TRON (TRX) Starting Wave 3 of 3...Target $0.21 (120% Profit Potential)

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TRON (TRX) is in the midst of its wave 3 of 3...the most extended, violent move up phase. This should easily take prices to $0.177 before then hitting $0.21. TRX doesn't display a Cup & Handle or fractals....thus it's initial rise could be less than an Altcoin that might have an impregnated cup & handle or fractals.

Here is the TRX/BTC pair and while a rounded bottom price pattern could be drawn out, it too doesn't have other significant bullish indicators that would help propel it to 10x current price.

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It is a great coin and platform! Have you researched it much? the founding team are very impressive.


Yes but just because they are technical don’t mean they are verse in Blockchain and crypto.


And TRON so far has hit $0.20 today.


think it's worth buying at $0.20?


It passed $.30 already but is stabilizing around $.26. IMO, it's still a good buy because this is only the beginning. This is a coin to buy and hold.


It still looks unstable at 16 cents :/

@haejin - Thank you so much for all your tips. I've made so much gains because of you. Thank you!

I love me some TRON! I think it's going to the Moon and Back!




All the way UP!

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Thanks so much!!!! Please consider to review with you precious analysis Aragon (ANT) . Bless you.

Block producers on EOS wouldn't allow this. Wait until a new version of Steem is built on EOS.

Thanks ! :-)

I currently see TRON sitting on 0.08. If its going to 0.21, can someone explain to me why that doesnt make 260% profit?

Cheers Haejin for yet another awesome update :D


He made the chart when the current price was 0.1069, highlighted in green on the picture. From this value to 0.21 that's close to 100 % profits. I'd say don't worry to much about percentages because as haeijin says, you can't predict the nominal value of the token nor the time when it will be reached. However, you can predict the shape of the trend.

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Hey Haejin, Happy New Year! Could you have a look at YOYO?

I see a lot of wave analysis for Cup and Handle, are these specific to parabolic wave patterns?

All in Tron With you here.

Tron has the potential to be $1 before the end of the year!

this blog contain so much information about bitcoin, i have learned many thing from your blog

Really really amazing search results thanks for the valuable information

TRON will be massive

Great Post ! ... Those new to TRON I created Steemit Article on how I purchase and secure Tron to Nano S.

Good analysis, however there is a problem. You're looking at the charts for HitBTC only right now. For the past few days TRX deposits have not gone through to HitBTC from other exchanges. I know this because I've tried myself. 28 hours and 5000 confirmations later and I still have zero balance in my TRX wallet on HitBTC. It's currently trading at 823 satoshi on HitBTC, but only 580 on Binance. Since no one can deposit TRX onto HitBTC, the price there is heavily manipulated within the exchange by bots/whales holding large positions in TRX. So the real price for TRX is actually around 30% lower than what HitBTC is showing. Might want to look into it yourself. And also, anyone else out there thinking of sending TRX to HitBTC to arbitrage, don't. They've disabled deposits finally.

TRON = Throne (from Russian) => Throne is where the king sits, so he is the most important one => trade volume 1st place by the end of 2018 confirmed. Thank me later.

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Haha thank you


good to know!

Bitcoin changed my life already and is changing the entire world! Bitcoin is the best thing that could happen it this world where freedom doesn't exist anymore

@haejin You have helped me get massive gains. Wouldn't have been possible without your tips. People can get upset about it and call names, but doesn't change the fact that haejin followers have made profits.

Very interesting from a TA perspective. I think that Tron will make waves this year in terms of its platform and user base. I have just posted a detailed overview of Tron on my Steemit for those interested!

today traders booked some insane profits from trx. amazing ride from trx and no one is stopping it

Tron (TRX) will go over $0.20 soon. There are some corrections now but it will explode sooner or later!

The wave sure got extended!!! I had some for sale at $0.41 and they was taken :)

Thanks to @haejin for building our confidence through knowledge!!!


Here's what I think will happen now:

Great call man! any idea where it is going next?

Wish i spotted this yesterday, made a bad call and offloaded when it hit .11c, went to bed and woke up to double that! thems are the breaks when you dont really know what youre actually doing... Ha!

Not only did this precision hit, but it's #9 in the top 10!

I just posted my charts further ahead for TRX, would appreciate your comments on it :)


@thedolphin sold 50%, laddering in down to 12-13 cents. 9 is little to low imo, missed ripple, trying to be safe now. Lol


Yes, if you read my blog I stated "Ladder in maybe as low as to $0.0985" meaning that's about as low I think it can go. Then you ladder in higher ofcourse :)

Guys, don't try to take profits and buy back in when the correction is happening within a time frame of a few hours, that to me just looks like a dip from wave 3 to wave 4 or subwave 1 to subwave 2.

As haejin mentioned, corrections for the ALT coins are much slower time wise compared to the rising phase. We should take profits after wave 5 ends. When is that and how the correction is going to look like I have no idea.

We would appreciate an update on TRX when the correction starts to shape. Thanks.



Tron Gazuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~

Seems next is EOS in line for a jump. Thanks to @haejin. Better buy it when it is low.


EOS is the one with great potential to become the next big thing... buy it while it is cheap...


I checked the documents of QTUM. Seems to have solid fundamentals too.

Excellent EW work, Haejin! I appreciate you sharing your charts and expertise. What wave count do you think it's in now, since it went to ~$.30 and retraced? Was that a wave 3 extension, maybe $.21 was a 3 of 3 wave which makes up to ~$.30 a wave 5?

f**king hitbtc is keeping my tron deposit as hostage... boooo... can't take profit while it moons...

Tron looks bullish again today. Is it good to go in?

if interested in TRON, check out why it might be LEADING indicator for all of cryptocurrencies lately...

I should have seen this technical analysis before the price of the $TRX plummeted to its current price.

I'll start following your posts now and hope that I will learn from this mistake. Thank you very much for the analyses! Hope you'll continue teaching your followers.