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Is the sky falling on the cryptosphere? Seeing how some of the permabears are trying be more right than a broken clock is a bit amusing. I've said it many times: Corrections are healthy! They are absolutely require to progress upward in the form of a two step forward and one step back procession of price waves.

The below shows not an exhausted PlexCoin (PLX). It isn't about to crash, it isn't about ot collapse but rather correct into a minor Handle formation of a Cup & Handle pattern. The Elliot Waves show that most likely the handle pattern will coincide with wave 2 of circled 3. The blue outline depicts a larger Cup & Handle pattern and its interesting to see how the smaller, white one is embedded within the blue one. Such impregnated patterns often result in sizable upswings.

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Triangle or Flag?

great found! thank you!


Because of this post I just put $5000 into PLX. I hope your right or my wife will divorce me



Look, guys, it is going up:

Scam news all over, no website, no any announcements.
As hard as I tried, I haven't found anything at all to justify that price raise... WOW!!

First! ;P


Well done! I bet you can die happy now :) haha...




Amazing performance. Maestro - Bravo! But still You sleep ever?

Thanks Haejin!

@haejin is TRX about to breakout now ?

corrections are not only healthy but they are necessary. They happen in every market. Since the crypto market is very much still in its infancy, people will talk more and skepticism will pour through every little hole whenever there is a chance for it to


You call it skeptic, I call it realistic.

Can you pay with RDD through Facebook: NO
Can you make use of the search-engine like Google on BitClave: NO
Did you ever pay someone with Verge because you didn't want anyone to know: NO
Is it normal to buy a picture of a cat on Cryptokitties for over $ 5.000,--: NO
Are cryptocurrencities really that cheap and fast to pay with: NO
On you last visit or your first coming visit, are you gonna pay your dentist with Dental Coins: NO
Did you ever play a game like Decentraland on a Nintendo, X-Box or Play Station: NO
Just check out this site with a market cap of $ 176.593,--

Sorry, but do you call it skeptic, realistic or just stupid? Ever heared of a Ponzi Scheme? There's a shitload of them going around here. Can you make money on it: YES. Do you have to pull out if you can: Yes, as soon as you made your money!

Useluess Token.jpg


All of that will come. You're right about one thing, some alts will crash or even never take value, like the startup of the internet 'bubble' (that was'nt a real one) but the tech behind crypto, so decentralisation by blockchain or hashgraph (possible next gen) can only become the standard imo.

About facebook, it can upgrade to include crypto by many ways, and if it does'nt others socials networks will come up (like steemit), same for youtube, twitter, etc.

Searchengine are free, but some says results are manipulated, a search engine on blockchain will be a google killer if done right, and it will come up for sure, maybe not next year, but one day.

Paying without any possibility to someone know will not be sustainable, problem is money laundering, but you can pay with any coin with a lot of privacy if you use multiple wallets and/or coins, it could be very difficult to trace transactions (atomic swap, that can make transaction interblockchain can be used for that, and can only be traced by people who really really want to know).

About cryptocats I agree, real cats are way more funny and costs less (even if veterinary and pet foods are not cheap, trust me I know :-D )

Paying dentist or other medical doctors can be made with some coins that will be issued by any social care, will be way more easy for them to handle people who tried to fraud them, just let them time to come up.
About video games, they are a lot of coins/blockchains that want to make networks for players, so they do not have to use the official ones, just google 'ICO games'.

We're at the beginning of the curve of the adoption of a new tech, we are early adopters, just wait a few years and take care about the coins you buy and holds, so just use common sense.


Agree with your points, but the deal is, we might as well start using crypto in our day to life and it needs some time and education.

I'm watching all these healthy corrections holding Dollars in my hands.
Healthy corrections are very healthy. But when a coin you're holding is making one, the healthy correction empty's your wallet.
Just know when to be in this game, but don't be afraid of getting out.
Cryptocurrency is always there. You don't have to be!

@haejin, please try to stay objective. As an experienced person you and I both know Ripple can become 0,20 again and bitcoin can become 9.000 dollar again. You and I saw it happen with the stockmarket back in the '90. You don't loose anything getting back into a bullish market when it's there. You loose everything when holding on in a market that's bearish.
Being almost $ 20.000,-- on the 17th of december 2017 and bing $ 13.600,-- now, that's what they cal a barish market. It's a pricedifference of $ 6.400,--
Bitcoin has been bounced off 4 times around $ 12.500,-- making it a resistance line. So just get out of BTC, look what it does at jump back later.
If it goes down, you safe yourself some money. If it goes up, at least you're jumping on a train that's moving up again. Don't call yourself a chicken. Fear is a great message, it safes lives. Most heroes are dead!
Ask yourself this question: "Would you tell your best friend to get into BTC now, or would you tell him to just wait to find out what the market does at the moment?"


He has said BTC can go down to 8-10k$. Saying that just to be sure you know :-)

this is oke and have a building bitcoin

You're a bloody legend, mate.

Lost first again, lol.

@haejin a good working clock tha'ts 10 minutes behind never tells you the right time. A brooken clock at least tells you the right time twice a day.
Ever thought about that?

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How come there was no talk about VeChain (VEN) that coin exploded in orgasm...

I remember the Plexcoin ICO, They launched and ICO, website got shutdown a while later, then launched again under a different domain name, I even wrote about it in my Post in detail. I believe it is more of a pump and dump situation, invest in this like a hit and run robbery, just my two cents :)

Nice post.
I have a question,
The main question in my head is this: All the money that we are pouring into cryptos... some are reducing savings, some are moving their investments balances, others are taking debt to buy more coins... this can't go on forever. Perhaps cyrptos will takea significant hit when people need to cash out (i.e. sell coins) because of a recession somewhere in the world?

Any thoughts on CND?

bitcoin will pass a swift ascension !!!!

Super post. Thank for your Information.

Excellent article, thank you for posting this. I feel all these pull backs in prices of Cryptos are a buying opportunity.

Great, thanks dude.

I never heard about this crypto. It's very good to know new altcoins to invest. Thanks for the post.

@haejin, thank you for teaching us and showing us your thoughts. However, I think you should do atleast a small amount of research on any coin before posting these predictions. PlexCoin is a KNOWN scam, and the founder was fined and jailed for it.


Update your info please:


BTW, I am in Canada and this is what I get where I try to open their site (I am not in Quebec, but close to it)
Oh and they are already listed in CoinMarketCap :-)


He does'nt care about the news, just the price so the chart.