ICON (ICX/BTC): Two Paths but Same Destination

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At first site ICON (ICX/BTC) price movement seems to be in a complex corrective mode. It could weall easily be labeld as wxy or another way. For simplicity, the below chart shows an a,b,c and the current price rise could be moving towards wave 5 for a higher high.

Patterns often release what seems complex into simplicity. This is one of the primary reason I've combined Elliott Waves with Chart Patterns. The below shows a triangle being formed as outlined by the blue a,b,c,d,e waves. The MACD seems to support as higher low is generated. Clearly price needs to either breach out and above the upper white line or complete the e wave. Either way, wave 5 should be placed soon.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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I dont have ICX myself. I think I missed that train.... what do you think, or advise for the long run is it still good to invest in ICON now? or it could have a biger plyer competators in the future which is the possible case with so many new good projects

Stay long and you willl downvoted by this crap if you speak truth.See my rating he downvoted me because i speak truth.39 TA for bitcoin all failed in last 4 days.EOS and Ethereum TA fail.Steal 2 TA FROM expert @salahuddin2004 . @salahuddin2004 give a buy signal on bitcoin at 10 k and this crap 39 TA. Eos Haejin gave sell signal with target 3. @salahuddin2004 give a buy signal at 9. TrUst this crap and get downvoted when you speak truth about him.

After five waves, there is a correction. I usually buy at the end of the abc correction.

It dumped from 8.7k to 6.9k . You should have brought it then . It's not at all time high even now . It has a big event on 31st Jan .

what event? cheers

Try to look up for Nebulas(NAS), their mainnet will be launched in the first quarter of 2018 ( anytime between now and 1april) and then they will be listed on new exchanges/ there will be a lot of hype

Long Story Short Nebulas wants to implement a searching engine for the blockchain and blockchain apps. Imagine appstore without a searching engine. Also the founders are the founders of NEO.

This one has huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge potential! 📈

There is going to be a correction after a while...not too late to invest tho. There are plenty of good projects out there that can do a 10x. ICX needs a market cap of 30B to reach $92. So the question is "Is it too late or too early" ;)

Can you name your top picks of the 10x potential into this relative current crypto market cap ?! I really value your opinion .

I am looking into projects that have the following attributes : 1. Small Market cap (sub 500M) & small supply of coins. 2. The product has an actual use case. (Fast transactions are fine but it's not enough anymore) 3. All star team to build the product and push it to the next level. I will name a few that full-fill those requirements. Aion, WaBi, Quantstamp, Enigma, Ethos, Nebulas, Kyber Network, RChain (in no particular order)

Thanks for the tips and picks 😃🙏🏼

which other 10x projects ?

There's a lot of good sentiment in this coin. It seems based on the charts that we should be getting into a bullish pattern. Thanks for always providing such detailed analysis. Always seem to get something useful out of your posts.

As always much LOVE & RESPECT!

#BlessUp and HODL


Laddering in is quite powerful!

thanks for blessing us DJ!
I had no idea you where so into cryptos!

#BlessUp !

thank you very much for that information friend for always helping us to be at tando as always very interesting your post thanks

last week i bought some ICON. good analysis, thanks for sharing

was a good tip, I'm learning to play with crypto coins now and this still sounds different to me. Thank you

Not only entertaining, but also adding insight for new users like me, to be honest initially I do not really understand about what is discussed, but after I joined posting by post from you now a little understood and understand, if you have time I will be very happy when you discuss this steemit media issue for progress for newcomers.

Joke time!

Bought ICX last week, when I thought it had bottomed. The it went lower, but today I'm glad I was a hodler

ow to be great in steemit
I'm a beginner

Earlier to few days, price of ICS was falling and now stable. Would it go up as proportional to BTC?

it happens very often you just have to know how to invest, or save in your local wallet, greetings

I hope it will bounce back with stability.

Hi! @haejin, Thanks a lot for this updates

Lots of coins in strange patterns right now.

Been a while since you updated DCN...I bot in based on your last analysis...has been a dog...does TA suggest its worth holding?

Muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis, son muy utiles

awesome im ready for icon to go up!

Haejin’s record over last month is abysmal. Called for new all time highs at the peak. Then only revised his calls after the blatantly obvious downtrend was well established. Below average performance at best.

Now he’s downvoting people who call him out of the facts.

This is pretty interesting, steem is the first crytocurrency I'm meeting, i want to know more about others ones

Why is (A) not (4)?
Yes, I'm a beginner trying to understand how this elliott counting is working. From my perspective so far it just seems like people doing these just number/name them however it best fits their target.

I really like the future of ICON. Great project and with all the hype in Korea I can see this as a top 10 currency at the end of 2018.
Really wish they would come out with a good wallet to hold it.

Great article! Check my blog to read my new post about cryptocurrencies!

ICX has to be one of the best icos this year

I think the hype will be over soon and there wil be a small dip, that's when will be the best time to buy !!!

I’m thinking an e wave down.

you might be right!

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