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The most ideal time to buy is at the terminal end of a correction as detailed in my tutorial. In other words, corrections are teh most ideal times to cast buy ladders. My laddering technique can be viewed and perhaps can help with the buyer's and seller's remorse events.

The below chart is that of MDA/BTC pair. The a,b,c correction shows it to have completed as a Zig Zag (5,3,5) type and once bottom was reached, the impulse started with serious gusto. It is currently doing a minor wave 2 correction but once complete, wave 3 should take the price to a hieght equal to the left side of teh cup as symmetry is important. From that point, wave 4 could coincide with the handle formation. When wave 4 makes the handle, the retrace is much less than if wave 2 was doing so. Wave 5 is expected to take prices to 96,442 Satoshi.

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Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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Interesting to see this play out.

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this is not shitcoin

I know that 😀 it looks like a good investment. That potential vertical movement shown above is impressive

I have to take a close look of these ground floor opportunities! thank you so much

to the moon baby gogogo!

Your are a very good crytoanalyst! Keep up the good works.

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Another nice one. Your analysis is great.
You have my upvote & following

Following your analyzes. Thanks

always a great post. guys i also do elliot wave analysis and will capture your attention. please see my content as you will enjoy it!

Great strategy man I'll try it out thanks for the advice!

your analyzes are simply amazing, I have never lost with trus analysis only gains, here a new fan :)

This one is falling like a stone.

interesting post friend, greetings!

What was the most interesting part to you?

I found your technique interesting to buy, I do not know much about the subject, but I see that you are successful.

Thanks.....but I didn't write this post!

My cup runneth over...

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

Here is another one, haejin is simply the best. You’ve got my upvote every season, everytime all day , everyday. Keepitup


Just fabolous, your are doing a great job, with your tutorials @haejin, when i start trading full time, they are really gonna come in handy and important to me
I also noticed you're a fan of prince gwanhae, korean series the king's face

Thanks for the heads up, these are the ones I love! I was able to get $html last year for 1 satoshi. It's doing well now, probably be like XVG but grow faster. Can you do a chart on $html if you get a chance? Thanks @haejin

i have been hearing a lot about HTML need to check it out for sure..wish it was on a major exchange

Thank you for great tutorials for new opportunities!!!!

Is it real that XVG hit 20 billions at near time? dont think so, it will take a long term

Do your Due!

interested in your professional analysis of SBD @haejin - several other chart analysts are not observing the surge that it's going through rn