WAVES Is Riding the ELLIOTT Waves towards >100% Profit Potential!!

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So, at first sight, you can probably see how similar WAVES is to QTUM!! The similarity is uncanny. This means that the sentiment that drives both coins is quite similar. Most likely, many of the buyers of QTUM and also buying WAVES. The chart below shows WAVES completing an a,b,c,d,e consolidation and yes, WAVES also loves triangle patterns. Once complete, the target would be $24.83 or HIGHER!

The WAVES/BTC pair shows that it decisively broke OUT of the very long and large downward pointing symmetrical triangle. Now this triangle is bullish because it's pointing downwards. Why does indicate bullish propensity for price? From the beginning of this triangle, there are plenty of sellers. However, as the price decreases, the number of sellers decrease. The triangle also has a contracting barrier and this limits the degree of up and down price can have. As price continues to decline, the sellers are nowhere to find and so only buyers remain and that's why price explodes!!

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Been buying Waves since $2.40.


Good choice that's setting up for an excellent return. The question will be will you hold past the $24 or sell. In fact this is my question for all but a few of my positions. When should someone finally sell and take profits. I'm mostly holding long positions but am starting to dabble in some trades.

If you look at Apple or Microsoft at their beginning and would still be holding today, you would be up incredible multiples. Microsoft looks like it was $0.12/share in 1986. Today they are at $86.35/share. You would be up today 718X. I believe the underlying blockchain technology to all of these cryptos has a chance to repeat the big tech winners from the 80's.


I’m thinking same thing MICROSOFT 🎣📈🌊💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀💰🚀💰🚀💰🚀


And buy when haejin says to buy or wait for a big correction. Be a contrarian and you will do well.


But still can't know which will survive. I see cryptos being like the dot com boom. Many website IPO started but a very small percentage of them are present now. Many cryptos are available right now, but only a few of them will survive over time.


Go to coinmarketcap.com and start clicking on cryptos. When you go to one of their pages, you will see in the upper left hand side a link for their website. Look at what the business is behind the crypto and decide if it is well conceived, solving a real problem, creating a big opportunity to disrupt a market or it's simply a me too crypto. Only invest in the ones that have a real business in the making. I've read on some of the websites completely general blah blah blah and I run from those.


I remember those days :)


I remember them but was still in high school so not even a thought about investing in them back then. We have another life changing opportunity in front of us. It a great time to be alive and investing!


I agree with you, it is a great time to be alive. I invested a lot in WAVES and STRATIS in October. But now I have sold some of them to buy other coins like VIBERATE. VIB is my favorite coin at moment.


me to! Intending to hodl those for a long long time to come yet ;)

Could you please do an update on EOS? 🚀


Agreed EOS is such an interesting currency to follow

Great information sir.

please make sure before blaming @haejin that the account name that is supposedly making the posts is spelled with an AE instead of an EA. There is an imposter.

Thanks @haejin. As always, great stuff -- appreciate it very much. When you get a chance, can you take a look at Pakcoin (PAK). Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

Thank you for the TA! Will it be possible to have some insights on where to learn to do that too?

Hey Haejin, could u have a look at NGC https://hitbtc.com/exchange/NGC-to-USDT and eBTC https://hitbtc.com/exchange/EBTC-to-USDT? NGC looks very promising with low supply, made a run from 1$ to 4$ in the first week. eBTC made a run to ~.80$ a couple of weeks ago, correction seems to be complete whats your thoughts? thaaanx ;)

Thank you Haejin. No Steem at the moment but will re-Steem everything I can, after seeing your previous two posts have been down voted.

That took place in minutes. What a load of crap these people are.

I like the sound of bullish! Alot of potential for this coin

Thank you for the useful insight!!!

great information @haejin.I like your post and following.

I like

@heajin what do you think about my chart?

Waves buy wall !!!!


Get in before it moon .


Seems next is EOS in line for a jump. Thanks to @haejin. Better buy it when it is low.

Funny how many of these coins haejin has analyzed I owned at one time waiting for them to "moon"...oh well...can't own them all...

BTS...EOS...KCS....TAAS....GAS....(notice a pattern here?)...to the moon.


yep, same bro, i always sell them too soon because i was clueless and full of fud. haejin gives us the confidence to hold. amiright?


Amen...the calm among the storm...

I agree fully.

I have high hopes for my Waves, just a bit bummed out with all the phishing attempts in their name lately, especially on facebook, I hope that will pass and isn't going to influence this platform negatively

so you are predicting bitcoin will be around $8,000 mid-2018 then? If .0029 sats is $25...???

@haejin Advice needed. Dont have enough money to buy every oppurtunity so now what do I do. I cant ladder in everywhere

What is wrong with all those spam comments here under @haejin blogposts?

Great analysis as always! Thank you @haejin !

Waves has some decent profit potential - i like the pick.

Some great detail, thanks

Holding on ETH for the >1200 bullish

Waves 🌊 baby
Can’t beat it!