ZCash (ZEC) Projections Remain Unchanged, Despite Healthy Correction!

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I like ZCash (ZEC) not for the subterfuge attribute; but for the Technical Perspectives...bullish! Yes, one might be thinking how a bullish sentiment can exist during a correction...very simple, awareness of the higher degree of trends. The best way to perceive this is to not confuse the trees from the forest. While price at a microwave level can flick around like a fish out of the ware, the Ocean remains calm and undisturbed. The below chart contains my prior, original markings, pretty close and now the wave 2 correction is in progress. Not too shabby.

Here is the larger degree of trend perspective which ebs and flows with ease and calm. The microwaves seem nothing more than a tempest in a tea cup! A forgiveable event because it mattered none to the higher degree, real waves. My original targets remain solid!

I'm discerning a probable fractal between the previous correction and current decline. The green boxes show the fractal potential region. What are fractals? They are highly similar but not exact patterns. So, per this, we could see another Cup & Handle or another form of extended, lateral, lengthy correction. They have to live up to their genetic syndrome of Hurry Up & Wait!

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This dip has invalidated many of the previously posted elliot counts. Aka it basically invalidates your supposed TA. Are you going to do recounts for them? Looks like you were just stabbing in the dark with lines and shapes if you couldn’t warn that most coins were actually in a wave 5 and a correction imminent. Instead posting that impending “explosions” were nearing. The opposite of what happened. You say do no harm but many bought in recently on your suggestions and have lost huge.

if you are buying just because of his post u deserve to lose money...

If you get conned by a con artist it’s not just your fault is it?


I hope you are right. It has not pumped like the other coins.

My many friends are buying zcash and even according to them zcash mining is still profitable. I just hope best for them.

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everything is getting hit today


@kimjongpoo is coming for you!! Ignorant master will never reply to a petty fool like you!

Zcash mining is yet gainful. I simply seek best after all investor.

So in the last three posts you were talking about a 'woosh' to come. The last bit of the C wave. Now my question is, would a smart investor sell now and buy at the 'end' of the C wave? Or do you only ladder in now with cash on hand?

You say all the time that this correction can only be used by people with cash cash cash. But I do not see how people with 100% in crypto's can't just sell 30% now and ladder in with that 30%. It would still be more profitable according to your analysis? Or is the probability not likely enough to execute this strategy? Would like to hear your thoughts on this and the thoughts of other readers.

Of course you can, I did it with a few coins yesterday. But then you will have to keep a close watch and have a very good sense of when the market will turn. I sold and put in but orders right away, and that worked really well. but I just woke up to XDN having rised 23%, a real bummer because I was hoping for a bigger fall so i missed the train on that one. My point is that for most inexperienced trader it is prob best to just HODL as we know the market will turn again soon... I think that it is important to trade the way that is best for you, and not just listen to others...

Thanks for your advice. I guess I will just HODL... It is hard to make the correct call in these times.

Yeah heard that.. it's growing more day by day. Lucky are those who invested in Zcash before 1 year.

Muchas gracias por la información

Your bottles of beer is on me...cheers

which exchange is best to get zcash?

I like Bittrex, good volume there.

information received and well understood.
am willing to risk investing on zcash cause its business and cant be business without risks.
thanks for shearing @haejin

mining the -F- out of ZEC --!

Wow I love your content already! New follow and upvote from me ! Look forward to seeing more in depth analysis from you in the future. :)

Any updates on TRX?

ZEC is in my crosshairs for later this month, so it should take its time ;)

Hi, thank you for everything you do!
Can you please update XVG and TRX
Thank You

Is verge on his end off a correction? or 1 more wave down?

thank you ,this was hel[ful %100 apvote from @jordanlove

Thank you for this analysis, if you have time could you do ZenCash?
It looks like it's fractalizing triangles but im having trouble reading them
Screenshot 2018-01-16 at 13.50.48.png

a very valuable teaching, thank you for sharing your friend's success. I like every post you

Edward snowden likes zcash, that guy is super smart and techy, that should be a good reason to buy that alone.

thanks, happy today

I like you this post

So now you claim....because you didn't predict this collapse and advise everyone to move into pegged tokens...."awareness of higher degree of trends" is necessary to understand your supposed valuable analysis? What total horsefeathers. 😂

Why did you not advise your followers to move into pegged assets?


Everyone does realise there’s so much confirmation bias dont they? If he keeps calling for coins to go up from points where they’re obviously low and in correction, they will eventually go up because there’s nowhere left for it to drop. I can just repeatedly call for coins to go up and ill be right because eventually they will - days, weeks, months, years down the track they will.

But no one mentions it or calls him out when it goes the opposite way of his calls. They just say “Oh yeah, it’s all just part of the correction - he doesn’t have a crystal ball you know”. But then when it goes up - “he’s a genius!”

Where was his call that we were at the terminal end of a wave 5 with nearly all the altcoins and it was time to bail? He often says that best time to sell is terminal end of wave 5. If he’s such a master of TA why couldnt he see the obvious snowball rolling down the hill towards us?

Either, 1. His TA is really not that great. 2. He’s playing us all for fools. 3. He’s just stabbing in the dark in a bull market.

@kimjongpoo is coming for you!! Ignorant master will never reply to a petty fool like you!

AriseBank CEO Jared Rice has confirmed announcement will happen today of buyout of 2 banks. If you have bts HOLD and stop selling. If you have reserve coins buy bts now before the boom.642AD9C5-C45A-4A0D-8EFA-F73873B2972F.png

Thanks a great deal for the news. Not that I was expecting to sell. But now I feel like putting even more into this.

For any interested traders, we are a pump group at around 1k members at the moment! Join our group early now so you can be one of the first members to help pump up our randomized coins! Spread the word and invite close friends! This is the link: https://discord.gg/4uJECJU

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