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It's amazing how quickly people get nervous, even at the slightest sign of a healthy correction. The ONLY way I know that'll keep the panic away is to gain greater awareness of the probable price pathways! This means one has to make a determined decision to learn how to Fish on his or her own. I have posted a goodly number of tutorial videos, always linked at the bottom of each blog posted. I strongly urge you to not just watch but STUDY these as they can help you gain that greater awareness that'll keep the panic and FOMO at bay.

The below chart shows ReddCoin (RDD) doin a traditional downward pointing bullish wedge correction. Does this guarantee that price will turn up and make higher highs? NO! Thinking like that is incorrect because this is NOT a process of certainty but probability. The pattern and the elliott waves used to label this pattern shows high likelihood that price will soon resume towards hitting $0.0285 or higher. I believe the subwaves show a potential for one more lower low...but not required.

Here is RDD/BTC and many are just panic selling! To me this is beautiful! Why? The handle formation is at hand and it is at the terminal ends of such corrections that the best buying opportunities reside! My target of 193 Satoshi remains solid and conservative!

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Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


Worth the wait

Very nice, loving the look of that

Here's my take:

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 6.11.12 PM.png


I'll share this with my friend who has a lot of RDD Coins.

I did follow your tutorials and did not panic, but always hearing it from the teacher is more assuring :) Thank you for the Crypto massage, I feel much better.

crypto massage, lol good one :-)

crypto massage for bitcoins )

I joined Steem to write this reply! Thank Haejin for the analysis!
You seem to be a Korean but I am not sure if you are a Korean-Korean(you know what I mean :D hence this English reply) Thank you again!

I Baught some early this week

Powered Up post nice! Well, that's a proof enough for me that @haejin not only thinks about personal gains but about the whole Steemit community as well. GJ

Reddcoin (RDD)
Reddcoin (Trading Exchanges)

Capture 2.PNG

Reddcoin price for today is $0.0196. It has a current circulating supply of 28.7 Billion coins and a total volume exchanged of $69,673,210

Got more than 100% profit :) Thank you for the analyses

I never understand people freaking out either if a coin goes down. Very few coins stay down forever.

(Reddcoin (RDD) has seen a big rise recently and this is due to the demand of traders to buy cheap currencies

It is an electronic currency that is not new and then developed in 2014 and what is distinctive is that you can send it through social networking sites (Facebook Twitter etc ...) and its price in the first was only 7 Satoshi

Lol wonder if this will become the FB coin!

Thanks @haejin! Any long term target for RDD ? Still good to invest now ?

Good job brother..
Your posts are always amazing.
Im from indonesia (peace)

Only put in what u can afford to loose! Golden rule.

Thanks to haejin I bought in at 10sat! That is why I support him!
I guess the war still rages! You can't make peace with these types.
All my comments are flagged!
Maybe the troops could visit my latest post and send some love.

i have bought some early this week.
Thanks for the post #haejin

Thank you! How about an update on Steem?



Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.46.35 PM.png

I think I need to get my coins off Poloniex and to Binance or Cryptopia or some other place where there are promising small cap coins. Can you recommend an exchange with a good track record or reliability? YoBit was hacked recently, wasn't it?

KuCoin performing best these days. reliable
NO cryptopia

Binance is HANDS DOWN the best!
They also have a great smartphone app.

Binance experiencing problems of overload this week.
KuCoin is this weeks King for reliable and fast withdrawals.
Please don't spam referral links.
Edit: Binance just cancelled another erc-20 withdrawal.

i dont know anything about binance..

I use and have not had any problems.. Just remember to only move BTC in and out of Yobit exchange, their other wallets are often down for maintenance and you transactions can be stuck for weeks..

Good Job Dude. im your follower. Keep this way.

How do you see GlobalCurrencyReserve ?

Thank you. I was almost selling this one and buy verge but i will wait now
I have my book of elliot wave.

Hey! I hodl both but my RDD always outperforms my verge. just for consideration.

Been hodling which gets difficult sometimes, so thanks for keeping us strong!

Me too, just wait for the big uptrends, the wave 3 of 3, will be easy to hodl after that.

Thanks for the fantastic analysis! Meditation can also help to calm the mind and control emotions.

Thanks for the helpful information, I would love an update for FunFair please.

Yo haejin can you take a look at aion?

Guess what? It's already went up! :)

Ready to go to the moon on RDD! Got in at $0.008 or so!

Thank you for the analysis!😊

Super conservative...RDD to the red planet (that's Mars!)

I had the same read on the handle...let's goooo!!!

Used to hold 45,000 RDD over the summer, but sold it all! Wish I still held lol 😩

Thanks for this update haejin, I hodl some RDD !!!
Do you recommend to sell at about 192 sat and wait for the correction ? I was planning to hodl them until at least 500 - 700 sat, no matter what (the end of the blue wave 5).

Ltc & Ethos (bqx)?

You are No.1 accurate !

There are some serious red lights re RDD, well we will see soon how that will play...

I bought RDD coz of your post :)

Much obliged to you for the Crypto knead, I feel greatly improved

For me it was a chance to buy in , thanks for the post @haejin

i have 2000 RDD right now maybe in 1-2 years will go over 1 $ who knows :) ? @jaejin

Thanks for your info. For me all those charts are still magic because I have no patience for it. What I like on reddcoin is the whole concept, its has a real social use. And doesn't swallow so much energy.

Thank you for the Crypto massage, I feel much better.

KABOOOM!! KABOOOOM!! once again, strike fromHaejın. hail you brother

We're right on target of 193 as predicted by @haejin!
Should we ladder out, or is there more upward potential?

Another precision hit by Master Haejin! RDD/BTC just hit 193 Satoshi target.

Yes me too i belive in this technology , people will stop using ripple and bitcoin to send money and will start using this coin due to the fact that this coin don't take fee on transactions and it's more faster then ripple and bitcoin

Another great post to show potential of reddcoin. I held a lot more earlier but sold when it started to grow. Now I only left some reddcoin and this post reaffirms me to hold a bit longer rather than getting panic with high and low trend.

Reddcoin price for today is $0.0196. It has a current circulating supply of 28.7 Billion coins and a total volume exchanged of $69,673,210