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I'm seeing too many disappointed whines and groans for Verge! Stop it! You need simply to become more aware to keep such emotions at bay! The below chart shows a beautiful a,b,c,d,e pattern inside a triangle. Waves a,b and c are done and once d and e are complete, EXPLOSION!!

Damn! Look how similar the XVG/BTC pair is to the XVG/USD!! This means the two pair concur in sentiment and we will see a rise in XVG that will be a sight to behold!!

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


your signal is very accurate! thanks!

Haha that's what I thought. I have been holding this bag of xvg and ignoring a lot of fud lately. I appreciate your analysis. I know in this crypto space to be worried if there isn't fud, so was glad to see all these whining, fear based comments today. Keep up the great work on these articles.

No thanks to John McAfee.

Yeah me too mate. Bought it late but in the dip for 0,13 cents so the only way is HODL and UP.

I joined XVG club short before the recent spike, and it returned to the initial value since then, but I am pretty sure that it will grow. Maybe not today, maybe not next week, but I am not in a hurry.

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What if they miss their Wraith release deadline again? will you still hold faith in their dev team. Verge is amateur hour...could move to ATH but too much risk IMO

Wraith has no deadline, its been released. You can use it. The dev team explained that they are polishing it up and bug fixing. Then they will add it to the official Verge website for download. Can't Wait.

What deadline? Don’t see one posted.

Wraith is already released mate, check this article from VERGE Contributor

Ha, Ha....:) me too tats what i tought also.

Haejin says buy or sell, purely off technical analysis using Elliot wave. !

I really see strong potential in what XVG has to offer to the community. Thankful that there is a correction that gave me an opportunity to buy in. So long as the developers keep working hard and we supporters don't give up.

I wonder how high will it go
When will it hit a $1.00

Same, I'm holding. I plan on selling half when it hits the right price. And holding the rest for LONG TERM. I trust this coins & its development/community & purpose.

me too! but the current team can mess up everything...

I dipped out on this coin with a overall profit with the New Years Wraith Deadline that seemed silly & unprofessional. I don't care what the Elliot Waves say on this one, but good luck to those still in it & respect to Haejin on his take.

I ultimately do think this coin is going up, but I'm trying to invest more of my $ in coins I believe in long term that need less day to day consideration & with a much smaller amount of funds dedicated to just 2 or 3 coins like this at a time that I need to keep a closer eye with less severe ups & downs & I trust FUD to not destroy it on a random day.

Despite 4 separate FUD attacks and constant online trolling the community did not really dump Verge. This is a very good sign. It really offers something new that other privacy coins do not . Your IP address is always concealed and your block-chain address can be visible or concealed depending on your preference! This is VITAL! A full stealth coin with no option to toggle on/off can not be used in purchases (because the vendor can not confirm that the money is received) hence will never be really main stream. If wraith was successfully released and advertised before the new year it would have already reached 0.70 cents. Nevertheless Verge will be one of the big winners of the Coin wars! Stick to it or at least always keep a close eye!

There are already a lot of coins doing that man.. Just do a little research, this coin has failed to deliver a working product, and missed a lot of promises. I'm glad I got out at 0.20$

same, I rode the wave from .06 to .22 and now I am OUT. Dev team is unprofessional.

See ya later pumpkin. Dunno why you’re here commenting that you left XVG.

It is very healthy for Verge, that you have such a weak hand.

I suggest having a long term (not to trade) portfolio and a trading portfolio. Even haejin talked about his long term portfolio set aside to hold and he's a professional trader. Here is an example: I had a $3716 position in XLM at $0.0147. I sold out for 80% profit. Now its at $0.569. If I would had held the position would be worth >$143,000. I think there are excellent trading opportunities given the awesome volatility in cryptos. But when there is a awesome business behind a coin, you want to buy a small position and hold it.

Also not seeing anything on the horizon, event-wise for XVG which leads me to believe most market moves will be market manipulation going forward

I am surprised you don't have 2 Verge wallets for example. One for a LONG HODL and one for trading.

Agreed - the marketing dept needs some help

Verge falls into the category of privacy coins. All privacy coins will do well as more and more investors are forced to conceal their trading habits. Government regulations as well as criminal activity moving into crypto will only increase the demand for these coins and others like Monero, Dash, ZCash, PIVX, etc.

