OAX is Climbing towards $10.10 (380% Profit Potential)

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OAX is another ground floor candidate. Take a look at the the Cup & Handle and price is climbing the right side wall! I believe wave 2 should coincide with the handle formation. Waves 1,2,3,4,5 should first hit $8.78 and then $10.10 for a 380% profit potential!

When the OAX/BTC pair is as similar in pattern as its OAX/USD cousin...it's bullish!! This means that sentiment is bullish strong such that the rate of demand for the OAX/BTC pair is expected to easily outpace the rate of rise for BTC. The Cup & Handle is uncanny and the Elliott Waves should take the price to 0.001156 BTC or HIGHER! Yes, new all time highs likely ahead!

Here is the OAX/ETH pair...even more bullish! The Fractals are almost always indicative of proportional move potentials. So, look how far Fractal #1 moved the price up....how much higher do you think the Fractal #2 will move the price proportionally? My target of 0.0126 ETH is conservative!

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Thank you for good information

this prediction was such a joke! do you still stand by it?

Outstanding analysis
Really appreciate

do you still beleive this?

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That's pretty cool


Oax better not be an HOAX badum tss

Haha touché.

sorry i don't speak french, I speak italian ,english , sardinian, french but definitely not portoguese

Sardo? aio!

LO SAPEVO che sarebbe spuntato il sardo !! un sardo c'è sempre ahah, sardo sei tu pure ? o italiano ? :P

Italiano di Roma

First :)


A high percentage of rise. Excellent to enter and earn profits.

yes oo

NIce pump

Recently almost every cryptocoin went up. But how can I save my money when that general upwards trend ends?

The charts look pretty! I'm ready for the rocket, thanks Haejin!

I think DOPE has some fractals kicking around...might want to pursue it...

The first time I see your blog, a lot of information seems interesting

Check out his older posts and you can see how many amazing calls he's made.
While a few aren't haven't worked out, they're more than made up for by his winners.
Plus his TA strategy is open for all to learn and discuss here.

ok Thank you

Me too. I think he is a good blogger

Thanks for the lead, @haejin!
I'm in.

very good


Looks like it’s about to come out of wave 2

which wave is now? spiral downward

Where should I buy at the exchange?

thanks Haejin, pls can you do an analysis on ETHOS.

Awesome analysis. I also think it will come first.

Information post..Much obliged for sharing it.
Upvoted and resteemed


Such a great image hah

Solid like a combination between Oak and an Ox :)

Check out my first post!

thanks for reading and thanks for the great content


When is this supposed to happen?

good analyst

Can you share me some website, where do u learn trading?

He’s got some really great tutorials linked at the bottom of all his posts ;)

I'm hoping on all these cup and handles right now that's still around a dollar or two seems these cheaper coins with awesome new technology is where I make most of my profits thanks for all your blogs the info is priceless

It's incredible how many coins have a cup and handle shape. Seems like we could make a living off of these if we had enough BTC available.

do some coins on kucoin too fucker

Dis fuggin guy right hea....

I posted DRGN yesterday

Buy the Dragon, Fucker.