from you?

I would be happy with 100% profit .

Can you update XVG chart ?
Thanks !

Satoshi has 1 million bitcoins, if he wold sell one bitcoin , the price of bitcoin will decrease a lot ( at least a few thousand)

and what if he gives them away for free to people who really need it?
his 1million doesnt matter anymore... my opinion

WOW, you should seriously go into stock or something, if your able to make these types of analysis and predictions. You must be a millionaire.

He trades since 15 years. Stock market is highly manipulated though.

Penny Stocks are highly manipulated, small startups. Not billion dollar corporations, try manipulating Apple stock, you would have to have an unbelievable amount of money at your disposable to even think about manipulating big corporations.

Markets and big players are often manipulated by whale hedge funds.
I've started reading on that after this post from Haejin about Bitshares:

When in doubt, the correction will likely be an a,b,c,d,e triangle. The reason is because of the personality trait of Cryptos. They behave differently from stocks which is often heavily manipulated and so the waves are often bend or stretched. However, cryptos reflect a more purer, unadulterated reflection of sentiment and thus its personality features are easily and readily identifiable as they hare highly repetitive.

You think ICOs don't pump and dump? These cheap coins are hella manipulated. Look at TRON comes out of no where and one day it was sitting at 6 market cap! You think big pockets weren't pumping it, and then taking everyone for a ride and cashing out? Crypto is just as manipulated as wall street if not more.

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Stocks? (Lol)
Cryptocurrency is more profitable.

It's more profitable yes, but it's less stable. Both Stocks and Cryptocurrency are both somewhat unstable but stocks are far more stable.

i bet he done it already and went out of there, got a house, food every day, no worries, why go back to do this sh** again... better to be in a bull market like cryptos

EW analysis is used for stocks ;-)

You're technical analysis are great, I would greatly appreciate if you did one of Enigma as I recently wrote a review of this myself which you can see here but would be great to see your thoughts on the price forecast https://steemit.com/steem/@tspink/enigma-cryptocurrency-review

@resteem your post again..

100% profit


upvote follow resteem :)

Thank you @haejin.
Resteemed 😉

I really like your cryptocurrencey , carry on your life my friend

thanks for your helpful post....thanks for sharing us....@resteem

you as a good analyst tell me what you think about Dimecoin?

I love Experty because it is an innovative tool for improving the area of expert advice based on a decentralized network blockchain

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I don´t. and I don´t like the way that they are carrying on the ICO process and that.
But if we are talking about coins market, I don´t care about them. I take care of the trend, waves and graphics!

Thanks Haeijin!

Your ZEC analysis prediction from 2 months ago is about to come through.


Hello Master! greetings from Argentina!
Do you still think that Civic (CVC) will rise up ? i suposse its having corrections? i bought some the other day following your post... by the way, that day you said rdd was going to 193 satoshi and today reached 192 , ajajaj what a master ! and thanks for that!! i bougth some RDD that day cause of you

Hola guaso, argentina aca tambien. Que plataforma usas para entrar en el sistema? Tengo curiosidad...

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Nice scenario for CTR in terms of Technical Analysis.

I wrote an In-depth Report in terms of Fundamental Analysis with solid valuation methods for CTR. Both with Technical and Fundamental analysis would be helpful for investors.

Due to your post, got broad scenario, Thank you~

thanks resteem done!

This is good chart. I like it.
Thank you so much !