It is wheels up for Verge, which is just coming off a little dip.

its not unprofessional they cant release bugy software

Who said they released buggy software? Wraith isn't released yet. But its available for download to allow people to try it. It's not available on the official Verge website at the moment.

unfortunately for naysayers, the price has been going up for the past 2hrs, seems like Lee was right on this one

You guys make me laugh lol

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Amazing idea. I literally have master Lee's page save to the homepage on my phone and check in every hour lol.

what app did you use to make your portfolio?



@Haejin Congratulations on reaching 10,000 followers! Much deserved!!

I've been following XVG pretty heavily and wanted to point out that the A,B,C,D,E correction is Wave 2 of the Supermillennium. Thanks Haejin!

really would to see a chart on that! anychance you can pull one up?

2018 is expected to be a good year for Privacy coins. With Verge's wraith protocol support around the corner for all platforms, its going to be a good year for Verge. Patience will be key and XVG HODLers will reap the benefits!


Have to agree. So many people sold Verge way too prematurely. Verge with Wraith is simply one of a kind at this point. HODL and ride this train for as long as we can. I believe in this project.

HODLing is a great choice with Verge. Happy times ahead!!!

Yep, agree as well. With this extremely bullish market, I would not be surprised to see XVG hit $4-5.00 by mid summer.

This week a bunch of weak hands are selling, and I'm throwing every penny I can at it while it's under 1000. I've never watched such an effective FUD campaign run on a coin with so much volume. Verge is definitely in my hodl portfolio.

Great choice to hold on to Verge! Verge's got a great community with many upcoming features in Q1 2018 and a hardworking Dev team. Definitely mooning in 2018. Wise decision to HODL!!!

That something 70-80% of amatuer trader have not, and its why they run around after there tail.

excellent post

I really appreciate this post. As a Verge owner it has been a scary couple of days. Im HODLing on to them for my dear life :)
IOM Verge has a lot of potential and I hope they will make it to the moon and beyond.

Patience is a virtue

Go placidly amid the noise in the haste and remember what peace there maybe in silence

I hope you are right because I Hodl for too long :D But this give me a hope! I believe in verge :)

How long ?

great analysis! Thanks!

i am worried because this also happens .... similar triangle in iota... they dont always go up sometimes they breaks down

Does Haejin's chart still come into play here since it went under 900 sats now?
can someone with expertise please comment (even Haejin)? Does this change his morning TA at all?


just hodl every crypto u have at least 1month and see the magic i know its hard but i learned the hard way believe me.

thats so true, example, that ripple was such a heart attack trade the last 2 months, and then... it shot up to the moon

all that support and resistance levels are at the bottom of the screen

hodl is king!!

You can put a stop-loss sell order in to "ensure" you book your profits if it falls.. Then you will sleep better :)

that is scary

I've never been interested in Verge, but I don't whine just because other people make money on something I'm not invested in. We gotta focus on our own growth. Good luck to all into Verge!

Could you please do an update on EOS?

Salt is one I'm waiting for. Any EOS you get now will be gold in a year. Under $10 is a steal. Ladder in.
I'm surprised at all the low rungs that get filled. I keep going lower, it becomes a challenge to me to see just how low, with great swings its easier than we think.

salt has been pumped a whole lot. Many competitors are entering the space and I'm not willing to "Chip reverse mortgage" my Crypto. Besides that their is so many other ways to earn passive income under different platforms, Staking etc... but Salt may find a niche. Many choices so learn and do your research. I do really like eos and the price at the moment.

About EOS. Bought in at $0.52. :)
I am wondering how they manage to keep the price below $10.
Why would anybody sell this potentially $100+ token?

Isn't it cheaper to buy it directly from the eos ico?

yes, thats how they keep it low because of how the ico works

Not always, most of the time it matches the price of those on exchanges because it keeps rising throughout the day till the end of the occuring period is reached.

100$ means 100B market cap

Can you give me your thoughts on why you believe EOS is a steal at under $10? And what is your projection for EOS's price toward the end of 2018. I also hold EOS too. Thanks,

Great post!

Verge about to surge!!

I'm In $xvg Hold and Wait

I'm all in ;D

i m in with 20 k but i think it s not going well, i have a bad feeling, but still, i hodl to the end.

look at he two triangles, usd and btc are very very rarely the same. This really is going to boom. Then what will really boost the price is... all the weak hands that sold will believe again and buy back in...FOMO... massive FOMO.

people who bought at 1800 sats gonna cry for sure.... there are many who jumped in after reading your 0.48$ target, and that target came when it was around 1800 sats.... im pretty sure lot of people in pain :D

Best thing to do is to never go all in, then you can buy your way down when you see you bought a top.

i entered below 60 sats on my own... so not a big problem for me... handling pnl swing is a mental challenge :D

