BitShares (BTS) is Consolidating for the NEXT MOVE UP!!

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**NOTE: I know there is a bit of a mayhem from the haters and the THUGS of STEEMIT like @themarkymark and @bernisanders and his gang. I however, will continue posting and help STEEMIANS profit with my analysis and WILL NOT back down. They want to silence me and if they could, destroy my blogs and UpVotes. WHY? MY popularity TAKES AWAY FROM THEIR SHARE OF THE BIG PIE THEY USED TO GET!!

TO ALL MY UPVOTERS!! Thank you! Please consider ADDING MORE STEEM POWER so as to deflect all the NONSENSE @themarkymark and his BFF @berniesanders are throwing at us! Remember, an UPVOTE WITHOUT ANY STEEM POWER has minimal impact. EVEN if you have $500 in STEEM POWER; your UPVOTE WILL MAKE A HUUUUGGGGEE DIFFEERNCE!

Here is an article that shows exactly HOW to ADD STEEM POWER:**

Bitshares (BTS) has now gone up as high as $0.89; very close to tagging and retiring my $0.92 target. BTS has now generated 1,800% PROFIT since the BUY recommendation at $0.045!!! I believe my blog has performed far better than a chimp throwing darts and I disagree with others who say my evidence of performance is worse than the chimp's.

The below chart is quite attractive because it clearly messages that price is in a brief interlude of a consolidation phase. Once complete, I believe the $0.92 can easily be taken out. I've updated the Elliott Waves as well and so the wave 3 target could take us above the sub $1 range to $1.26!!! This is very exciting for those who followed my analysis since $0.045!!

Please consider reviewing these Tutorials on:
Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #1
Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #2
Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #3
Laddering and Buy/Sell Setups.
Laddering Example with EOS
Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


This is good news, considering I got in between .05 and .15.

BTS is built on top of the Graphene high performance blockchain, which means that it is capable of maintaining the current transaction speed of up to 3 seconds (limited by the speed of light in fibre optics cable) and scale comfortably to 100,000 transaction per second in the future. This incredible performance capability allows BTS the throughput to successfully take market share from the traditional fiat financial platform and banking sector. To put this huge throughput in perspective, this enables the network to carry out more transactions that the VISA and Mastercard networks combined are able to process.

Looking forward to more good news out of BTS.

i am glad that all of you like my information. I will try to provide such information time to time in future.

Perhaps there is a market for someone to add a basic fundamental analysis to the coins @haejin suggests? If you prove yourself good, i.e. use professional methods, I would follow you instantly :)

yeah that's what i am trying to do and trust me soon i will come up with professional methods.

Thanks for the info.
Hopefully BTS will be the one used by these institutions.

your welcome.. yeah there are strong chances of this.

With the Margin Loans of smart assets like BitUSD and BitCNY, Bitshares becomes an alternative instrument for derivatives markets which is a multi trillion dollar market. 1 Trillion dollar market cap for Bitshares wouldn't be too far fetched in the coming years. Exciting times ahead! This is one to HODL!

yup it will gonna give some cash to all..

Nah BTS is going to be volatile always, not for HODLing...

Think "Goldman-Sachs"

Think "4 beautiful Lambos"!

Think "PJ" (private jet for all non rap fans)

hahaha lol.. think for unlimited steem power

Thank you !

"This is very exciting for those who followed my analysis since $0.045!!"

I'm proud to be of those ones. Thanks to Haejin, I should be able to have my balls covered with pure gold very soon.

That's gonna burn!

Be sure I'll let you know!

Sooooooooo....have you done it yet? :-p

I think you have been spot on with Bitshares. I have been in since .048 cents. :)

GO, GO BTS. I'm waiting for you at $342.

YAY, look at my chart I did last night. Remarkably similar bounces. I am learning @haejin!

BTS 2018-01-02 at 9.56.28 PM.png

good job!


I appreciate it @barsic and @lijiang....What @haejin says is true, that the best gift he can give us is the ability to discern some things for ourselves. What a gracious teacher!

