TRON (TRX) Update: A Closer Look Analysis

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TRON (TRX) placed five Elliott Wave impulse waves and is now doing the requisite correction. In this case, it's a bullish downward pointing triangle. Price came out of the bullish downward pointing triangle but is going lateral. I've seen this before and the lateral move usually takes a form of another triangle.

Here is a higher zoom of the later price move and its forming a triangle pattern. This triangle should resolve towards the upside.

These can be viewed as fractals. Fractal #2 needs the MACD to rise above the 0.00 level as then that would provide the impetus to surge upwards.

Here is another perspective from a forward discerning vantagepoint. The curvature state seems to indicate a Cup & Handle pattern wich cryptos love so much. IF this is correct, price coudl proceed laterally for a while prior to rise to form the right side of the Cup.

This chart is not a copy of the TRX/USd; but rather a TRX/BTC and it is lagging the /usd pair but not by much. This too is displaying a similar Cup & Handle forward pattern projection.

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First, for the first time in my life!!!

I'd like to thank my mom and dad for all the support, the academy, my friends, God and Mr. Haejin of course.


Tron (Trx) next Jetplane will land over 0.0002000btc $ 1.50


haha, a bit too much...but nice dreams


A Coin is only worth what people are willing to pay for it.


Man you nailed it, here is an upvote!


More than the actual post!

It would be nice to catch one at the bottom for a change.

Thank u😁

thanks for detailed analysis!

@haejin, great technical analysis work on Tron $TRX. These patterns should play out as above, however, my gut tells me we could be consolidating sideways for a while and then start moving upwards to form the right side of the cup. Keep up the great technical analysis work on these cryptos.

this is Gold @haejin, thank you for opening our eyes to the forward discerning.

Great info.

Thanks for this info I have been debating on getting more TRX but haven't pulled the trigger.

keep calm and carry Tron

Sooner or later I agree TRX will explode upwards!



Thanks For Great Analysis.
I've invested In This Coin.

Thanks for the insight on tron, I’ll continue to hodl

Cryptopia has paused the SmartCash market as it hit the ATH.. I am loosing all the profits..


I threw in a gamble on Ember coin, and I lost my 1000% profit on my 0.2LTC. Luckily I did not lose on the trade after re-opening. Try to stay away from these pump and dumps on Cryptopia as this would not be the first time they have frozen trading due to volume surges (thought to be fair there were also some issues with the EMB wallet as well).


im waiting for a correction of this baby, i like this privacy coin.

@haejin, looks like SBD is on it's way to the predicted $14 mark - 30% increase so far

this ACTUALLY helped me. 👌 thankyou

You can draw any fantasy you want, reality is that people with huge amount of money - manipulates whole crypto space. Wallstreet fukced this field too.


Amazing statement backed by real fact and analysed data. >.>

Excellent analysis as always. It appears that now TRX is breaking out of fractal 2 (up to 850 sats). If we pass 950sats here in the next 24hrs, it would seem that we may be going for wave 1.

I was confident already on this coin, but I needed some expert confirmation like this!! Booooom! HODL!

Would love to hear your thoughts on ICX!
I'm hoping it too will make a Cup & Handle :)

So it will basically do like Verge and interminably go sideways.

Thank you for such a good analysis! Can you also take a look at ADA coin? Thank you!

Thank you for the frequent Tron updates, Haejin!

I agree with you @haejin , guys please do check out my updated post on TRON(TRX)

thank you

One of my biggest HODLs at the moment. I've got my fingers crossed freddy!

한국에서도 잘보고 있습니다 많은 도움이 되네요 ^^/

This is fantastic because of the intelligence, the awesome elliot wave tutorials, and the fact that I have some TRX bags!

What I am wondering is if I should just hodl them and check again in 3 months, or I should scalp and buy in lower when the MACD crosses upwards and is approaching the downwards. Upvoted and thanks!

Here is a related post I have done with some complimentary opinion, observation, and links.

Thx for your report!!

As I read this my initial thought was to comment if you could provide some tutorials to better understand these TA's then BOOM! Links galore LOL. Thank you so much! Followed

Thank you!! haejin. it's great analysis!


Wow.... @haejin you should open a school called CRYPTOLOGY, i will gladly enrol and bag first class, because your ideas are just overwhelming

But what could be responsible for the obvious similarities between trx/usd and trx/btc

If not properly observed, one may think they are one and the same

항상 잘 보고 있습니다!!
스티밋에서 이런거 잘 외치지 않는데...
트론아 가즈아!!!
앞으로도 기대되는 게시물 기다리겠습니다!

thank you @haejin ~ learning everyday from your blog

Master, please revisit ZRX and RDD. Thanks for sharing your hard work 🙏


Agree. Another precision hit on ZRX. please do an update as the coin is still going strong

How about Monaco (MCO). Uber bulllish was imminent but it has been bearish since then. Pls look at MCO. Thanks...

Thanks for these updates. Tron is my first Crypto after SBD.

Hearing Haejin Lee voice on Youtube is very pleasing, he makes you wanna play with money instead of making it and earning it. BTW here's the link

Even if i like the technicals...the fundamentals scare me

thank you sir your information was so accurate I've done the same analysis similar yours and it seems like it's going to come out to do the same

Lots of positive reviews on the breakout of Tron in this 2018,
I think affordable investment is encouragement.

Hi haejin, it seems to me that the same chart pattern is occuring on neblio as well

Thanks for your kind information.

How is it that cryptos have changed my idea of how I measure time? I used to think that 5 years was like nothing but now when my investment doesn't moonshot in 3 days I'm like.................

Time to start buying and walking away from the screen.

I'll still have to check your posts though Haejin just in case lol

There is no doubt about it Haejin you are very strong with the force. Due to main money issues i keep putting off coaching with you but i can imagine knowledge flows of your very word.

Can really see another cup and handle, and as you said it is very very bullish when that happens,

Thank you for your analysis. I have been following TRX, and you, for a while and your analysis has helped me with my decision to buy. I am new to crypto and technical analysis, your videos and blogs are a great tool to use in my decision making.

how do I know if there's an opportunity to scalp?

We just have to wait a little bit and see if your prediction was correct :)

what do you think is it worth to enter the TRON right now?

Bought some more yesterday at 10.5 cents before seeing this post. Oh well, soon a dime will be a distant memory for this coin.


You are complaining? I got in at 0.13 a few days ago. You are golden...


xlerate, I'm not complaining! We will both be BRAGGING very soon!


kk I went in at $0.22 and $0.30 :]


I got in at $0.04 and regret not selling when it hit almost $0.32 on Binance... Oh well. Have a nice heavy bag of them, and will hodl. I am certain TRX is going up soon.

So no explosion imminent? What happened to that? Crap...might be stuck in this coin for a while if its doing a cup.


no explosion here... o_O XD

TRX is being manipulate... If you look at the orders on binance you will sea what i mean...


...and this means? Was expecting the boom.. but.. no explosion here o_O

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so... the previous posting : price EXPLOSION Could be IMMINENT!! is not yet? right?

Thanks for the TA. I however track news regarding crypto's and TRX is know to be a bit scammy giving away free coins and having a copy/paste whitepaper.


clearly you don't track crypto closely or you follow garbage "inquirer" like sources. Neither of these statements are true. Airdrops are a different beast... DYOR and stop spreading FUD. Not only that, but Elliot waves specifically state that new will follow waves. Not vice versa.