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Simple Token (OST) is at the early stage of finishing up the final touches of a launch sequence. The below chart displays what could be a phenomenal opportunity given the Cup and Handle pattern. The Elliott waves show that wave 2 is coincident with the handle formation and this is ideal because it allows price to consolidate prior to experiencing the violent price increases of wave 3 of 3!! The price target is 12,071 Satoshi.

Here is the OST/ETH pair and I almost can't see any difference to the OST/BTC pair. The Cup & Handle is a bit more advanced with the handle already formed and price having broken out. Even compared to the OST/ETH pair, the OST/BTC pair lags! The /BTC pair has always been lagging the /USD pair. Once wave 2 completes, we can expect 0.00160 ETH to be targeted and likely exceeded!!

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Cup and handles everywhere!

Had missed quite some promising crypto and wouldn't want to miss some more.
Kindly explain how one could purchase some tokens. Obviously, Cryptocurrency will be more pronounced and would make more millionaires in 2018 than it ever did in 2017.
Who could have easily predicted the feat Steem has reached today.

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Not me. I was talking to my sister two nights ago about why our account values seemed to not be following the steem value in the market. I think they were listening to our conversation. Since then my account has more than doubled and I'm now up 21x on my original investment in SP. And to think we are still only at the beginning of what it could be!!!

it really is amazing!

Yes it is. I watched an excellent video from a post today that interviewed the father of Dan Larimer (the guy who created the Graphene software that he then used to create,, EOS and Peerplays). It was an awesome video and I learned things I didn't know about these platforms. Check out this post:

Hi friend how are You

@haejin Hey there! Curious about your trading style for cryptos, are you primarily a swing trader? Thanks for the alerts, good stuff.

i would say so.

Its either: magic, an elaborate pump and dump offering rides to gamblers, or TA with this thing called Elliott wave theory.

at the moment, I pretend to count waves with my little list of rules, but I have no idea. Honestly, any alt seems good right now, for now.

This 'thing' called Elliot Wave theory is a real method of TA. Elliot described it last century to make the Dow theory evolve (too 'simple' to describe the complexity the market) . It's also really appreciated by other TA, read 'TA of stock trends', they have the same kind of approch than the EW and they says it in the beginning of the book. Combining two or 3 kinds of TA is just really powerful.

More a hedger I would say, some targets are met in e few days(rare), other weeks(common), other months(common). But his TA can also be applied on shorter term, but you always need to knows where you are from the beginning of the chart to make it properly, then you can try to catch up and downs.

Missed this token. Is it good if we purchase it now? Is there any chance to get double prize in the future?

simple token (ost) well said about it i appreciated your work nice work sir keep it and thanks for sharing

Upvoted! Seems interesting. Thanks for the read!

TRX is flying! Take profits or hold?

set stop loss of 5% , if price moves up again set new stop loss of 5% . Keep repeating it till your stop loss is reached .

Not a good strategy . It could dip just below his stop loss and then skyrocket before he can buy again . You never know how things will swing.

what if it dip 50% in a minute lol ? ppl on trx all already are at profit over 100% .

@crypt0maniac, I sold 75% and set the rest on stop loss. I laddered in buy orders down to 0.00001100.

I am done. Going to bed and hopefully wake up with more TRX. =)

Thanks for that! My TRX has not arrived in binance for more than an hour now!

Thanks for this , got in a few days ago and have been wondering.

Cant wait!

Great, will be laddering in....

OST is a great project !!!! was going to buy it earlier , seems now is the right time !

Excuse the question, is that coin in bitrex? and what was his name?

Got it on Binance

Upvoted! Thanks for this analysis @haejin

haejin has found so many good coins that my little investment fund can't keep up. Always enjoy your analysis.

Whoops, small typo, maybe some would have a problem with it ;-) It is ST, not OST.

Coinmarketcap states ST, however the project itself is called Open Simple Token. ;-)

Yes, but not everyone would know that ;-)
Still, thx for clearing it up. I've never followed that token, but for someone who never reads the white papers or follows any developments, just bases his prediction purely on graphs, quite interesting to use OST and not ST ;-)

Sorry, it is only normal :-) Just noticed that on the only exchange where you can trade it, on Binance, it goes as OST.

Wonder post! Your crypto analysis is classical and very educating, pls. Keep it up. I upvote your post.

Cannot find OST on Where can I buy this coin??

Symbol is ST and you can buy on binance.

Guys it ST on coinmarketcap, not OST

Thanks for these posts. I just started following you and looking forward to learning from your experience and insights. I've only been trading for a month but I'm hooked!

Haejin, I love you


Spot on again. One of the few coins that gained despite the South Korea FUD.

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Thanks again Haejin. Could you please take a look at Deep Brain Coin (DBC)?

I am glad though that I didnt buy it when the ICO was selling their coins. They were marketing this like crazy on Facebook, and it looked like a Scam, because their was a post of a guy saying this would Going in at the ICO is just dangerous. The chart shows it was, in the first instance people could sell the price dropped enormously.
I hope that you are correct and that the people that joined in, maybe even first time crypto buyers, because of the Facebook marketing, wont lose hope.

Always a good analysis and good advices thank you @haejin and good luck for the next.
Take care


Good evening steemian I would like to wish you good luck to my friends and do not forget the voting got me

Thanks for a very informative post!!

posts that can be very outdoors, teach us that we can post the right, greeting steemit

haejin!! Thank you, your Post.

solid coin. i bought some yesterday. i must be psychic!

Hey! Could we get some TA on HYP/BTC if possible!

Love your work! I signed up to steem just to follow you!!

Great find and I am definitely investing! Thanks :)

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

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