Thanks for not giving up on us little guys! Upvoted resteemed..... thanks for your dedication and hard work!!

I think it is really Bitshares' time to shine. As one of the most used cryptos in the market, it is still extremely undervalued. The best selling point for me is that we know the team behind Bitshares. This is invaluable info.

I have been a fan of Bitshares ever since I really looked into it. I was lucky enough to witness the price drop from 15 cents down to below 5 cents and bought the whole way down!

It was one of the smartest things I have ever done in my life.

i believe in your calculation brother i wish i was good enough to buy some bitshares for future thanks for the prediction

"This is very exciting for those who followed my analysis since $0.045!!"

This is very exciting for those who followed my analysis since $0.30, $0,40, $0,50, $0,60, $0,70, $0,80!

BTS has just been so steady, chugging along since it started rising from 5 cents. Really just a beautiful chart, no crazy extensions, no huge corrections, just steady as she goes!

Is haejin accurate ?

Everything about how accurate he is in predicting !

very accurate!

i am looking forward to a 10$ bts, if not at the end of 2018!!

Yeah, today I bought some more Bts, I think 2018 will be a great year fot Bitshares and 80 cents still a bargain!

I grabbed a few hundred of bts several days ago and hodling. Thanks for the heads up.

Grab a few hundred more! 😃

there was a massive crash the other day, worryingly so

And it found strong support at 71 cents which if you look at the week and month charts, it is still holding very strong growth. Now it's back up to 85 cents. It won't be <$1 for much longer it seems. Go Bitshares!

do you think we'll see it under 80c again before the 90 cent support line?
Thanks :)

I doubt it. It's bumping against this upper trend line, parallel to the hypotenuse of the ascending right triangle. It already got denied a couple times. When it finally breaks through, it should push well past a dollar and then it's doubtful that it even gets below a dollar again on the wave iv. Here's my chart:
Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.33.13 PM.png

That's not a massive crash... That's a healthy correction after a massive increase in a very short time.

Thanks for your analysis. But could you please consider adding BTS/BTC pair next time? To me, the main purpose for trading is to increase the amount of BTC owned. US dollar is not of concern.

Excellent information as always.

If I could provide a middle ground opinion I think what you bring to Steem is people not content. Steem users are use to payouts being content based with a few whales getting payouts due to investments. You @heajjin are getting paid due to outside fame(unless you care to argue that each article you post is worth thousands of USD in its own right).

This new aspect of Steem is confusing to people and the fact that you exist outside of the general Steem community is scary to some. How about you checkout some of our other content, and try to spread a bit of love? I’m sorry you got such a rude welcome but I don’t think returning the favor will help anyone. What hobbies do you have? Maybe I could suggest people to follow.

Edit: I’m reposting this in hopes it’ll be seen by those involved

This is interesting to me as an outsider, coming from other social networks where content providers are not paid in money but either in synergy, SEO value (something most people won't know even exists), or not at all. So out of interest I would ask, a- do you think that the typical content created by steemit users is superior to what can be found at other social networks (examples), and b- be that so or be that not so, do you think steemit can remain an exclusive island of people you describe, whose number would obviously have to stay limited ? You would have to build a wall, and in fact that is exactly what berniesanders is trying to do.

I think you might’ve missed my point. I’m saying I think that if you get this many users interested in your content you’ve earned the pay whether or not the article alone is worth it or not.

I think people like @haejin are being paid for their article plus outside fame. This makes sense to me but I think it’s upsetting to internally famous Steem users. I’m merely suggesting easing the pain by integrating into the Steem community.

If you want to keep the perspective focused on steemit, which I think is surreal as more people from "outside" are coming in, I don' t really see haejin as such an outsider.
He did produce youtube videos - but not remotely as much as others do. He started to do mass postings when he was already here... there's another youtube crypto expert who recently came here, being downvoted by berniesanders now, and he hadn't even been posting much or earned much money at all. This isn't going to work for long, paradise lost.
It was a rather unimpressive paradise anyway, sorry about that - the old steemians will just have to live with the vibrant DIVERSITY of it.