It is always tough to wait out a correction, the instinct is to sell, but we have to fight the urge and believe that higher highs will come! :) But yes, ouch my soul!

the dreams ... lol

Yeah 25% of my port went into XVG went it was at 1800. I am trying to keep my emotions at bay but once this coin hits 2000 sats, I'm bailing.

lol.... actually thats when you should hold probably

I just got in at 995, so I am not selling right away. The whales are coming in, hang in there.

heres my homework, lets see if it goes like this or not

advice welcome, to make that screen black instead of white? many many thanks

updates: i found a triangle inside a triangle

Excelente, estaba necesitando ver una noticia positiva. También creo en el proyecto. A GANAR

great information. thanks for sharing bitcoin news.

Wraith is beta testing on OSX. When it's released on all platforms, we'll see huge volume and an uptrend. It will be the top 10 crypos for 2018

Verge is on the way to 1 satoshi

Opportunity shows itself for those who are watching and able to understand technically the movement of the market. Nice analysis in VERGE and presenting the current status and the place it is right now. Understanding this I too think it will come back and show some great returns.

definitely and hopefully achieved that in target later.success always.

Is there any chance of dip in verge ???so we can catch before it moon .

if you hold this coin you can be bet that it will not go much less then it is now without eventually shooting up just based on what the market is doing. This is one of those coins that goes up with about 3 or four other coins on bittrex when everything else is down. This is one worth putting at least 20$ in and holding. You wont regret holding it

its very informative, Thanks alot @haejin

very important post, friend thanks for this as important tool as this to help us with this, I hope we continue reading, Greetings from venezuela

que Dios bendiga a Venezuela y a ti y tu familia allá. siempre en nuestros pensamientos y oraciones. mucha suerte desde Florida, US.

I still think it is larger 5-3-5 and going down a bit more. The outcome is the same only a lower starting point. (I am a new to this though)

This is interesting...
so E might be much shorter, which is closer to haejins post then Untitled.png

I can imagine a guy who bought xvg at .30 and kept on hodlin. I wonder what he's thinking right now

lol that's so true. If you want to know go on and read the comments for XVG. I feel for them.

thanks for the great post

Fractals are your friends! Lots of volume for the day traders, but I keep buying dips holding longer term.

Verge team says just hold. :)

sounds like a lot of you are going to hold until the price falls to 600 then you will panic sell and drive the price down even further. That's when i might consider forking a tiny part of my gains back into verge for "the long term". You can only try to be right most of the time. Good luck out there

Great Analysis! How about Stellar Lumens?

LOL "I'm seeing too many disappointed whines and groans for Verge! Stop it!" Love it! @Haejin

I have your words in my head "cryptos love triangle" :)

I needed this to get keep my emotions in check, was getting discouraged with verge. Thank Haejin!

Please provide an update on Monaco. Thanks Haeji!

Thanks, @haejin. Can you also look at Dent and Tron? I think it is good time to buy Dent and wait some more for Tron until it goes through the A, B and C correction. Let us know your thoughts, please.

"I'm seeing too many disappointed whines and groans for Verge!"

I would like to see a lot more disappointed faces because I want the price to drop and then I can buy more!

You tell them Haejin!

(Chart Awareness + Tempered Emotions) * Time = Massive Profits

stop whining.jpg

Verge (XVG) is a looker!

i am trying to understand and to me it seems you are well informed and very knowledgeable. can you give me some pointers and help with understanding. I feel the othr posts are confusing that are being posted about you

I love you Haejin.
"I can see clearly now"...

thank you kind sir! any thoughts on xrp? hook me up with some digital assets kind sir! I will appreciate you forever!

I found this article on XVG to be very insightful. Helps clear up some of the FUD. Along with @haejin 's amazing TA, it should keep the panic away!

I hope you are right,i am hodling a lot and like verge just lately a lot of fud everywhere.

Perfect! I'm guessing this will be fuelled with the re-release of the un-bugged wraith protocol for OsX and the delayed releases for Windows and Linux. It's sad people lose faith quickly.

Incorrect. Not so quick. It's been delayed many times. People brought on the pump.

As always, thank you sir!

Faith in Verge XVG is crumbling fast overall. The Wraith protocol issues and McAfee being accused of being paid to endorse are hurting this.

Or McAfee tried to blackmail XVG by threatening to pull his support.
Read this!

What a wanker mcafee is

Every initial release has a few bugs, but it's working fine overall. Wallets with Wraith are working just fine. Many have used successfully.

