LISK (LSK) Has ALL the Makings of a MASSIVE Profit Maker!! Target $54.91!!

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Why do I think LISK (LSK) has all the makings of a MASSIVE profit maker? The fractals!! I continue to be amazed how purely Cryptos phenotypically reflect sentiment in the forms of patterns and Elliott Waves...just precious!

The below chart of LSK/USD shows two fractals of an a,b,c,d,e triangle. The first exploded price to over $40 from $22.50. I believe the second fractal is gunning to do the same except a bit bigger! The Elliott Waves show the projected future price pathway towards $54.91 or HIGHER!!

Here is one of the most beautiful fractal charts I've seen! The LSK/BTC has it all! A Cup & Handle, three consecutive fractals of bullish downward pointing symmetrical triangles and two bull flags!! Is this a keeper? IMHO....YES!! The Elliott Waves are targeting 0.00399 BTC or HIGHER!!

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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After reading your posts daily, I've started to pick up on a few important terms like "Cup & Handle","Fractal", and "Elliott Waves". I consider myself fairly lazy and like to read other people's analysis instead of learning myself, but thanks to your constant effort to explain how you're reading the charts, I'm learning even without trying!

Thank you so much for your contribution to the community :)

Could you please do an update on Omisego?

Cup and handle. Time to drink

As usual thanks for your analyzes @haejin.
Yes it seems that Lisk has a lot of potential and not only in the short term.
It is good that you are educational in your explanation. Thank you for doing this pedagogically

and as
we say,as we say,as you say,everyone should also do their research and not just bet without thinking about the projects.

Good job and good explanations again thank you.
Take Care


Keep dreaming

LSK one of the most intriguing coins if you ask me, technically and fundamentally...

Any thoughts on Ethereum classic

Gracias tus análisis son muy útiles

awesome post! upvoted as always. Please see my content as well people. I perform education technical analysis on any requested coin.

Good morning @haejin do you think we can get an update for bitshares. Thank you!! For all the profits

Lisk rebranding is only 5 weeks away

Upvoted. Loyal follower. Can you please do an analysis on ADZ. Thanks:)

Thankyou - most interesting. I too have been keeping a keen eye on LSK.


Hey Haejin, Can you please do DIMECOIN?

that will allow alot of us to buy coins under a penny to make Huge profits.

I would recommend you do a few coins under a penny because alot of us are looking to get in some smaller ones to try to capitalize.


Those are a few suggestions.

Thank you brother :)

why.... his existing list is pretty distracting enough ... lets not add more shits there

Good amazing

will put my eyes on this and c


That is a nice looking chart. We'll have to see. Good luck everyone!

great analysis! 📈

Nice !

Thanks! Can you please take another look at QSP please?

how do u define those 3 triangles in waves ? :D

Can you an update on BTS please? Looks like the correction could be over soon...

Apart from Fibonacci and Elliot waves is there anything else I should be learning to perform better TA for myself?

how do you predict about bitcoin in 2018 whether it will go up like the previous year, or even this will go down


I just made a post summarizing a lot of the previous Haejin's predictions and inserted them in a table! I am about to calculate the percentages and probably try some new ideas I have!

@haejin What is your take on ARK? Is it to follow a similar trend as well?

I agree as well, onward and upward LISK.

My friend but a lot of lisk! He earn a lot!


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merci pour l'explication et pour le partage

Yes it is a great coin..


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