I’m fine with it just trying to give suggestions to ease the integration.

Golden words my friend. Don't forget to Add the MASSIVE profits to the equation. I was actually doing well even before @haejin. But now I'm doing even better and some people who used to loose money are also making tons of profits. That's an amazing service with zero cost to use. Shifu has made it. Shifu has earned it.

So, what you're basically saying is that integration works two ways, and that the Sanders clan should actually read haejin's posts and make a ton of money instead of bitching about steem privilege ?
You see, I totally understand them, theirs is a natural reaction - I just think it's also an impractical one.

actually read haejin's posts and make a ton of money instead of bitching about steem privilege ?

And they would't have to pay a single penny for all those MASSIVE profits and they don't even have to upvote if they don't feel like it. Drama solved and everybody makes money.

@travelersmemoire. I really have problem understanding your arguments. Insider, outsider, getting paid by their article plus outside fame. You are thinking in circles. That's not getting anywhere except you are indulging yourself in your own circular way of thinking. In my opinion, that's a waste of time. Haejin does great analysis, that I know as I have been trading for sometime and have paid lots of money to follow someone's service. Haven't seen one quite as good. A good content is what I support and many others do too, maybe not you. There is no such thing as insider or outsider. People come and go, it's fluid like the water. BernieSanders and the likes talked like communists. Some actual talked very jealous but nothing much coming from their heads. You don't worry about the middle ground you want to play. Go ahead and love yourself enough so you are more clear as to who you show love to.

I came here because of @haejin too +1

I was here before @haejin came but I’ve got no hate for anyone. If you’re getting this many votes you’ve gotta be providing content some people love.

@travelersmemoire. Does it really matter you came here first? This is not a matter of seniority in a union house. Because Haejin is providing content some people love, that's why he is getting that many votes. There are always trouble makers who are jealous and want to downvote. Stop thinking in circles!

I think you misunderstood his reply :) I came here because of @haejin, @travelersmemoire was here before @haejin, seems like we both follow @haejin, he is just a good content provider, and a wallet fattener.

I’m not trying to say it matters just stating when I joined. As I said above I’ve got no problem with him getting votes. Just making a suggestion that could help ease tensions.

Hey @haejin, you may remember me making fun of your cat eating through your mic chord back in June. Haven't been replying so much lately but as a witness of your early days I feel I need to state my recollections of events and what opportunity would be better fitting than below a Bitshares post?

For those who weren't there at the time; Heajin used to talk a lot about his trading experiences, his travels, always a - somewhat trivial - local weather report and all kind of stuff that seemed personal and real (I emphasize as there seems to be doubt about this on the platform). All this theater was not yet around and literally every question was answered and every analysis request honored. His following practically forced him to start making video's (it used to be all text and charts), which was quite entertaining as he was clearly not experienced in this.

At that time Haejin, you made around 50 views and 2 to 10 USD per post with a following of ~200. No one was sure what to make of your shit and we were trying to see if there was some truth in these waves. This went on for months and followers like me were getting the feeling that this guy was not going to deliver. Ok some of the BTC calls were made, but there were mistakes too and most importantly, a majority of the coins that got called to rise did not do anything other than bleed.

Then came November and the rest is history (in the making)

Two points of disclamation that people should keep in mind (imho):

  • Practically all coins have gone up since November
    Solution: This is not a problem, just something to realise

  • A tiny part of the calls are simply wrong
    Solution: Spread your chances

I am still not 100% convinced that these patterns actually exist or that it's more a mathematical certainty that you will find repeating waves if you adjust timescales accurately enough. BUT, as the emperical evidence is strong enough for me I will continue to act according to Heajin's advice and be thankful for it.

At Haejin once more, WOW I had never expected the kind, docile, East Coast analist to become this raging ball of fire that Steemit seems to fuel on lately. It is truely awesome to watch, although I can't really follow everything. I hope you and the other formidable players involved can reconcile at a certain point in time. It is natural for influence to be challenged in any system, so perhaps one day the discussion does not have to be so personal anymore. Steem on!

