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QuantStamp (QSP) could be extending an invitation to cast your buy ladders. It should complete the requisite a,b,c,d,e of the triangle consolidation. Yes, altcoins just LOOOOVVVE triangle patterns. Once the e wave is complete, Elliott Waves should take the price to 7,555 Satoshi or higher!! The Cup & Handle pattern is quite clear and represents a very bullish scenario.

Since the pattern and form of the QSP/ETH is very similar to the QSP/BTC pair's; there is little difference in sentiment between the buyers of each. In fact, it really doesn't matter if you buy to the /BTC or /ETH pair since common sentiment will output similar price direction.....UP! The target is 0.0007840 ETH.

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**

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what will be its position after 6 months hold

Although there is a timeline in the TA, I am pretty sure Haejin has said that cannot predict the timescale these events will occur over

Fundamentally they are in a sweet spot. As more and more contracts are needed I think developers will want to experiment then let the pros est them.


You got 17 cents now....it's start! ;)

Yay!!!! Only $200.00ish to go!!!

I like your posts, I would like to see you tell people in the cryptocomunity is when your making profits like this, take some money off the table, secure your future, buy a home cash and pay off all your debts, from that moment on you will have a sense of freedom:-) "it better to get out to soon than to late" just my view based on real life experience. Dollar Vigilante and Max Keiser have already done this a long time ago, keep posting I like to read about current trends

Great advice. The youngsters nowadays call this "securing the bag." 💰😂

Discovered your blog recently amidst the whole beef between you and "berniesanders." Quite amusing I must say. Lol. However, after checking out your content, I see that you are delivering substantial value that is well worth the upvotes and anything less would be plain hate. Keep doing your thing and thank you!!!

If only I wasn’t all in on some other coins already! Nice prediction though!

substratum chart?

Do a review on NAVcoins plz #NAVcoins

good post, i like thank you !!!!!

Good post

Thank you!

Pretty Happy that this Flag-War ends...

Keep up the good work haejin!

Good read and nice advice. I'll think about it.

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Which exchange does @haejin uses? also what percentage of portfolio should one put into a coin?

I believe @haejin said in a post 15% Fiat and 85% crypto: 20% BTC, 10% ETH, 5% LTC, 5% Dash and the rest on 12-15 alt coins.

Easy answer is it depends! Read about balanced portfolio and adjust to your personal situation. Our strategy is no debt (im retired) 60% Property 20%cash on cash FDs etc, 15%Dividend Stocks, 15% precious metals (we also dont have faith in the current system and the PMs are our edge/insurance) I hope that helps


Thank you for confirming what qsp hodler's already know :) Gotta love the potential of qsp


i'm going to follow this call thanks @haejin

Thx Haejin, love reading your posts.

Very good

be interested to know what kinda portfolio you have haejin.. i bet its only btc eth and ltc...lol you day trade the rest?

You are the bomb dude, I was just going to ask for this, went in heavy as soon as it hit Binance and again last night.
I am loading up with more Steem power for higher impact upvoting.

I am hoping people do @haejin the favor of checking his graph predictions against an ACTUAL GRAPH. You'll then only be able to realize how (almost) accurate the matches are.

And yes, these are ESTIMATES, if we take these into consideration and watch the asset perform we can make the decision for ourselves if the forecasts match his downward predictions or not.

Irrelevant, inconclusive, and abusive remarks do not make for an effective forum. This is made for viewers who appreciate H's work, we like him - we follow him.

Cheers H for making another update so easy for me to follow


2018 is the year of Altcoins :D

informative post.
thanks for sharing with us

posts that can be very outdoors, teach us that we can post the right, greeting steemit

posts that can be very outdoors, teach us that we can post the right, greeting steemit

haejin!! Thank you, your Post.

This is a interesting one that I just started researching today a little.