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OMG! STEEM JUST EXPLODED TO $2.09!!!!! Can you say $4 is next? Damn YA!


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Fantastic news! I bought some steem mostly because you recommended them. You are truly an inspiration to me, Haejin. I have just ordered the books about the Elliott Waves and until they arrive I will be watching the videos. I would like to learn as much as I can from you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us! Wishing everyone massive profits!

Fat-finger trade or gigantic P&D incoming?

Maybe the whales have been accumulating Steem and SBD for the past few months and we're about to see a rip-you-face-off rally like never before. Never a dull day in cpypto-land.

All aboard the steem train!!!!

Next stop Venus. Lol. Bts. Eos. Steem for life.


Boom!!! Was there any news or catalyst?

Steem on!

I don't check for that.

it's happening.gif


Probably down to prior wave 4

My buy ladders would love that.

That's the correct psychology!

wooohooo...i had to check 3 times befor i believed it hahaha....lets see where it goes!!

Holy cow... and massive volume on the order book too...

@haejin for the BTC trading pair to improve, wouldn't that require the price of bitcoin to drop and have the money flow into alts? But how can that happen if BTC is forecasted to keep rising? Won't the trading pair of BTC/STEEM just stay down but the USD value go up simply because BTC goes up?

BTC could correct.

Full Steem ahead...see what i did there...:)

I dont understand why sbd is trading this way. why would anyone overpay for sbd like this!

Agree! It's time to ascend a lot!

Teach me the ways sensei

One of the most popular electronic work is worth
Thank you

check to see if all the volume is on Poloniex, that's where a lot of pump and dumping is occuring. my guess is they are attacking SBD today, since it has a small market cap and the people that own it cannot access it very quickly (only allowed to remove some every 7 days, or power down-- awful system!).

Nah it's easily transferrable unless you lock it.

Yay!!! Omg.....Here we go

Now that's called Steeeming ahead!

Bought steem purely on your recommendation. Many thanks Haejin.

Should we be selling 50% with the expected drop or is your wave 2 for visual effect? Bought at .95 cents and would love to sell if it's going to correct back to around $1 before true breakout.

Would love to hear your thoughts on QSP too. Very cheap atm.
Thanks again Haejin you are amaaaaazzzing.

Such a huge vertical wave must correct hard also rigth? Any advice on taking profit and buy back when calmed down?

i mean i cant count any wave in a peak like this!