Bitshares (BTS): A Projected Price Pathway

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Bitshares (BTS) is not a dead coin and it's not going away nor to be debunked technically or fundamentally. Time is almost always extended in the Altcoin corrections, and this time around probably won't be an exception. Please review past posts on that detail the Hurry Up & Wait theory. The below chart has the current correction labeled as a complex correction (blue wxyxz). Price is expected to breakout from the triangle but would likely lead to additional sideways action.

The blue line indicates a projected price pathway for Bitshares (BTS). Most accumulations occur during the "basin" phases. This pathway also fractals pretty well with the priro rise and correction. What was that? You don't want to wait until end of May for the correction to finish? That has to be a self made decision.

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Any clue as to why you think the correction will end at the end of May or is that just an educated guess?

He doesn't project time. Only take price action into account. He doesn't mean correction will end in may.

Well he’s the one that said it in his post, so just was curious if he had some indicator if he had a feeling it was going to be done correcting at the end of May. Or else why would be say end of May?

What was that? You don't want to wait until end of May for the correction to finish? That has to be a self made decision.

I got it as a sarcasm for those who can not HODL and want precisely that - the exact date. Then they can blame others if that did not happened.

Yeah that makes sense, you’re right. It’s more like HODL until it’s done correcting.

He is NOT saying that. It's just where the line happened to land. He does not predict time. The example simply has to fall somewhere. Happens to be may in this freehand example.

Keep buying till the correction ends

Haha 😂😂

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Honestly i got no idea why that time frame

Thanks for the update @haejin , we really appreciate it!!!

My favorite coin

Same here man! I truly believe in BTS !

Thanks Haejin. Watched Crypto Connie interviewed Clif High on youtube. Mentioned BTS and Clif High said it's a shit coin ( from what I understand), meaning like the coin does not have a limit and that the algorithm is not great, something like that, I am not a techie. I simply don't know, I have some BTS. Haejin said it would go to around $342. Clif high has made such a name to himself, but I am not his full blown supporter. Anyone has any opinions?

Haejin predicted the price from TA point of view - of what is theoretically possible if Bitshares project is around long enough. Clif from his point of view - what he knows about Bitshares. Both can be right and wrong.

@scorer. If the project lasts, well said. Will follow the community and keep an eye on thing. Thanks.

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@scorer. I was checking into Binance, seems good.

Clif High hasn't done any research. He's probably referring to the fact that it's not decentralized, even though it's orders of magnitude more decentralized than other PoW and PoS coins. Look up Dan Larimer's blog post on the subject. Bts is coming to Eos, and it already does 21% of all crypto traffic. I think the haters are gonna wake up one day wondering why they didn't buy at .14

tamwin33, good to know. Thanks.

That was a strange interview. up until then I had thought he was the prodical regarding crypto, however he said a lot of things in the interview which were incorrect. He made reference to mining for some projects that don't do mining ! I was surprised at the simple mistakes he made.

Regarding price I'm a long term holder but it's not going to get anywhere near $342 if it got to $50 I'd have cashed out and headed for the hills

Thanks batfinkler. Very helpful. I've also started to question more of what Clif High said.

Very plausible. I would even have expected a june/july forecast ever since Quintric will have launched, thus offering the possibility to acquire gold, silver... via Bitshares.

Notwithstanding the launch of EOS.

I think nobody cares about tokens running on top of BTS, unfortunately.

@Haejin, would you say are as bullish longterm on bitshares as you were in the past?

The Elliott Waves don’t lie, hes still bullish, he mentioned in one of the videos on the recent BitShares posts he still favors BitShares and thinks everything is going to be decentralized.

He sad in many of his videos that bitshares is his primary coin, steem as well.

As with crypto, it is even advisable to take your eyes off in the first quarter the year as evidenced by the past. Except if you have the cash to buy more.

I believe the second quarter of this year would be steady then comes the third quarter where the hype began and it is moon time.

Need more reference

Thank for Information.

Keep an eye for Bitshares in the upcoming weeks...they are partnering with Quint to introduce a new Fiat gateway!!! This is major we all know the challenges on introducing fiat into crypto.

Nice information about BTS sir... Thanks for sharing

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Good post

You still think this coin will hit $380 some day?

Probably not for another half decade but we got time lol

That is almost impossible... there are many other DEX out there, plus with Bitfinex building on top of EOS and Binance crating its own DEX nobody will care about BTS.
To me Bitshares looks abandoned and I was also kind of disappointed by Dan's comment about Steem (how he wants to build completely new social web page on top of EOS). Dan likes to build new stuff and he doesn't really cares too much about his previous projects.
I know Stan has plans to integrate BTS into EOS but I am not so sure BTS will benefit from it. Why do you want to run your exchange gateway on BTS when you can build your own exchange (using open source project code) on top of EOS ?
I personally invest mostly in EOS these days. It is going to be huge.

Why make a new DEX when you have already made bitshares Dex that was never hacked and its running for 4 years.
And why would he found something like bitfinex when he made bitshares?

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thanks for info

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