I'm sorry to see your faith in XVG is failing, but please hang in there. Have some patience, and if you believe in the technology and the potential, please help the community and just hodl.

Edit: I see the statement of overall, but my sentence remains. It goes out to everyone for those who are losing faith

I have never been in doubt, because of belief in Haejin TA.

Unrelated to the current exchange prices i have looked into the github repository the last few days several times and have to say the tech is bad. Quality of code is poor the bug handling is abysmal (not pulling a release if its unstable is simply just REALY bad practise) and one of the most glaring things was that most of the commits where done from a single account. If what i have read from other sources is correct the project is resting on a single guys shoulders. For a security oriented project it could hardly be worse and ultimately made me end my hodling. Ofcourse one can be optimistic about the project but when it comes to security coins verge is a failed product in my oppinion specialy when compared to the competition.
just my 2 cents braces for hate comments

I bought a bunch at 1038 sats today when the Panic sellers took over. If I win, great. If I lose it was a nice gamble.

Started buying at fractions of a penny thanks to you Haejin

Dang whiners..... :D wooooh Verge baby!


EMC2 leading?

Head and shoulders fractal.

Thx, you rock!

Starting to think XVG was just a McAffee pump and that I was actually lucky to get this 0.06 to ~0.1 jump... it seems it has no method to its price. Hope you're right Haejin and not me!

Master Haejin strikes once again!!! Verge will be on it's way up after its current correction!


We needed to hear this! I keep adding to my position... so overbalanced ;)

Look into XSPEC / Spectre (compared to other security/privacy coins)!


What i feel since XVG went to its highest and keeps bouncing up and down, its definitely from the major whales that had XVG at a very cheap rate that wait for the rise and dump a lot back into the market. New investors that don't buy as much as whales are hoping to make some money when it rises but they don't sell in time because of the little amount they got and waiting for it to rise more, but the whales have so many that when the price jumps a little they take a huge profit while the little guys are holding on a little longer waiting for a bigger spike, and that doesn't happen because of the whales dumping them. While the wales dump it the price drops and they re buy in again, so i kinda see the trend of $0.15-$0.24 happening for a while until there will be a lot more new investors, i think its a good idea to hold half of your XVG while trading the other half when prices dip to try and scoop up more, some are doing with all their XVG, the price seems to be in stable price for trading. But it can still be risky cause the price might just shoot even higher. In that sense i suggest to either hold and wait, or ride the pump and dump with only half of your XVG. while keeping the other half locked in the market cap of Verge will stay stable and grow with time.. Just my 2 cents about the topic.. GO XVG!!!

Great post! Just what I needed to hear.

When is verge suppose to go up?
Having trouble understanding the chart.
Is this a long term buy or a short term?

Thanks Haejin. I just created my steemit account for you. I am still getting used to it.

Can someone explain to me what X-axis mean? It says 2018 8, 15 :00, 15,15:00.
Does that 15:00 mean 15min duration? 8,15 mean Jan 8,15th etc? Sorry for a dumb question I am super new to crypto or any stocks as that matter..

The numbers represent days...

Does this mean he is predicting .52$ by Jan 14th or so? Thanks for your response.

Now that is encouraging. I'm hodling...

Today is the day it seems, get in now!

@haejin i have the e correction wave just finishing, and so wave 1 up should begin if i have my charts right for this correct?

Thank you @haejin for a much needed XVG update. Lots of people were panicking. Upvoted and Resteemed!!

I'm glad I bought into Verge early.

If you use windows and want to have a closer look at the charts, try copying and pasting them in to Paint and then you can zoom in.

Thanks so much for confirming my thoughts. Awareness keeps the fear away!

Thanks Haejin, you have reassured me to simply ignore all the recent XVG FUD. I kept your previous analysis in my head throughout it.

Being honest I prefer finding some marketing info about Verge rather than drawing triangles. It has massively dropped price in past 3 months, HOWEVER I think it still has a great potencial and I'm looking forward for some updates connected with Wraith and systems different than Windows.
I also hope they will repair XVGs opinion cause the beginning of a present year showed us they are not 100% reliable.
I've made a 2 month rest from cryptocurrecies and its time to find out what has changed. I hope it will get better with Verge till June.

Hey guys , I just made a new post about what to expect next on ethereum , check my page follow and upvote thanks

No substance, ignoring any actual facts with their protocol.

The fact that they delivered it?

I want to see the "jaws of wealth". Holding Verge, waiting for the explosion.

I will hodl... I will stick with my decision

verge to the moon then to mars and beyond.

will it someday reach $100

At the time of