When Bernie Sanders was denied an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's because it was 10:35, he roundhouse kicked the store so hard it became a Wendy's.

I have been a big follower since I discovered this blog. I believed in Haejin and entered BTS at .05. As I wrote before, 10% of all my profits will go to charity. If Haejin can help all of us make a profit, so shall I help those less fortunate. Keep it up.

You may want to delete this post and repost without mentioning your holdings. Keeping that private is probably smart. Only sharing that out of love. Onward and upward! Love that you want to support charity with the abundance!

Here is my TA (I've got charts going for all my investments and trying to "fish" for myself:) :
Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.53.08 AM.png

So if we are using binance/bittrex, where only the BTC pair is available, does your chart suggest (not offer financial advice :) ),
that it will come back to about 5500 sats one more time?
Thankyou for the graph.
I'm still confused as to why people use the USD chart when you can't trade this for USD?

I don't know what's going to happen but I am tired of this flag war. No one is winning and all of us are losing. With that being said BitShares all the way!!!

Why can't everybody love everybody!! <3

Money, religion, fear.

Successful guys used to met haters.
Never give up bro. Keep helping us.

Looks like break out just begun :)

Thank you Haejin!

Bitcoin Is really high making huge profit

There is no Esc key on Bernie Sanders' keyboard, because no one escapes Bernie Sanders.

So he is Chuck Norris...

When Bernie Sanders sends in his taxes, he sends blank forms and includes only a picture of himself, crouched and ready to attack. Bernie Sanders has not had to pay taxes, ever.

You must have huge investment in BTS and you looking for buyers at higher levels....

Thank you. Bought this on your recommendation along with XVG, Speadcoin, Stox and many others. Great stuff.

Haejin, the steem power link doesn't exist. Any other instructions on how to up vote with steem power?

@cktaco. You first have to have Steem in your wallet, then you click on your Steem and choose Power up. That would convert your Steem into Steem Power. Long explanation here:

AMP has fallen since your post about it going up

Have Some Patience You will see it on the Higher Highs very soon

Really dude? Most retarded post I've seen so dar today.

@parisienne. If you say retard, you got to have a good reason. What's your good reason?

Most people fear the Reaper. Bernie Sanders considers him "a promising Rookie".

A toast to the 'chimp throwing darts' ;)

@haejin, Thanks for update. Upvoted and going to add more steem power.

Stay consistent and do not let yourself be relativized. It's about principles here. Action reaction.
Greeting Montaquila

$300 by the end of 2018 :)

Nice post! Thanks for sharing your expert analysis on bitshare and bitcoin performances. Keep it up. I follow and upvote you.


Do you ever stop whining -- or retaliating?

Thank you for not backing down and not letting the losers win. I appreciate it. March on and let the naysayers fall.

@haejin stop caring about those idiots.
Can't you see how many people love you already?

Thanks for update...a calm in the crypto storm...Is KCS on your radar screen?

Don't forget me! @hygiene.

Im a Bts holder since 0.09$.....keep mooning....waiting for that 6.5$ mark :)

Thank you haejin!!!
i did a mistake 2 weeks ago and a big chunk of my $ is blocked into KOMODO.....bought it when was 15$.......can you PLEASE MAKE a post about KMD?!....THANK YOU !

Awesome Haejin...We Love you

Hahaha...haters and the THUGS of STEEMIT indeed. Got reasons for labeling these guys?....Nice post anyway.

Upvoted and Resteemed

Thank you, Sir!

Oh to have found haejin earlier, before I lost a lot of money with dumb trades.
Now I am starting to increase the value my portfolio by learning the ropes, thanks to haejin and all other contributors on steemit.

Can you make an analysis of THC (Hempcoin)? Thanks :)

Thank you for your very good analysis. Appreciate you sharing

If you didn't follow @Haejin you may have never seen this lol...
Thanks Connie :) @bluerocktalk

Lockup your BTS by borrowing the "HERO" and create more buying pressure 💪

Help your favorite charity by contributing to the Billion Hero Campaign 🙏🌞🌚🌌

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